is the middle class dead? - company name plates stainless steel

by:ShunDing     2019-11-12
is the middle class dead?  -  company name plates stainless steel
For the past 32 years, CNN's Carol Costello and Lonnie Burke Danny Boden have been steel workers in Cleveland, Ohio.
But last month, he was fired at the ancelormittal factory.
This is not his first time off.
This time, he has a feeling of not going back to work. “Angry? ” he asks.
"I'm angry, you know, but I can't let anger affect me.
With his job, Boden lost his way of life-driving the highway every day, joking with colleagues
The workers he has known for decades, and of course his economic status.
"I don't think there is a middle class.
Is there a middle class now?
I can't see it, "said Boden.
"I think I'm lucky, but I don't think I'm a middle class.
Is Boden right?
Is the middle class extinct?
"What you have is real fear," said Paul Slavic, head of political science at Youngstown State University.
"You are in a transitional period.
Manufacturing jobs that have traditionally been here are available to people, and everyone knows they won't be there again.
I think people will be a little safer if they are confident that there will be something to replace it.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1980, 21-
Proportion of manufacturing in national jobs-
Okay, mostly-
Work for the middle class. Today, just 9-
Manufacturing as a percentage of jobs.
As some economists say, this puts the middle class in a huge economic black hole.
Lawrence mishir of the Institute of Economic Policy said, "we have to start creating jobs and we have to work hard to create good jobs for people so they can start earning good family pay, and increase consumption on this basis.
"But that didn't happen to Boden in Cleveland.
He said that it is difficult for a person who graduated from high school to find a job so that he can buy a car, buy a house and go to two universities --bound kids.
"I hear everyone talking about work, but where are they?
I don't know where they are going because they are not here . "
One day, he heard the news that "green jobs" replaced manufacturing jobs.
But these jobs cost 12 dollars an hour.
60 cents less than people like Boden produce in factories.
It may be too late now, he added.
"Blue-collar workers are gone, and they are going abroad.
We give those who work overseas, we give them tax cuts and all kinds of money to destroy the United States.
That's how I see it, so we reward all the people who take American jobs.
"Where the hell is Barack Obama we voted?
You're right, the middle class doesn't actually exist anymore, maybe in China or overseas, where we also have a lot of well-paid self-sustaining jobs.
I think this is treason, and the government allows this to happen and betray its own citizens.
So how can a self-respecting government quickly come up with billions of dollars for these selfish companies to maintain operations and let them fire workers and close the door anyway, however, this government has 1,000 of its citizens dying without health care, starving without food, homeless without a family, etc.
I know how they did it, they put on the eye mask and they didn't make a loud noise
The big men who live a comfortable life with the sweat and blood of the hard-working middle class are no exception.
We have a new type of "refugee" here, that is, unemployed people!
Maybe if we set up enough job camps in the good ole of the United States (
Let's start with the park across from the White House)
We can get some help!
Just as they quickly helped others abandoned by their country.
I wouldn't mind if they flew over my house and lost a bag of 5 pound rice, some water and some insect repellent, they can also get my mortgage out of the plane and I can certainly use it.
Get your tent ready and people will get there faster than we thought.
Ordinary American workers are worthless.
I am a registered nurse of BSN.
I work at a Catholic hospital in Phila.
My employer regards me as a second-class citizen.
Retirement benefits do not exist, my working hours are shortened due to the census, and management lacks the necessary experience to safely treat patients, but is willing to hold the company back.
Wages are stagnant;
The workload is increasing.
So is America.
Afraid of getting sick!
These comments are sad.
As Americans, we focus on the decline of our way of life every day.
No matter where you see it, people will feel uneasy and worried, at least afraid.
I'm sitting there today listening to Obama's speech overseas, and yes, it sounds good.
But I wonder why, when we do have hungry people at home, we are putting so much money into the governments of these countries.
We have hardworking men and wemon standing on the unemployment line, the welfare line and other lines you can think of for help.
Why does American work flow to these countries?
When it comes to any form of salary reduction etc, why are people who are not so lucky still using it. ?
The assistants of the House received an average of 17% bonus, not to mention the bonus or salary increase for the House and their employees, however I looked at the coal miners, steel mill workers, truck drivers, teachers, wages and layoffs have to be cut. . . . .
$12 an hour 'green work' is only 14% of Cleveland's average household income, more than double the national poverty level.
According to the figures listed, in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, the average manufacturer like Danny makes $62,400. 00.
It should be named "welcome back to the middle class" instead of the title "I don't see any middle class ". " Boohoo.
If you want to force manufacturing in the United States, then refuse to buy
Products made in the United States
I know it's hard but just buy what you have to have and they will get the message soon.
As for education, there are many educated people waiting to eat.
Education is helpful but not guaranteed.
I was looking for an accounting job the other day and the company wanted to hire an accountant with a master's degree and at least 5 years of 35,000 experience.
That's what a new bacholers College graduate would do a year ago.
Employers know this is their market and wages are falling;
The country is losing its jobs.
Washington sucks.
Bush hurt the economy, and Obama was the last blow.
Let us not forget the American people.
Too many people are too lazy to vote in the election, call their elected officials when they vote against our best interests, or realize that money is not free when they promise to be free.
The government can't save us.
Only we can save ourselves.
@ Leanne garretson, Obama didn't do anything about the coal industry, so vent your frustration to other things.
In addition to being dissatisfied with the deterioration of the working class in this country, your email has become something else.
I want you to figure out what that is.
Still, everyone's hero, Ronnie Reagan, said after 80 s that we will no longer be a super-manufacturing country, but a technology and service country.
He tried to tell you and your husband to go to education and learn new skills.
