the 4 types of warehouse barcode labels - aluminium barcode labels

by:ShunDing     2019-07-29
the 4 types of warehouse barcode labels  -  aluminium barcode labels
Warehouses need different types of bar code labels as needed and storage items.
They are 4 basic types of barcode labels used in the warehouse. They are1)
The location barcode label is used to find out the items in the warehouse.
They are mainly used to determine the location of a particular item.
They are usually placed on the shelves and have the registered digital code that the warehouse owner will know about.
Bar code labels in each location have durable adhesives so they can easily stick to the side of the shelf, shelf etc2)
The reflective barcode label contains a series of bar codes that are human readable.
They are usually large and can be scanned from far away.
They are usually mounted on a wall or on a ceiling.
They are usually made of metal for durability. 3)
The floor barcode labels are pasted on the floor and they are permanently pasted on the floor using highly durable adhesive.
They are usually made of metals such as steel and aluminum, so that they can withstand the abuse of long-term traffic inside warehouses and chemicals etc4
Tray barcode labels these are the most common barcode labels you will see in your warehouse.
They are used to mark pallets or crates that move from one location to another.
They are difficult to withstand industrial conditions, like floor bar code labels, which are usually made of metal.
Depending on the preference of the warehouse owner, all 4 types of warehouse barcode labels usually print the alphanumeric code in a certain order.
They are usually printed using a thermal transfer printer as it allows bar code labels to be more accurate and clear.
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