stainless steel - professional and modern kitchens - stainless steel name plate

by:ShunDing     2019-10-14
stainless steel - professional and modern kitchens  -  stainless steel name plate
But, in addition to Chrome gloss and modern neutral texture, it has more to offer, especially when you consider alternative materials available in the industry.
That's why stainless steel is so popular.
Hot cabinets and ovens light enough to load the arrival car, but large enough for large catering activities;
Can wipe clean pan bowl pans basin thoroughly and easily;
Durable, lightweight and sturdy knives, spoons and spatula;
From large bowls and electric whiskeys to frying pans.
The most hygienic material is even a crate and refrigerator rack.
As its name suggests, there is no stain on stainless steel.
It is easy to clean with any amount of detergent and even with water only for household vinegar.
Smearing grease or food spots that may not be noticed can easily be found on shiny surfaces.
From the working surface to the knife seat, the entire kitchen can be wiped and polished until it glows.
Before stainless steel, kitchen appliances are made of enamelled iron or steel.
Today it looks charming and retro, but over time the enamel has the drawbacks of chips and corrosion.
The iron under the thin and fragile surface is heavy and clumsy.
In a damp, warm kitchen environment, it will soon be corroded. Even old-
Compared to the alloys and finishes used in modern stainless steel, the old-fashioned steel is degraded quickly and colored by the fossil residue of the old food.
The only modern competitor is plastic, but it is obviously impractical to make an oven, hot plate, stove or frying pan with such a melting material.
Plastic buckets and spatula are cheap and light, but the result will be disastrous if you put them on a hot surface or in a hot pan.
You may end up being destroyed by melted tools, destroyed jars or surfaces, and destroyed food, and smoke from melted plastic floats in the kitchen.
The wooden spoons are also easy to get dirty or black, especially when they are white or changed.
Sometimes, these stains even leave a trace, destroying a subtle taste, and even destroying the disease and bacteria that penetrate into the wood grain, spreading to every sauce, soup, and stomach.
Stainless steel is also easier to conduct heat because it doesn't need to be that thick or so heavy, so the quality of heating is less.
It means pot, pot, hot
More efficient cabinets and heating lights.
Because it is very durable, you do not need to change items frequently.
As longevity increases, savings in power and energy may even offset the initial cost.
That's why professionals and even capable amateurs use this durable and hygienic material.
From to sink: Because when you think of it, there is really no wise choice.
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