No one can stop you, only you can stop yourself, as long as you tell yourself it's someone else's fault.
You may be one of those fools who vote for the Republican Party every 4 years and they think they will save the country from the despicable library that hates abortion and hates guns, and in fact, they are counting on the elimination of the Union and the continued protection of the company.
Good luck to you and your husband.
If the so-called middle class doesn't take their pie and stand by those who are not so lucky, I will feel sorry for them (
48 million without health care), got nothing.
A large part of the middle class continues to vote for those who work for the rich.
The only time politicians care about the so-called middle class is when they get some votes and they have a demo --
Full of people who are easily cut taxes and distributed there, and who politicians really care about (the wealthy)
I'm just waiting for the next plan to collapse the Dow to pull the trigger and use this as an excuse to evaporate the numbers in the computer that represents middle class pensions, except that sheep are too stupid to realize that money has never been there, these expenses and percentages are all scraped from the real money invested, and the thief took Scott away for free, then just to show you the real power they borrowed your child's future tax from the Chinese and also gave the thief and put it on your face, you won't do anything damn it.
That's why you're broke and they're rich.
The middle class is a phrase made up of the rich and their paying servants (
I'm talking about walking dogs, but I'm referring to the vulgar language of prostitutes)
At the White House and Congress.
The term is to appease people and make them think that they are better than poor lazy people who work for the minimum wage.
Now, the people that politicians really work for have pensions on their overseas accounts, and you can enjoy benefits like everyone else.
Guess who will shower you at your child's home so they can spend money to keep themselves alive after you retire at 80 years old before you run out of your legacy?
If it weren't for the minimum wage, it would be illegal immigration, with only half the minimum wage.
They will not be very sympathetic either.
Enjoy the world you created for yourself. You deserve it.
Just because you live in the US doesn't mean you have a good business environment in your state. Come to Texas.
There is a lot of work here.
Once the real recovery begins, there will be more jobs here.
I know it's hard to move but I did it and will never look back.
Haha Are you crazy, or what, "Leanne Garretson "?
When ignorant and ignorant people talk nonsense without a clue, it seems like this is a fact, I hate it.
Obama is not a Muslim.
Never has been. Self-
It is not important to be identified as a Christian.
He did not mess things up. did.
Blue-collar workers live a decent life in Europe, but far from what they can earn in the country. And to L-
I am not saying that the situation in Europe is better.
If so, why do I live here? ).
They are different.
They are more advanced in some ways.
They are more backward in other countries.
Historically, different choices have been made, resulting in different outcomes.
Nothing better or worse, it's just different.
Do I want to see universal medical and free university education in this country? Absolutely.
For a country with so much money, your health care system and education system are a shame.
But the way these things are implemented in Europe is far from perfect.
To be fair, the disappearance of coal mine jobs is a defeat.
Coal is a dead industry.
As a source of fuel or electricity, it is dirtier than any other source.
Before 200, Clay coal farmers lived very well because burning mud coal was the fuel for most households in the city.
We have moved on since then.
The mud-coal farmers were unhappy but were forced to adapt.
There is no difference between coal miners.
In Europe, since the middle of the last century, coal mines in Western European countries have gradually closed down.
In order for people to be able to pick up paychecks, should we keep an industry that is outdated and contaminated?
It sounds like socialism to me.
That's what they did in the Soviet Union, and we all know what happened to them. . .
Unfortunately, you drag the old "Obama is a Muslim" cliché to support your argument, which is not of any help to yourself.
The gentleman asked us ironically if we stopped using steel: No, we didn't stop using steel.
We have stopped production because we can't do this at costeffectively ?
White-Collar boys once again hated and betrayed their blue-collar Brecht.
I know they voted against their interest in Reagan and others, but let's give them something to vote for, not something to oppose.
Yes, their salary may be high, but they are delayed.
Heck, GM's UAW may have just dropped their pension fund to make the whole company a big lender! That's fair ?
It should also be protected.
I'm still waiting to learn about the bad wages they paid to Canadian European blue collar workers.
Maybe it's not as out of control as it is in the US, but they are still good wages in manufacturing.
I agree with 100% and my husband is a coal miner thanks to Obama (
I refuse to call him president)
He and many other miners were cut in wages and working hours.
I'm a nursing student at the school.
Time, husband is the first "bread --
The winner, "lost $1200 a month, looks like more as long as Obama tries to" play "the president across the country.
My husband is working hard every day, and Obama is slowly making sure he closes the coal industry, he doesn't care about Americans, he cares about Muslims ,(his heritage)!
We are no longer middle class, we are poor, except Obama, we used to live comfortably under the leadership of other presidents, I despise this person and blame him for the economy, he made me very angry and I would speak out against him until Muslims came to the country and "shut up" us with the help of Obama so if my kids can't go to college Thanks Obama, it's a black and white issue, oh no, it's purely Muslim against Americans until the day I die, I'm still American, a poor American, but still an American living under Muslim rule. . . . . .
It will not necessarily bring any blue-collar workers or white-collar workers back to the middle class that is being destroyed, but if justice only serves a small fraction of the American economy, the government will certainly mess up a degree of fraud and allow honest and qualified employees to fill these new vacancies.
The former CEO of Countrywide has just been sued for "civil fraud;
When will fraud that helps undermine the economy become "civil "?
Those who choose all levels of self
Although Bush has relaxed the regulatory environment, fraud has been traded since the beginning, knowing that they have committed fraud and should be punished.
I didn't realize that steel was no longer needed.
I would like to know what they are using in Europe's railways and infrastructure, much better than ours.
The United States will not even invest in the infrastructure it needs for business, because we will not do anything collectively.
