dcw chief swati maliwal claims office was locked down without her notice - house name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-21
dcw chief swati maliwal claims office was locked down without her notice  -  house name plate
After Lieutenant General Najeeb Jung overturned her position, she claimed that her office had been closed, but later found that the office had been opened and her name had been removed.
Swati Maliwal was overthrown by the deputy governor, who was appointed by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as director of the Delhi Women's Council, and on Thursday she claimed her office had been locked up, but hours later, although her name was removed, the office was found to have been opened.
Maliwal's appointment triggered a new confrontation between Deputy Governor najeeb Jung and the Aam Aadmi Party government, who also claimed that all the files had been taken from her office.
"Why is my office locked and why is the name of the other members of the Delhi women's committee deleted (DCW)office. . . .
I will work for women and will make DCW the most powerful country in the worldyear-
Old activists said Thursday morning.
Later, her office in Vikas Sadan, Ito area, was found to be open, but her name board was removed.
When asked if the office was open, she said her staff went to the office in the morning and found the office locked.
"It may be due to media pressure or any other reason that it may be turned on later.
But it was locked in the morning.
"Because we were told that we could not sign any documents, the Commission was closed," she said . ".
When asked why she didn't go to the DCW office, "I'm not a DCW poster girl and she only works when she gets the top position, I will continue to work the way I have been working.
"Maliwalon claimed on Wednesday night that the office of Governor Najeeb Jung had informed her office not to come to the office from Thursday and that all documents would be taken away.
The LG Office countered her claim that maliwaltweeted said on Thursday, "I asked a senior official to explain whether a phone call was received from the LG office, and the nameplate on the instructions that the office was locked in was removed, the fact that my employees are blocked from entering the truth should come out.
"Maliwal also said," LG office dismissed the fact that DCW office did not receive a call from LG office.
Why is DCW office lying about receiving LG office "30-year-
The head of the old DCW posted a tweet on Wednesday claiming LG called her and saying she should not start work from Thursday.
Contrary to what she said on Twitter, however, she later stated that it was "LG's secretariat, not Jung" that conveyed to her office the message that she should not continue to hold the position.
Jung's office strongly denied her claim, saying LG was upset by the unfounded allegations.
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