digital manufacturing - project two desk name plate - house name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-19
digital manufacturing - project two desk name plate  -  house name plate
With old computers, digital manufacturing doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, free software and renting machines for a few minutes, you can make impossible things in your home workshop!
If you haven't seen project one yet, see where it covers getting Prodesktop, how to activate the software, how to navigate the screen, what you need and the functionality of the mouse.
Digital Manufacturing
A key project in digital manufacturing
3D printing box digital manufacturing project III
Digital Manufacturing-laser cutting
The toy carAs computer tutorial printed by Project five cannot be translated into text very well, as most of the instructions in this series are in the photos.
So click on the first photo and use the arrow to go to the next one.
The box in the photo shows the position of the icon, and when you hover over the icon, they have text.
This step will show you how to make the project 3D and assemble the parts so that you can check the problem and see the aesthetics of the project.
As usual, the chicks and engineering drawings on the photos are great, you can show your design to others, if you have to have someone else build your project, so it's easy for everyone.
This step will show you how to place measurement notes on drawing paper.
Click on the photo to follow.
In this step, we will make a beautiful rendering that looks like a photo.
You can export this image as JPG and print or put it on the website by email.
This is very good for showing your job or showing the job to the client.
In the final step, we need to create a DXF file so that we can send our project to the CNC machine.
The DXF file is the 2D format used by most good CAD programs, so you can email the file anywhere to the engineering store and they will be able to use it.
Go back to your 2D drawing first.
Okay, let's get started!
More information about setting up a laser in the first project digital manufacturing-
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