White-collar work is no longer safe.
You're a radiologist, outsourced overseas.
Thanks for the high speed Internet, you are an engineer or programmer and see that you don't want to be you!
Henry Ford wants to pay his employees a good salary so they can buy the products they produce. Common senese !
In the end, the United States will collapse or become a third world country.
If you see what they want
High-rise people will take their overseas accounts, reinforce their homes, or use their money to buy some other countries where people are in control or not as stupid as the US.
If CNN and other news organizations work to eliminate some of the contemporary contradictions between the middle class and the working class, they will do a lot of good.
The vast majority of Americans
In fact, however, they are not middle class.
Although we lack a good definition of the working class, the people who study the problem (
For example, Metzger Zweig)
Focus on the level of education, not just income.
While the middle class is indeed brutally squeezed in the current economy, steel workers and auto workers are generally not considered middle class.
Given that their job stability depends on middle-level managers changing production and employment rates, workers in these areas (
Coal, steel, cars)
It is generally considered a working class.
The difference here is important, especially from a political point of view.
We 've been here, politicians from both major political parties have expressed their connection to the middle class, but when the people who earn their wages on the poverty line themselves
In the same class as those who earn 249,000, we have a real disconnect in society.
As individuals and communities, part of helping people to access the services and recognition they need is to recognize cultural expectations and the reproduction of inequalities and instability that have been prevalent since the industrial movement, now feel so serious in the process of de-industrialisation.
As an educator interested in the rights and education of working-class family students, I am sad that these differences are not discussed or developed in the news.
It seems that a subset of the working class in the United States may be the most stigmatized "other people" and even always pass them on to each other and themselves as middle class.
People keep asking why, 30 years ago, when the well-known "writing is on the wall", factory workers and steel workers did not leave their jobs.
"Maybe it's because writing applies to the working class, not to yourself, self.
Identified members of the middle class.
FYI, the University of Pittsburgh has a meeting on the working class issue on Saturday.
America is definitely a rich and poor country.
Over the years, our technology has been provided to Japan and Third World countries so that they can sell computers, TVs, etc.
Our manufacturing and service industries are then exported to China, India and Mexico.
In fact, a friend of mine has to train Indians who will rob her of working in her department.
Go to the store and buy something.
Is there a program made in America?
We need to tax imports, but we won't do that because we are owned in places like China.
Much of this has to do with greed at the top and making their shareholders happy.
No one takes into account that when you take jobs from the middle class, your upper class also drops because people cannot buy products that are being sold.
My husband and I are doing sales.
Technically, we have jobs, but they are commissioned jobs.
Our income is down 80%.
We invest 25%.
Thankfully, we have our own home and one of the two cars.
I feel like they should give money to everyone who is legal in this country, not to banks and car manufacturers.
So we can afford it.
There is no middle class now. The middle class can be called the middle class or the middle class. Let me see--
Middle class–hmmmm-
Oh, this is the class between the poor who work and those who don't. working poor.
Oh, unemployed laid-off workers, or college graduates who can't find a job. Hmmmm.
These numbers have grown and cannot be placed on the calculator screen, because like the national deficit of the previous government --
There is only so much space.
I agree with everything P Van Osta said.
I am very familiar with the labor practices in Europe and the United States.
The bottom line is that America does the same.
This is unfortunate.
We will recover, but things will look very different and people need to move on and focus on what the new world looks like.
I'm sorry for the gentleman in Cleveland.
However, as I grew up, I received college education and worked hard to pay for it and work, and I would look at people like him, they made a good salary for working in manufacturing and assembly lines, I was wondering if I went to college and then found a one that was lower than his salary.
However, I did see work like him start going overseas and I did start to see the decline of the auto industry here and read the text on the wall.
I know that education and a variety of skills will keep me going when this time comes.
Now we see that the job that is available is the job that is offered to educated people.
I hope the government can help people like Cleveland.
He is the victim of a lack of vision in our government.
If the government does not do so, it will be unfortunate that people like him will vote to overthrow the Obama administration in the next election.
We can solve this problem, but we have to make difficult choices.
After all, this is America, and we have gotten rid of it before.
It will be difficult and will lead to an America that will not be like before.
Justin and P van Osta, you mean in Germany, Japan and Scandanavia, they don't have unions and they don't pay union wages.
The rate of union in Canada is still more than 20%.
This is about trade and industrial policy.
Few other countries allow their key industries and services to be outsourced to their own countries.
The founding fathers are aware of the value of tariffs to protect their industries and prevent significant Labor cuts.
Europe still has higher requirements on more things and also uses VAT to increase import prices.
We need to enrich our trade policies.
We need cheap products because the real wages in this country have fallen.
So, we replace them with cheap money to give you more debt and chep products.
We need to save more money and not use that much money so that people will know exactly where the salary is.
Our immigration policy is, to some extent, illegal, or even legal, designed to maintain excess labor supply in order to maintain insecurity and lower wages.
My opinion on this story of cleavland.
I saw a man angry because he didn't get a high paying union job with all the allowances.
I don't think companies will move overseas or Mexico for tax reasons, they move to Mexico because of why they pay $30 in human resources and all the benefits of the company, when you can reduce the cost, there are other people on this planet.
I'm not a sign, but when you dream of owning your own business or company, I think you're doing it to make money and I might be wrong.
My belief is that the higher the education, the more money you should be able to earn, after all, after you go to high school.
It's unfair when high school drop out of school makes more money than people who go to college.
In fact, labor costs are more than just wages.
If you increase your health care and pension (
General Motors and Ford, for example)
You'll find that labor costs are such a huge factor on a per-vehicle basis that they can't take the company off the cliff.
