game 4 is on cook's menu - laminated name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-18
game 4 is on cook\'s menu  -  laminated name plates
He is not a Invisible Man.
Aaron Cook is still in uniform, has a locker at the Coors Stadium and is still getting paid.
The Rocky Mountains took him to Phoenix for two National League Championship Series games there, and after Colorado swept the rattlesnake into the first World Series, he got the same as everyone else.
He's just not on the roster.
"It's a great experience whether you play or not," said the right wing with red hair. "It was fun.
"But it's not the same thing to watch his teammates and join them, and he will be free to admit it.
"It's hard," admitted Cook, who spent five years in Denver in poverty, and October was an inactive month on the calendar.
"You have been waiting for such a moment in your entire career.
"It's finally his turn this weekend.
Now that his nagging left oblique injury has healed, now that he has played a mock game and is ready, Cook gets the ball and plays fourth against Jon Lester at home on Sunday night
"His health is no longer a problem for me," said Clint Hurdle, manager . ". "His pitches -
He showed us what he had shown us in the past.
I think he has valuable experience.
He saw the team and he was facing the batsman.
I just think it gives us the best chance to win the fourth game.
"Cook can't do it.
He is 28 years old and has played 57 games in the last two seasons and has scored the goal on kick-off day.
When the Rocky Mountains came here in June, he was only allowed to run twice in seven minutes --
Plus, but beat, 2-
Tim Wakefield wrote it.
Cook is the second 8 after Jeff Francis-7 with a 4.
12 times, in July, when the oblique team played with the Cubs in August, they performed very well.
Put him on the disabled list.
He started his recovery in Tacoma for Colorado Springs-
The muscles betrayed him again during the disaster.
"The price was a bit low at the time because I think it could be this season," Cook said.
"By the time of the playoffs, he was well prepared, but was not ready enough for the series against the Phillies.
Then, after struggling with what he called the toughest decision of his management career, Hurdle decided to leave Cook out of the tournament as well.
"We have been trying to find the right people," Hurdle said at the time . ".
"The more we talk, in my opinion, the more we try to force something to happen because he is such a good person.
"As the captain knows, Cook is professional.
"This is one of those things," Cook shrugged . "
"Of course I would love and want to be a part of it, but they made the decision that they thought was best for them.
I was able to cheer for them at the club, travel with them, sit on a bench, run on the court and it was fun.
"When the Rocky Mountains flew here from Denver, Cook still didn't know whether he was an audience or a participant.
On Saturday, he successfully had an outing in a mock-up contest, with his laminated brand hanging above the locker at the visitor club, but Cook didn't know he was on the roster until Tuesday afternoon.
"The opportunity to tell him that you will get the ball in Game 4 is very special," Hurdle said . ".
"It makes sense, but it also makes sense for all the right reasons.
If it was a matter of feelings, he would speak in NLCS and he understood that too.
"It's about the World Series, and Cook is worth a try.
So Taylor buchhorz was suspended, and Franklin Morales, the left of the two playoff starters, went to the bullpen.
"I think I'm ready," Cook said . ".
"I feel as strong as ever.
"Now, he can finally do something about it.
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