brass name plaques, office signs and door name plates - tips for maintenance - metal name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-08-06
brass name plaques, office signs and door name plates - tips for maintenance  -  metal name plate
The brass plaque is an iconic and elegant way to honor individuals and even major occasions.
Brass plaques are also used for office signs and door signs.
They often engrave beautiful metal on it.
But the name and logo of these brass usually form a green coating on the surface.
This is especially true for brass door nameplates as they are usually exposed more than other plates as they are usually hung on the outside door.
This coating with green color is a sign of corrosion and over time it will blur the metal engraving on the plaque or plaque, so removing it and/or preventing it from developing is
It is not difficult to maintain your brass plaque and signboard.
Here are some tips that can help you deal with your name plaque, office sign and door sign so they will always keep their complex charm and charm: harsh elements, in addition to the pollutants in the air, March, the beauty and luster of brass patches.
If you notice any layer piling up, the first thing you should do is wash the plaque with a solution of Ivory soap and water.
This should be done gently with the kitchen brush as the hard brush will scratch them.
Do not use detergents as they may be too harsh.
You may get a clean but dull plate.
Rinse the etched plates until the green layer is all washed clean.
The last rinse should be done with distilled water to ensure that there is no residue of dissolved salt or chemicals on the brass plaque.
Dry the surface with a slightly damp but clean cloth.
This is due to the fact that a piece of dry cloth may produce tiny scratches that will dim the brass over time.
Be careful to dry the gaps and deep sections of the metal carving.
There must be no water drop.
If after that you can put the plaque or logo in a dry place in the sun, then do so.
Apply a layer of wax after drying, and then brush it off with a soft cloth or brush, helping to keep the gloss of the plate and the clarity of the engraving.
If the dirt and corrosion layers are too thick and you can't remove them through the process given above, then you should use a cleaner specially formulated for the brass plate.
With only a little care and work, your brass plaque, office sign and door sign will stay shiny for a long time.
Remember that ignoring people when they enter your home or office can only create bad impressions.
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