They need to make smarter and smaller cars, but they can't produce and make profits.
Because of labor costs.
The middle class will disappear.
All jobs go to Mexico or overseas.
The United States accused the union of saying they made a lot of money.
The labor cost of a product is only 3 to 7%.
Utilities, support, and other things account for the rest of the cost of the product.
What the United States does not realize is the huge expense of these companies.
Here are some examples of management, middle management, vice president and ceo.
If you remove fat, you can become thinner and make more sense, and you can produce the same amount of products if not more.
The average annual income of union workers is between $40,000 and $70,000.
$60,000 to $70,000 is achieved by working overtime!
You need this room to have a house in Nice.
Sales tax and property tax are the highest in the country.
Also: Please don't forget that many manufacturing industries are outsourced to China, etc.
Because American consumers insist on buying cheap goods at Wal-Mart.
The continued demand for cheap goods is our driving force.
Overseas-based companiesshore.
In this country, you can't pay union wages or compete with China, Mexico, Vietnam, South Korea, etc.
On the stage of manufacturing
So: either be prepared to pay 50% more for all your consumables or watch the work go overseas.
You can't do both.
Isn't the middle class the majority of the United States?
So why is my impression of MC seen as dirt?
At this point in time, my last point is that we are competing with countries that think they are involved in national efforts.
In the United States, only those at the top and in Washington know how to get together to take care of their interests.
We are competing with countries that have some kind of national health care that helps keep their people healthy, spread costs and riks, and doesn't put a burden on their people or companies.
This also allows them to have more content people, more small businesses to create jobs, and more entrepreneurs.
I sat here and read some reviews.
I agree with most people.
The first time I was fired was 51.
It's been six months now.
I don't think it will be recalled at all. sad part.
Money is good when I start working for this company.
Office help tripled in just four years.
Where is the logic?
Create attractions that are not needed.
When the economy collapsed
More than 400 people were fired. Gov.
No help at all. The gov.
Give you an extra $25 on unemployment.
Then take out the tax.
If you get the full amount from unemployment, God will help you.
When you do this, you are unable to receive an emergency food voucher because you collect too much.
Then the government needs more money from us to help big companies.
As far as I can see, it would be better for them to give the money to the private sector, at least not completely wasted.
All of these billions are still unemployed.
What a wonderful world we live in, Obama weakened the terms of the stimulus plan to buy American goods and paid too much in tax cuts that have proven ineffective and will
Europeans are threatening a trade war on the terms of "buy American goods", but their market is not as open as ours.
They still use tariffs and VAT and sometimes come up with the right quota to control their prices.
In Asia, they have quotas to import our cars and not allow foreigners to buy majority control over key industries.
They laugh at our policies that allow them to become power while destroying our own foundations.
China is coming out of recession because they have our money to build new infrastructure and manufacturing.
The country is undergoing massive restructuring.
The pillar of our society is always the middle class.
The currency index may not be the main one.
Other material indicators, such as the size or location of the House, the size and quantity of the furniture, the car, are not that important.
I hope that access to post-secondary education is still important.
Spirituality transcends material indicators.
The middle class as the foundation, both individual and national, will continue to have its values as a guide to American behavior, foreign policy, and budget allocation.
At the same time, it will adopt and revise its basic mentality.
At the international level, we can predict the changing values that we are adopting and demonstrating as the only superpower.
We all know that companies are moving jobs in manufacturing overseas, but we all say they won't be back.
But I think we can bring them back.
How do you ask me now?
Because we are the biggest consumer of almost everything in the world, our government.
I need to tell all the big companies that you need at least 50% of the products and parts made in the US if you want to sell your products in the US.
If they don't agree, let them bring their business to China, Mexico and other places.
We 've already spent billions of dollars on these big companies, giving them tax cuts and so on, why not give that money to other small businesses that agree to leave their factories in the US so they can expand, it can also be given to other entrepreneurs who can open new manufacturing businesses.
In addition, we also need to start to impose appropriate tariffs on all imported goods so that US manufacturers can compete with foreign manufacturers.
Now, we don't have enough tariffs on imported goods, but when the end user (consumer)
Buy in the market
Its price is almost the same as that of goods made in the United States.
So free trade is only good for big companies.
I don't object to free trade, but these big companies need to realize that they will eventually collapse too if the country is only rich and poor because 2%-
3% of the rich will not be able to consume all the products they are and will import because the poor and the poor cannot and cannot afford them.
Unless voters force us to do something, our politicians will not do anything.
Start calling your senator and congressman/Madam to do something.
We need to reduce imports and start production here.
Arlene Allison was hit in the head by a nail.
In the industrialized world, no other place is the "middle class" associated with manufacturing employment and lack of university education ".
European middle class means White
White-collar workers with college education.
As a profession, people strive to enter primary and intermediate management.
Portable skills and 4-year degree (
Admittedly, acquisitions in Europe are much cheaper than here.
Cheaper, not easy). S.
Stephenson also made a basic point.
S. Auto manufacturing stubbornly refuses to adapt to the New World introduced by Japanese and European automakers.
They continue to focus on big gas.
Fuel-efficient vehicles (SUV's, Pick-up trucks)
Because these are their only profitable cars, they are hidden behind the cliché of "American public wealth.
The decline in the US auto industry began in the 1970 s and has recently accelerated the collapse we are seeing today.
Ironically, GM and Ford have made great cars in Europe.
Highly rated and sold very good vehicles.
But they have never been open to the American public.
So: We have an artificial middle class with a blue population.
A very good white-collar worker in an outdated industry.
When the industry collapses, the artificial middle class disappears.
The same thing happened in coal, steel and some other "yesterday" industries.
