edmonton police investigate disappearance of 15 metal plaques - metal plaque engraving

by:ShunDing     2019-11-18
edmonton police investigate disappearance of 15 metal plaques  -  metal plaque engraving
"As a community, we were destroyed," said a community group . ". UPDATE -
July 26, 2017: Police have recovered most of the historical memorial plaques stolen from nearby Edmonton, but said they were too badly damaged to be used again.
Investigators say the plaques have been sold to a scrap metal dealer who called the police after seeing media reports of theft.
The police asked the public for clues while looking for suspects.
Edmonton police are investigating the theft of a metal plaque near a city that commemorates military heroes and is the most horrific battle in Canadian history.
Griesbach Community Alliance says more than 15 metal plaques have been removed from residential areas that used to be army bases.
Some plaques tell the story of soldiers from Alberta who were awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military medal of bravery.
Another story tells the battle of World War II Otto Na, a bloody battle in a town in Italy that killed more than 2,300 people in Canada, including the loyal army of the Edmonton Legion.
One of the plaques had information about Canadian soldiers participating in the First World War in Somm, France.
Brad Tilley, chairman of the Griesbach Community Alliance, said the plaques were torn off their stalls and there was concern that thieves would melt them into pieces.
"As a community, we are very shocked," Tilley said in a press release on Tuesday . ".
"Residents are very proud of the unique character of our community and the way it commemorates those who have sacrificed so much for our country.
It is a crime of no meaning and no respect for others.
"Hopefully these plaques will be restored and re-installed.
Tilley said veterans and their families visited the community, watched the plaque and paid tribute to the soldiers.
"It's a real shame for those who have served.
There are also several plaques in the community.
We hope they don't try to come back to get these either.
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