queen victoria and prince albert drawings of children to go on display for the first time - metal plate etching

by:ShunDing     2019-12-12
queen victoria and prince albert drawings of children to go on display for the first time  -  metal plate etching
Queen Victoria's paintings of her children will be on display for the first time, giving her doubts about her reputation as a "bad mother.
Rare prints made by the Queen and Prince Albert in the early days of their marriage will be exhibited by the British Museum in London to commemorate the birth of their two children.
From July to September, the museum will hold a free exhibition called "Home: Royal copper prints of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert ". The etchings -
A print involving painting on a metal plate --
Completed by Victoria and Albert in the 1840 s, the curator of the museum said they were "showing the royal family in a completely different angle.
The exhibition will consist of 20 pieces of artwork from the couple, usually depicting their life scenes in Windsor and Claremont and showing their children and pets.
The British Museum says the royal family members are "talented and enthusiastic amateur artists" whose work is often in collaboration with some of Albert's prints based on early Victorian paintings.
Shortly after her marriage in 1840, Victoria and Albert began the etching art with the help of respected painter Sir George Haite.
Members of the royal family only want their work to be seen by close friends and family, but King George V.
Grandson of Victoria
They were donated to the British Museum in 1926.
The exhibition will mark their first public exhibition.
Sheila O'Connell, curator of prints and paintings at the British Museum, said: "As parents, both Victoria and Albert have been criticized a lot, but the photos show them in a completely different perspective.
"The scenes in her paintings show that she is a very affectionate mother, and it is clear that both she and Albert enjoy being with their children.
"We are pleased that since King George V donated these works to us, we can now present them for the first time.
This is the perfect way to celebrate 200 anniversary of the birth of these outstanding figures in British history, and they are also passionate artists.
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