They are always replaced by new industries, new ways of working, new ways of making a living.
Workers who adapt will thrive.
Those who do not do so will not.
These transition periods are always as painful as they are inevitable.
By the way, I am a university.
Educated Europeans are now living in California for 12 years.
The United States remains the world's largest economy with the world's largest creativity and business acumen.
This will soon become a painful memory, such as the crisis of 1973 and 1987.
We can only hope to learn from it and help us break this prosperity. bust cycle.
But because Wall Street is like this and the government is reluctant to regulate the market, it seems unlikely. My name is Amit.
I laugh at all of you Americans giving me the job when you're all out of work.
Let's stand up and protest as Americans. DEMAND THIS -
Where are the lists of non-American citizens? S. CITIZENS -
India, China, who is allowed by the government to take these jobs from Americans?
Why didn't an American have the backbone to ask for this list?
The middle class is almost dead.
If our country does not start to support the policy of developing the middle class, no one but ourselves will blame ourselves for our role in Congress.
Obama is pushing for policies to help the middle class, but Congress is blocking his policies, including Democrats.
The creation of public and portable health care, the strengthening of trade unions, and the reform of the banking and credit card industries, will be of great help to help the middle class, but the country is simply unable to solve its problems for 30 years.
I am very happy to hear your report on this issue and I hope the media will continue to do important things like this.
Society claims to want to help middle-class families stay intact, but there is a disconnect in implementing policies that help us.
We are so busy with work and family matters that most of us don't have time to supervise the congressional vote to make sure it's in our interest for our delegates to vote, and that's exactly what the highest political class wants.
You see, there is no other trade like the United States.
Thanks to Reagan and Clinton, our trade deficit is amazing.
Reagan turned us from a creditor to a creditor, and attacked unions.
When we rescued GM, we didn't do anything to guarantee the job.
While other countries have given money to their automakers and other industries, this is done at certain levels of work.
Yes, Japan produces cars in the United States, but serves the U. S. market.
They don't outsource their jobs to Japan and Asia.
The United States is one of the few countries that allow jobs to be outsourced to their own doemtrick market.
America is the only major "force" without industrial policy ". Why ?
Washington bought it, paid it, no contact!
Our big companies don't care about anything but national protection.
Then people who are out of work or pay very little can fight on their behalf.
Obama is talking about a good game, but allowing the same bad policies to hire the same type of fiancé who is damaging the economy to make new policies.
Have a good day! Middle Class?
You must be kidding.
Since 1980, this class of our economy has been attacked by organized and well-structured.
The president of the time, you know the Republican God Ronald Wilson Reagan started with his voodoo economics.
Bush continues to be crazy.
Even though Clinton did well in some areas, he allowed free trade to get crazy.
Then came "W.
"I don't know how to confuse this stupidity with a strong passion.
In the end, we were killed by free trade, transferred technologies that could be used for military strikes against us, made huge changes to many regulations that affect the middle class, and overextended our reduced army, allowing millions of people to enter the United States illegally increases our tax burden, allowing companies to hire illegal immigrants, too many H1B visas
I will go on, but my stomach is sick!
It is enough to say that the economic collapse. .
As for President Barack.
We should support his efforts, unlike the Republican leadership all day, all night, all hate broadcasts.
Yes, in the long run, they are in the exact opposite direction from the past two decades.
Republicans say they have changed and now there is a better way.
Ballack's approach, they say, is disappointing.
Believe them, they say! Trust them?
Of course, if we did, we would be like the woman who let her wife beat her husband crying at home!
Hey Lou, if you read any of this, it's a way to lean towards you, but it's written by people who support Democrats now.
Republicans like Carl ROV, Rush Limberg, Sean hanniti, and hugs from Fox's propaganda channel may get lost.
Really, I don't want them to be hurt, but they should all leave!
Whether the "middle class" is dead raises the question: What is the "middle class" in the United States "?
I think this is a historical term that has no real meaning.
In my opinion, the main force of change is --
The Internet, the Internet industry, and other technological forces, are absorbing "capital" at this time to create new and different working conditions that we are not ready.
In the long run, unless people change and absorb from consumption, there will be two different societies: a very rich society and a society of living standards, unless we go back to an agricultural existence where there are several wealthy technocrats living in the city, banging their heads on computer screens, when the middle class is no longer deceiving themselves, when excessive consumption comes to "realize" the lifestyle of the upper class, we will spin our wheels and work to lose the "middle class, it can maintain its position in the middle class.
A wise and frugal life will bring status to the middle class.
Oh middle class, we have lost the compass of spending, so we are sacrificing the family and lifestyle due to debt.
This is not a government. problem.
This is a question of personal greed.
Deal with it, the American middle class, stop pointing. Put your ever-ready , maxed-
Take out your credit card! !
I am 55 years old and have been out of work for 8 years due to layoffs and have to sell my 22 year house and my marriage is destroyed due to financial pressure, I ran out of all my retirement funds. . .
Never lived beyond my ability.
Next month, I had to move back to my 84-year-old parents in order to survive.
No middle class.
My eldest daughter went to college for another year. She said to me, "Dad, I look very poor when I graduate . ".
Pay so much for the American dream.
Thank you Washington!
What's needed is-
On TV every day, the bottom of the screen scrolls the names of non-Americans (
India, China, etc.
They live in the United States, or are hired overseas by the United States. S. companies -
Replace American workers.
This list is likely to roll continuously for more than 100 years and grow exponentially.
Jobs in manufacturing have created a middle class without a college education.
But I think I'm middle class.
I have a master's degree.
The middle class is changing, but we have experienced it before.
