scrapbook embellishments - self adhesive metal labels

by:ShunDing     2019-08-05
scrapbook embellishments  -  self adhesive metal labels
Today's scrapbook artists decorate their pages using a variety of scrapbook decorations such as metal decorations, rubber stamps, ink, paint, stickers, ribbons, buttons, and more.
In the past, scrapists decorated their albums with the following items.
In the 19 th century, scrapists decorate their albums by cutting and pasting colored pieces in their books.
Another popular ornament?
Prant has printed a set of ten packaged "album cards ".
The cards feature pictures of birds, flowers, landscapes, and friendship verses designed specifically for the album.
Almost every 19th-century scrapbook includes phone cards, carefully decorated cards left by tourists at the owner's home.
Here are some other good ideas for scrapbook decoration: acrylic shape-
A lightweight colored plastic piece cut with a design, letter or text into a simple or etched shape. Alphabets -
These small size shapes are provided in metal, wood, acrylic and fabric varieties, characterized by letters printed or etched on the surface. Bottle Caps -
Size metal pieces with text, pattern and pattern on top. Buckles -
A closed device in a shape made of etched metal or acrylic, allowing the ribbon fabric and other fabrics to pass through. Buttons -
Decorative closure of various shapes, sizes, thicknesses and themes, which can be bonded by stitching holes or handles. Charms -
Die-casting metal pieces of various themes.
Perfect for ribbon, embroidery or fiber string.
Jewelry discovery
Metal accessories such as hooks, clips, chains, ornaments, etc. Leather shape-
A decoration, frame, or corner of a shape cut from ordinary, colored or embossed leather. Metal Plaques -
Thin metal plates (
There are often colors.
Etching of theme design.
True flowers and leaves pressed dry. Rocks -
For ease of installation, these pebbles are usually flat on one side and etched with design or text. Sea Glass -
Small pieces of colored clear glass for mosaic or decoration as size. Shells -
Small dried sand, seahorses, or shells. Silk Flowers -
Light artificial flowers of various styles.
Paper format is also provided. Washers -
Flat metal circle with center punch.
They are often eroded by thematic expressions. Wax Seals -
Designed with leaf, heart shape, Whirlpool and letters to suppress the melted wax accent. Woven Labels -
The fabric label, similar to the label in the clothing, has colorful keywords and expressions. Zippers -Self-
It can "accommodate" adhesive metal or plastic caps on both sides of the accent.
It is usually decorated with a charm or etched acrylic zipper.
As you can see, we are surrounded by scrapbook decorations everywhere.
As long as you are creative, you will soon be beautified!
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