bjp's vijay jolly labels shoma chaudhury an 'accused', congress condemns - house name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-21
bjp\'s vijay jolly labels shoma chaudhury an \'accused\', congress condemns  -  house name plate
Thursday, the head of the women's department of Congress, Shobha Oza, condemned the former Tehelka executive editor, Shoma ChaudhuryJolly, who wrote "blame" on the nameplate, using black ink to mention the role of Chowdhury in the sexual assault case against Magazine founder Tarun Tejpal "This is the face of the BJP, they are goondas (thugs).
They have hurt other women through such acts, "claimed OzaBJP worker, led by Jolly outside the house of Chaudhry, demanding her immediate arrest, because she was suspected of trying to cover up a sexual harassment complaint filed by a female journalist working for a magazine against Tejpal, she resigned this morning, because her way has been ruthlessly dealt with a complaint from a young journalist about the magazine's founder, Tarun thapal, it is reported that Chowdhury said in a letter to Tehelka's colleague earlier this month, she decided to resign, "I 've been accused of trying to" cover up --
Because I'm not on my feminist side.
While I admit that I can do a lot of things in a different way, in a more cautious way, I reject the cover charge --
Because the first action taken must not be considered a crackdown of any kind.
"Earlier this week, Chowdhury was interrogated by Goa police, who had booked a room for the rape of Tejpal.
The Delhi High Court said yesterday that Tejpal's bail request will be decided on Friday to refuse to stop Goa police from arresting him before that.
Tejpal earlier filed a petition with the High Court claiming that there was a conspiracy behind the allegations of sexual assault and that the female journalist was lying and describing the incident as a "easy joke ".
On November 22, Goa police submitted an FIR to Tejpal under section 376th of IPC (rape), 376 (2)(K)(
A man used his official position to rape the woman he detained)and 354 (
Too modest).
Convicted under Section 376 of IPC, a maximum sentence of life imprisonment may be imposed.
Chaudhry earlier disagreed with the allegations she had avoided going to the police station to testify on the matter.
While initially insisting that she should not go to the police station, young female journalists have the right to decide what to do with the case.
"The information in the media is wrong," said Chowdhury.
I have sent an email to the police.
There is a lot of misinformation going around.
I can't provide any evidence.
I'm working with Delhi police.
Tejpal said the young reporter's description of the incident was not entirely accurate.
But in an email sent to her on Tuesday, he admitted that "shameful misjudgment resulted in me trying to engage you sexually twice in November 7 and November 8, 2013, although you obviously don't want me to pay so much attention to you.
"The state government directed Goa police to investigate the allegations contained in her email to Chowdhury.
The email was leaked to the media.
FIR against Tejpal lists rape of persons with power over women, an offence with a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum sentence of imprisonment.
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