There was a time when a high school diploma was not needed as a middle class.
Maybe we need to look at the affordability of education.
Is President Obama God? ! ! ! ?
Is it his fault that 72% of Americans don't have a college degree?
He made this mess?
It took me so many years to get my degree, but I didn't give up.
If blue collar workers are not prepared for another trade, especially in the case of how much money they make, is that the president's fault?
Why don't the media, Americans complain about people who created chaos, including our last president?
My suggestion: overcome it. .
Get the proper industry education, give you the reward you want, relocate and pray if you have.
Life is not over yet. . .
You have to keep working and you have to move on.
Keep in mind that many of our ancestors have gone through a worse life than this and let us have some of the techniques and joys we enjoy today. .
In other words, a man or a woman! ! ! !
Taxes are increasing every year because no one can pay --
The rich have all the holes, and the poor are too poor due to the erosion of the "middle class" and "working class" of the "poor" now.
Rich people don't care because they have money
In order to remain rich, or to become richer, they send all their work to those places where they are given more tax relief, and there is no EPA to deal, and a small portion of the labor they pay the workers at home.
The government only gives the work and middle class enough tax breaks to keep them free so they can continue to pay everything with other taxes.
If America is a big farm, most of us are cows. . .
Waiting to be slaughtered, but feeding enough to survive in line.
I read your article on the middle class, and as a middle class, I am a little angry at the lack of foresight in the country: its politicians, economists, and people.
Instead of disappearing, the middle class is changing.
This change began 30 years ago and it is clear that it will lead to where we are today.
You mentioned that a large number of Americans are not educated in college.
This is a big part of the middle class shift and the decline in numbers.
In other European countries, the proportion of educated people is higher.
Moreover, the decline of our automobile industry is inevitable.
Our auto industry has made an inferior product and our auto industry is in recession when Japanese cars are on the scene.
This decline is obvious.
You make an inferior product and people will look elsewhere.
The unfortunate economic events of the past few months and the greed of the credit industry and, frankly, the greed of the American public have accelerated this decline, and they want more than they can afford.
So is the real estate industry.
Banks should be blamed, but those who take suspicious loans to own houses they can't afford should also be blamed.
If the country promotes education and shifts people from manufacturing to middle-class jobs now available, the middle class will have a more seamless transition.
With the vision of Japanese and German car companies, the automotive industry will survive.
Make a car with good quality and appearance.
The middle class is still here: they are educated and working in industries other than manufacturing.
This paradigm shift is inevitable.
Our government should help people who are in trouble now to receive education and training in the fields of employment and development: medical care, "green", technology, etc.
This, I believe, will eventually lead to some serious confrontation. . . .
Violence is expected.
However, it seems that the media refuses to maintain a huge gap between workers' wages and the ridiculous wages of CEO and company executives! ! ! THOSE PEOPLE (lol)
Will not voluntarily give up any part of their "prestige"Dollar Point
The truth is that anyone who can't live very comfortably on sterling in a year doesn't have enough financial staff to run lemonade stands.
These huge salaries have nothing to do with the ability or needs of the ceo. . . .
They have reached these levels just to be "points" in the game "I'm better than you "!
We can't play their games anymore.
Bloggers, including news agencies, do not seem to recall that in the 1980s, the big forecast was that manufacturing would be replaced by services and that manufacturing would be downgraded to Third World countries such as Japan and Mexico.
The attitude that this is touted in the news is that manufacturing is not complicated, dirty, not smart, and the service industry is more important.
I suspect that this is a kind of propaganda aimed at numbing the American people and politicians while manufacturing is being transferred to low-income countries by American companies.
However, in addition to senior management, most service jobs are paid less.
For example, when big companies receive tens of millions of dollars, all financial institutions have collapsed.
Those who deal with loans, sell hamburgers, or sell clothing made by third-world manufacturers will never have a decent income.
The American concept isS.
It was a false idea to succeed without a manufacturing base, imitated by news agencies, and never met by the media.
People who make things do something useful and tangible.
They produce things, create real things, and bring income.
When the middle class is no longer deceiving itself and overspending in order to "realize" the lifestyle of the upper class, it can maintain its position in the middle class.
A wise and frugal life will bring status to the middle class.
Oh middle class, we have lost the compass of spending, and as a resut, we are sacrificing our family and lifestyle due to debt.
This is not a problem for the government.
This is a question of personal greed.
Deal with it, the American middle class, stop pointing. Put your ever-
The wallet is ready!
As Americans, we have every opportunity to create opportunities for ourselves.
The signs around us are beginning to change the way we improve our productivity.
Internet and mobile phone like computer and wifi.
The middle class is becoming a dinosaur, and in order to make us stronger, we all need to look for opportunities in addition to relying on Washington.
The middle class has been declining for the past eight years.
We were treated like plagues.
Need to "get rid ".
This attack did not occur for 6 months or 6 years and could not be cured during that time.
The ones that control the plague are the companies & the pooliticans that ship jobs overseas in the name of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Maybe we shipped them overseas and found some "made in China.
Can't be worse than what we have.
I earn $12 an hour, my wife is a school teacher and I earn $50 an hour.
I have two cars and a home.
I'm not a middle class?
This is new to me.
Are middle class people starting to want so much that they keep their prices out of their class?
You have to ask yourself what is important?
Is there only one home for $350?
$25,000 car or just something to get you to and from work?
Stop living your life (Or it looks like)
Rich people and people who do not want to take measures to achieve wealth (
Huge Debt in college).
I never wanted wealth.
Let them own it and I'm fine in my 1947 little home and 15 year old car.
Never played the game "he won the most toys in the end.
If you think so, it's not life. You're fooling yourself. It's no better than politicians you don't like.
