military dog tags - from the necks of soldiers to those of private, trendy individuals - metal dog tags engraved

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military dog tags - from the necks of soldiers to those of private, trendy individuals  -  metal dog tags engraved
Maybe the dog tag is starting to surface (
Mentioned by another name or term)
In the early 1900 s, this was seen in distant lands and among soldiers displaced in unfamiliar, hostile territories, mainly for identification purposes.
Being a stranger everywhere, especially in a foreign country, can be a too difficult experience.
Who you are, where you are from, and other relevant information about you is crucial, because if any unfortunate incident attacks you, those who are going to find out will know how to deal with you, where to take you, who to contact and talk to on your behalf.
The people in the Army, in particular, acknowledge that, from any time to any day, it is essential to establish their own identity, and in the process of serving the country, they may die in an instant.
During the Civil War, the soldiers provided themselves with their own identity cards, because the government at that time did not value or ignore the importance of identity cards.
In the event that no one knows who they are, more than 40% people have died in battle. Alas!
They were buried in a grave without a tombstone.
Soldiers want this tragic event of nameless funerals not to come upon them, marking their belongings with identification labels made of commonly used paper.
For those who want a safer identification, they cleverly carve their name on the wood, use it to make a label, and then take them wherever they go
These may be the beginning of dog cards.
Soon many followed the "tradition" of wearing labels until military officials saw them.
Ultimately, they recognized the usefulness and value of these labels in higher positions, and in 1941, in the context of World War I, they decided to formally use them as part of each soldier's uniform.
From paper to the humble wooden labels used before, they are made into metal labels that measure 1.
Width 25 inch, 1.
Oval length 5 inch
Shape and accuracy of Monel metal.
It has a hole inserted into the Monel wire so that it can be worn around the neck.
The personal information of the soldier is engraved on it as follows :-
Name and name of soldier
Date of enlistment-date of birth-
Sometimes even after the war, the popularity and use of medical history declined, but it quickly regained its reputation during World War II.
At that time, two tags were used: one for soldiers and the other for retrieving the body (
Will be sent to their respective families later).
In addition to the first and last names, additional information includes the following :-
Officer file number or soldier service number-blood type-
When the war is over, those identification tags are still there and prove that they are left behind.
Until today, the soldiers are still wearing them, and the labels still carry almost the same information, such as the soldier's last name and then his or her last name (
Remember, we have women in the army now)
Initials, service number, blood type.
The initial part of the religion can also be included if the soldier wishes (
H for Hebrew, C for Catholics, P for Protestant).
Today, identification tags are more often called dog tags because they are exactly the same as the collar tags attached to the dog's neck in case the animal gets lost.
In terms of military use, dog cards have caught the attention of jewelry designers and fashionistas and become popular decorations or accessories for young boys and men.
The metal label embossed has surged in its fame, and more hipsters will like it.
The store took advantage of this situation and began to include them in the new product list.
Online stores alone offer a wide range of stylish, premium metal dog brands.
Dog tags are a form of men's necklaces.
When silver ornaments become the hottest items men have, the sale of silver dog labels has increased, and it is possible to cross a person with a silver dog label on his neck in the street or in the mall.
Rectangular metal label
Loved by men because they can enter more information or more initials, especially those with long names, or those who prefer to put the initials of their girlfriend or wife and their.
Round metal labels are also a hot topic for those who like a subtle look (
Because they look smaller)
I want to stay away from the more common rectangle --shaped ones.
For men, dog cards will continue to be a symbol of men, or just a good accessory for everyday wear.
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