memories of peter r. kellerman - metal plaque

by:ShunDing     2019-11-04
memories of peter r. kellerman  -  metal plaque
Peter Kellerman♥He is a son, a brother, a husband, a dog lover.
Peter is my first cousin.
He was born on February 1, 1966.
He is 50 years old this year.
It is said that in my commemoration of my handsome cousin, "We will always be known by the footprints we leave behind ", I hope you can help me remember all the good things that Peter stands for, and this page will be a memory, so we will never forget him and all the others who died at WTC that day.
On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, "Peter Kellerman is one of the 2,753 victims in New York who died on that terrible day.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, my cousin Peter made an appointment for a doctor.
But fate will be arranged, and the date has been rescheduled.
You see, at the age of 35, he was vice president and stock trader at Fitzgerald.
He works in the North Tower at the World Trade Center.
So on Sunday morning, the world was watching the United States mark the 15 th anniversary of Singapore's independence.
2001 terrorist attacks, I will think of Peter.
I don't have much to say about how much Peter missed.
What else can be said, how many people have lost their lives, how many people have broken their hearts.
So on this evening of the 15 th anniversary of September 11, this is my tribute to my cousin Pete, and I will never forget that you cowboy pettimi's cousin, Peter Kellerman, loves life, I know he is the best every day.
He brings a smile to everyone he meets, which is his unique, naive charm.
When he was a little boy, you could see why.
The family looked good, and Peter was blessed with a double blessing.
He did his best in every task, and every situation was better than he found.
I will never forget that when he was a little boy, his nickname was Cowboy Pete.
I never understood why he had the nickname, but I remember he had a good way to find it on everyone he met.
I will never forget.
Aunt Joyce, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
Beautiful inside and outside.
One of the best moms I 've ever seen.
My aunt and I had a good time for 16 years.
When Peter passed by, I saw her for the first time, like forever, and I couldn't find a word to say to her.
The pain I saw on her face was unbearable.
Joyce galls has a special place in Central Park where she goes to honor her 35-year-old son, Peter Kellerman, vice president and stock trader at fitzgerald Fitzgerald, who loves New York and outdoor activities.
At least three times a week, 64-year-old gales and her Yorkshire terrier Angie visited a bench named after kelemann on the east side of the big lawn, watching the flickers and the couple pushing the stroller.
"It can see the city he likes," Gales said . ".
"Here I think of him, where everything is still beautiful and free.
Gales picked the place himself and carved a short inscription on the metal plaque on the bench.
"In honor of our dear Peter R. Kellerman WTC -9/11/01.
You are a quiet bird hovering in the flight;
Soft stars shining at night. "Gales' co-
The staff of Ashforth Warburg Associates, a real estate company, used park benches to allow her to think about her son's life and death.
"It turns out that this is the best gift," said Gales, who lives on the Upper East Side . ".
The bench, which was put into use in April 2002, is one of the 24 benches named in the park to commemorate the Sept victims. 11.
"It's exciting," Gales said . "
"There are young people playing on the big lawn.
Someone passed by with their children and dogs.
"That's the way he wants it.
I know he doesn't want all of us to go to a more painful place.
Read more: gentle tribute.
New York Daily News held a memorial to the Peters Memorial on Sunday, September 7, 2003, at 12: 00 a. m. on Monday, October.
At 11: 00 in the morning, Park Avenue SynagogueI did not remember most of the day except for dark.
Peter grew up on the big lawn of New York Central Park, close to the Central Park of New York City.
This is the place he likes and he has spent a lot of time there.
Whether it's going to listen to music or just cruising in music, he makes the most of all the cities offered.
He was a good skater and I was surprised how he walked around that little board.
Reflecting the abundance of benches in Central Park places, since 1986, the Central Park Conservation Association has run a program called "Adopt-a-Bench.
"They have nearly 9,000 people.
About 1,500 people were "adopted", one of them for Peter.
It is located on the east side of the grand Lawn of Central Park.
In April 2002, a colleague of Peters's mother adopted a park bench where she could think about her son's life and death.
The words engraved on his bench were borrowed from a poem.
I am not dead. The author is unknown.
"You are a quiet bird hovering over the flight, a soft star shining at night," recalled Picchu, and I am honored to keep this page for Peter.
I wish the people who know and love Peter, and if it happens by chance on this page, I wish they could think of him and smile.
Interestingly, when I thought I had all the pictures of Peter's growth, I seemed to have stumbled upon another one.
So I'm here to keep them safe.
I only have my cousin left.
I don't want him to be forgotten.
Peter Kellerman is like this whenever Peter is around and it's hard not to have a good mood.
His attitude makes you believe that everything is good and right.
His charm and beautiful appearance will only make Peter Special. He is a person you can never forget.
As good as he is outside, he is much better inside.
It started when I read this blog;
"After your teenage years, people no longer have birthday parties for you, except for those milestone years like 40, 50, etc.
The writer went on to say: "Today, as Peter Rodney Kellerman's friends and family reflect on the anniversary of his death, I took some special time to pray for them.
I am sad for your life, it is not a "climb over the mountains" but a full life, may his life prove how lucky we are and one day we are not promised.
"Peter will celebrate his 50 th anniversary on 2016.
Pete, I miss you every day. Your memory has always been a blessing to me.
Peter's family, his mother, wife, two sisters and six nephews, survived.
Peter has three other brothers and three and a half sisters, oh, the side of his father, which he has never seen before.
"Always in the heart of your family and friends.
"Remember Peter Keller Manas, we remember the day when the United States joined the light and prayer, hoping that every touched family had strength and love, and I would never forget you, and so on, today, as usual, I remember my cousin Peter Kellerman.
May his memory be a blessing.
Never forget the WTCLegacy Sept 11 tribute to CNN-
New York Times, September 11-
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