invention: microwave-oven gun - small metal plate

by:ShunDing     2019-12-09
invention: microwave-oven gun  -  small metal plate
Barry FoxYou can do a lot of damage with a directional microwave energy beam.
It can destroy electronic devices by introducing high voltage in chips and wires (
Like the metal in the microwave oven to experience Sparks).
Such a beam can also burn people's skin and even detonate improvised explosive devices by stimulating unstable chemicals.
However, producing beams often requires a megawatt control, which is a large expensive animal that requires water cooling.
However, two inventors from Albuquerque, New Mexico, believe that it is cheaper to get power.
Simply gather a bunch of magnets taken out of the consumer microwave oven and lock their output together so they can be combined into a coherent beam.
More importantly, they say, the technique can be done mechanically.
Microwave Magnetic tube with tube-
Shape components that control the output signal.
The idea is to arrange more than a dozen side by side, with a small metal plate in front that reflects some of the energy of each tube back into the mouth of the adjacent tube.
The inventor believes that this will cause resonance in all the magnets in sync.
300 consumer devices with a power rating of 1 KW per unit can be combined to generate MW pulses from the back of the mobile generator.
The only confusion is why the US government Patent Office issued an application that might explain to anyone, including terrorists, how to make such a weapon.
Read the complete patent application for microwave gun.
Researchers at Apple headquarters in California have been working on a new way to save electricity while the ipod, pda, camera and other gadgets look cool.
Their lengthy patent application reveals how to light up the screen and activate its touch function
Sensitive controls only when the fingers are close.
There is a built-in screen
In the capacitor sensor, the capacitor changes and trips the fine-tuning circuit when the finger is close to about 10mm.
The device then wakes up from sleep mode, lights up the screen and displays the touch sensitive control menu.
When the finger is moved away again, the screen stays for a preset period of time, after which it turns off again to save power.
Moreover, since the sensor depends on the capacitance effect, the device can sit happily in its pocket when the touch sensitive key is brushed or pressed without being accidentally activated or woken up.
It only comes back to life when the owner's finger or hand is close.
Read the full Apple proximity sensor patent application.
Military aircraft fill the tank with pure nitrogen to prevent fire.
But these systems have to pump gas at high speed to keep up with the rapid pressure changes during climbing and diving.
The required hardware is always too bulky, too expensive, and too power-consuming --
Eager for commercial flights-although they are now facing increased risk of on-board fire caused by terrorist bombs or rocket attacks.
Inventor Philip Jones from Florida, USA, claims to have come up with a compact, low-cost alternative that simply sucks nitrogen from the exhaust gas discharged from the aircraft's engine.
Hot air is first discharged from the turbine and cooled partially by a heat exchanger that uses external cold air. The now-
The warm air then passes through the carbon filter, which removes any hydrocarbons before being fed into a series of ultra-thin polymer fibers, these polymer fibers allow oxygen and nitrogen in the warm air at different speeds.
Oxygen is discharged, leaving nitrogen-
The abundant air can be fed into the cargo hold and fuel tank and extinguished before the fire occurs.
The inventor says the turbine air is already oxygen.
Exhausted under pressure and high temperature, all of which help to separate in entanglementfibre filter.
Due to the slow rise and decline of the passenger plane, the fuel tank pressure changes slowly and relatively slowly
The agent nitrogen system works without the need for a complex pumping system.
Read the complete plane fire-
Patent application.
For more than 30 years, Barry Fox has carefully studied the world's most strange and wonderful patent applications and found the most exciting, strange and even scary new ideas.
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