bigg boss 12 , day 24, written update: shristy rode and saba khan's ugly fight leads to ban on captaincy - magnetic name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-11
bigg boss 12 , day 24, written update: shristy rode and saba khan\'s ugly fight leads to ban on captaincy  -  magnetic name plates
The first episode on Thursday began with Surbhi, Saba and Deepak, discussing the expulsion of Sreesanth.
All three said they were shocked when Di Picka took the name of shrethers.
He himself was shocked when he admitted this in the Chamber of Secrets: "Even I was shocked!
Dipika and Karanvir discuss the elimination process in another room.
Dipika Sreesanth told her that he really wanted to leave the house.
Even if Srishty told Sourabh that sresanth had performed emotionally.
At the same time, Surbhi believes that when Nehha and Dipika are satisfied with the eviction of Sreesanth, they pretend to be sad.
Sreesanth told Anup Jalota in the chamber of secrets that he really wanted to win the show now.
At the same time, roommates woke up the next morning in a depressed mood because they were upset about the withdrawal of Sreesanth.
Deepika went on crying and said that she nominated sresant because he was really missing.
Dipick also added that she hoped no one else would vote for sresant, but now he's actually out of the House (
That's what roommates think)
She felt very guilty about his elimination.
Hearing all this, Sreesanth once again vowed to win the show once back home!
Captain's mission begins in the middle.
Day managed by Di pickup.
For tasks, Srishty and Saba (
On her behalf)
I have to collect the magnetic plates by convincing other roommates.
After collecting the plates, they will be asked to put them on the boards of the garden.
Srishty and Saba will then have to write their names on their respective plates, and the new captain will decide based on who has the largest plate and their name.
Srishty and Saba will also be allowed to remove the names of their opponents and write their own names on the plate.
The mission will be the responsibility of Deepika Kaka.
When the mission started, Srishty and Saba tried to convince housme to give them the magnetic plates, while Karanvir and Srishty planned when she would start sticking the magnetic plates.
He also tried to convince others on behalf of Srishti.
The Saba took up most of the board and stopped the Srishty, who then tried to take the Saba's plate, and things became more intense from now on.
The atmosphere in the garden area became tense when Saba pushed Srishty, and Dipika warned them both.
But Saba pushed Srishty hard and then hit the face of Saba.
When deepeka tried to stop Srishty, she locked herself in the bathroom, broke things and shouted that she wanted to go home.
When Deepika reiterated that the behavior of the Saba was unnecessary, the Saba continued to carry out this task.
Bigg Boss stopped the task when the roommate tried to appease Srishty.
Upon hearing the description of what happened by Dipika, the Bigg Boss canceled the task and banned Srishty and Saba from becoming captains throughout their stay.
Meanwhile, Royi and Surby will resume the captain's status in the coming week.
Bigg Boss also issued a stern warning of personal violence in the house.
Watch this space for more updates.
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