Carol, alas, I wish I could say something new about this story, but that's not the case.
Over the past 30 years, we have seen a war of independence against the working class.
Since the transformation from the industrial economy to the service economy, the attempt to organize the labor force has encountered many obstacles from the right-wing theorists.
The gap between the socio-economic class is growing, and the middle class of the Bush and Cheney era has shrunk unprecedented.
Organized labor after World War II made the "golden age" possible.
Without years of strong union work, there will be no middle class.
Now, the future of the middle class depends on those brave souls who aim to find ways to organize the service industry.
At least now we have a president who is familiar with class rhetoric.
One can only imagine how bad our situation would be if McCain were elected. -
Of course, the middle class is not dead.
It just changed the name to "poor ".
It is clear that the US workforce will have to reinvent itself, but this will be further layered.
There will be a class of people who have settled down and lead a well-prepared life, and a class of people who will be forgotten because they will not be able to reach everything that the "well-prepared" class can touch.
I believe that to succeed in a new environment, we must become one.
On the contrary, the life of factory workers has become a management type.
The former factory workers will silently transfer to the third world countries.
Read the words on the wall and prepare for this new world.
If gentlemen want to work in the middle class, then he needs to speak in the right grammar (
What language)
Trained or retrained-otherwise he is limited to physical skills --
Physical skills are no longer a safe way to the middle class
Assembly line workers are assembly line workers-pay, status, and global competition-and blacksmiths used to be middle-class jobs --
Turning bolts on assembly lines and even running computer presses is no longer a guarantee of household income. Americans must stand up and ask the government for this list, by the name of the US company, the name and total number of all outsourced employees-non-Americans, from India, China, Russia or other countries that work for these companies.
Americans need to see companies count unemployment from outsourcing.
This will be an eye-opening opportunity-no one has ever seen such a list provided by our government --DATE.
If there is no list to know the exact number, what decision can be made on this?
To some extent, we must keep enough industry to survive this country.
China and India cannot inherit our prosperity and wisdom.
Compared with the cost that our industrial capacity is completely lost to foreign countries, labor costs are nothing.
Why are Everyone surprised by the extinction of the middle class? ? ?
We are sending our jobs to other countries and don't forget to create jobs for people from India.
Also don't forget that illegal foreigners who work in this country do not pay taxes, and then they send the money back to their families who are not in this country.
Why are everyone so surprised! !
The only place to make money is the middle class.
The poor can't afford it, and the rich can't afford it thanks to George W. Wake up people! ! !
When times get tough, we hear that the "middle class" will be hit or asked (forced)
Make concessions.
Recently, GM and Chrysler attended UAW's meeting before they wanted to convince investors that they needed their help to keep the desperate CEO alive.
When will the rich asshole stand up and take action to restore our economy without waiting for the government to enforce the mandala regulations against them?
When do they care about the rest of the United States?
I 've been thinking for years that this top-down revolution will never happen, but now I have to reconsider.
After all, we elected a black president.
Most people think this day will never happen in the world.
I'm 50 years old.
I have never lost my job, and I have not.
I work every day, but I have never had a new car.
My debt is basically Medical.
I gave up having anything of value.
I heard people talking about saving money to this account or this CD, which made me sick.
I spent most of my life caring for sick people.
I want to say to some rich people in our county, I am not jealous that you are your money.
However, some of us work and live every day and still cannot break even.
I work hard to get my daughter to school.
So she doesn't have to suffer like me.
By the way, she has a bachelor's degree and can't find a job in her field. She make $8. 00 hr.
She is a single mother, working full time and attending school.
What happened to my parents' American dream?
Some people worry about their money. I am thankful.
I had a roof over my head, food on the table, and a 1984 Ford. . .
Yes, Ford made cars in the United States.
I still drive faithfully.
Even if I am considered poor, I love America.
I don't want to give up my life here for what.
It's time we buy American-made akin.
Build up our country.
I am a Trade medical assistant.
I no longer work in my field due to layoffs.
But I am willing to work with any doctor in my area 1 day a week on the rest day.
If they can provide medical services to those in need
The way the call to buy it is paid forward.
If every talented person gives a free day a week to help America, we can be strong.
Is KathyWhat "middle class" depressed in rural Missouri?
Our government has systematically insured us that we no longer exist!
We continue to rescue and deceive the bad business practices of greedy CEOs, which have put our economy in trouble!
We can never recover from this disaster, as long as the corporate greed pays off while the hard-working Americans are deprived of their rights!
Where are we going now?
Our government controls our destiny. middle class).
The International Maritime Organization, local, state and federal politicians are all in the cookie jar.
Tell me I'm wrong and I'll shut up. .
Unfortunately, I don't want to say that, but our politicians really don't care about middle-class workers.
If they all did, we wouldn't be in the middle of this, would we?
Are you responsible for this recession?
Did you let our job leave our country?
Are you making our taxes increase every year?
If your answer to these questions is no, then who is it? ?
Who is my middle class friend now?
I just wrote about how our own government sold us out.
It took me 30 minutes. I submited it.
Invalid email
I haven't written anything.
I can't go back and correct anything.
Is this how blogs work? About 3 months ago, at one of our presidential town hall meetings, he said jobs in manufacturing would not be heard again.
On the contrary, we must look for high-tech jobs.
At this point, I am new to us (
Middle class)
There will be trouble.
The president rescued the bank so they could get credit.
In fact, they did the opposite, tightened credit until the middle class lowered the credit card limit and raised interest rates, and if they needed a loan, forget it.
At the same time, the government gave them the money and they couldn't even explain it all.
