tel aviv’s taverna brings greece to your table - small name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-21
tel aviv’s taverna brings greece to your table  -  small name plates
There is a subtle difference between blue and blueand-
Representing the white of Israel and Greece;
But these same colors highlight the outside of Greece, and there is no doubt that people are entering a pub typical of Eastern Mediterranean neighbors. The English-
The language menu encourages diners to order an ouzo while carefully reading its products, and then list some interesting family cocktails based on the Greek spirit.
Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of the mstika liqueur market, the "Greek mogito" is temporarily unavailable, so the bartender recommended Mikonos, which combines quality ouzo with pineapple sweet wine and orange.
The fennel flavor of this wine is everywhere, not overwhelmed, and a refreshing drink on a warm afternoon.
My companion ordered Zeus.
Greek brandy mixed with citrus liqueur and lemon.
This is a great choice for those who like sweet side cocktails.
The tradition here is to order appetizers from the hot and cold small plates selected on the menu by handing over the handwritten list to your waiter.
With so many options, one option is to order Disko-
Including your top 10 cold plate options.
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