Most importantly, the auto industry is cutting jobs and closing more factories, which means more people will be out of work and more people will be foreclosed and bankrupt.
If you think it's hard to get help from any lender right now, you should see how hard it will be if your bankruptcy takes more than seven years to lift.
I think the middle class is becoming poor at an alarming rate without any live help in the future.
There are only two classes soon, only one class can pay taxes, and then?
Borden is right. The government, the big business and the whole economic system have been trying to destroy the middle class for many years.
The government's tax policy encourages American companies to produce their products overseas, large enterprises, focusing on short-term profits realized through layoffs, and stepping out of China's economic system with the global economy (
Ross Pedro is right.
Paralyzing American manufacturing workers
For many of us, the way back will be long and painful. Just sayin.
I know you guys don't have the courage to post my last article.
But we need to say, because this is the most important issue of our time.
Yes, unfortunately, the middle class will be extinct like a dinosaur.
My father was right.
Nearly twenty years ago, my father had such a vision, and he told me, "in the future world, you are either at the top or just successful and live at the bottom.
"There will be no middle ground.
You have to be the best now, or just like everyone else.
There are too many educated and skilled people in this world.
Like my father, immigrants can come to his new land, disembark, move from rags to riches, with only two big hands, and the strong will to succeed is over.
The only way in today's world is :)
The treatment of cancer, or some great achievements; or b:)
Commit some terrible crimes like Manson, which will give you fame and publicity for the rest of your life.
Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.
We have made great progress, but we have also made life harder for those who wish to succeed and, more importantly, for themselves and their families.
A university degree is not a panacea for financial security.
Education is not necessarily a university degree.
Workplace mentors/friends, public library projects, funded voc/tech projects can provide the first step at any stage of life.
Come to the blog and review your own work history.
No one let us rest, no one will succeed.
If you are educated enough to watch CNN, then you have enough education to guide someone at work.
Look global and act. .
Oil refineries, chemical plants, nuclear power plants.
I am working on the "middle class" for 60K plusa years ".
I started my degree in environmental science in 96 years.
Go back to school and let your own things happen.
I hope to get my bachelor's degree next year.
Unemployment covers my health insurance and there is an educational program that helps pay bills.
I just said I'm 57 years old this year and you can't give up! !
We should consider retirement. Bob,Albany, NY.
There seems to be no realistic consensus on what is the "middle class.
Obama seems to say, with a $250,000 "cut-off," That's not higher than that.
If there is no university education about 70 per cent.
The dream of having a university"
The educated population is undoubtedly a distant dream.
So what about college students?
I am a college student and find it difficult to move in between the University of Amherst in Massachusetts and the home of Springfield in Massachusetts.
For young, experienced people who pursue education, there does not seem to be any actual paid work.
Giving money to "young people as volunteers" is a good gesture, however, in a scarce market, some young people need to generate income and some relevant volunteer experience for the work you are trying to get, this is not enough, and the company is looking for a place to match "precisely (i. e.
Experience, experience, experience).
Young college students who did not receive a degree.
Where is our job?
Television reports say only about 70% of Americans have university degrees. That's true.
This has been the case for 50 years, and at least 50 more years is correct.
But more importantly, it doesn't matter.
Society does not require everyone to spend $80,000 on a humanities degree, and society needs a large amount of labor with high-level technical training.
Those new "green" jobs don't require a degree in sociology, they need certified technical skills.
Even if most IT jobs don't require a computer science degree, they need IT certification.
We have tens of thousands of young people caught up in tens of thousands of dollars of college debt, only to find that they are still not competitive if they don't spend a few thousands of dollars to get a technical certification-they will be as competitive as a technical certification.
The main problem with our education system is that most of our high schools only provide water, not meet the needs of 70% people who do not want and do not need a degree in sociology
In college prep classes, children don't go where they want to go.
High School is a waste of time, children know.
In addition, the "not letting a child fall behind" program actually penalizes schools that offer programs for 70% of children who go to work instead of a sociology degree.
Schools with strong technical preparation programs and high graduation rates will actually lose money.
I live in the once great town of GM: Rockport, New York.
Several generations of American families work here, live here, and educate their children.
It is not uncommon to see people earn salaries equal to the salaries of local school principals.
We see big unions shaping our community.
In addition, we see shrinking, collapsing and disappearing community economic infrastructure.
Once, the Republic Steel Company in larkwanna, New York, hired tens of thousands of people.
Today it is a poisonous brown strip, and on the coast of Lake Erie it is like a silent sentry.
So is Harrison Radiator/Delphi in Rockport.
As a teacher, I was frustrated to watch generations of smart, energetic graduates escape college life on the radiator line in Building 8.
Perhaps our labor supply is at the crossroads of our development?
Maybe people will pick up the plow and go back to the farm? We will see.
We found that there are a lot of manufacturing jobs in Maryland that need to be filled today.
The hard jobs include the mechanics.
Paid, stable, (many)
Small machine stores that support large manufacturing clusters.
One can expect manufacturing jobs in the future, (that)
These work will reflect a changed value chain that is much more connected to demand than to supply.
This means that many future manufacturers don't look like entities of the past.
They will be smaller in size and more entrepreneur in nature, as the main requirement is flexibility, the breadth of skills and the ability to succeed in supporting an increasingly customized consumer worldview.
Bring manufacturing back to the United States.
We are sold out by industries that move all manufacturing overseas, where they can bypass our environmental laws, exploit slave wages, and save a few dollars at the expense of the American economy.
The middle class has damaged the United States to a large extent.
These people are the backbone of the country and the group that creates new ideas and product breakthroughs.
Without this class, our country will fall into despair.
Without this class, neither our economy nor our country will recover.
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