the ashes: waca scoreboard counting down to final test match against england - name plate for home

by:ShunDing     2019-10-26
the ashes: waca scoreboard counting down to final test match against england  -  name plate for home
With the opening of the Perth Stadium, the WACA Stadium may face an uncertain future, but its ancient charm --
Hand-operated scoreboard will never fade. The three-
Multi-storey wood and corrugated iron structures were built in 1954.
On match day, a team of people mixed hundreds of metal names and number plates to keep the audience updated on the state of the game.
Terry O'Meara has been working behind the scenes for over ten years.
He told Clint Wheeldon, Radio Perth, the ABC, that while it may not be as fast as an electronic scoreboard, WACA's board has its own charm.
"We communicate at different levels by shouting to each other what the board needs to do," Mr O'Meara said . ".
"With the noise of what's going on outside, it's often hard to hear what's going on here. . .
Especially the T20 is very busy.
None of the cricket matches are more attractive to the teams that manage the scoreboard. "Fifty-
"After the game, everything went well," Mr O'Mara said . "
"You have to compete in the Test competition because they are international. "During [Sheffield]
Shield game, sit here and watch the game and look at the development of players in all countries, which is very good.
"It's interesting, believe me.
"In addition to continuing to change the name and number plate of the board, the staff has a range of switches and lights to run.
"The lights tell all the people who watch on TV or in the crowd that they wave the ball and the batsman he faces is the bowler --
So all the lights are switched, "said Mr O'Mara.
"And, it's very important that we tell the referee that we got the signal.
"Before the game day, the staff must make sure that they have the nameplate prepared for any player who may appear;
There is no time to type quickly in a day.
All in all, they have about 140 nameplates ready to be in the building at any time.
"The new plate is rather light and easy to move on its own, but it's always the best if you use two people," Mr O'Mara said . ".
"Some old ones are very heavy.
If they were repainted and repainted, they would become very heavy.
Human error sometimes occurs.
"We came in four years ago. Kevin]
"Peterson's name is not spelled correctly," O'Mara said.
"We repainted it quickly and waited for it to dry, but we had to put it on the board and the paint ran away.
"Something like this does happen, and at lunch we take it out and fix it.
"The structure is not air-
But Mr Omella said it might be surprisingly cold in the scoreboard.
"We have been in Perth for 30 degrees and we have to put on the jumper because the breeze is getting pretty cool," he said . ".
WACA's first scoreboard was built in early 1900 but was destroyed in the storm.
The current committee was built by Murchison and the Gascoyne Herdsmen Association as a memorial to those who died in World War II.
In the early days, people used to spend the night in the structure during test competitions.
"There is no need for them to do so, but they prefer to do so," said Mr O'Mara . "
"There will be BBQ and bed upstairs.
Only Perth and Adelaide have analog scoreboard.
Australia's match with England on Thursday will be the last Ashes Test for WACA.
The new stadium with an electronic display will be carried out in all future testsNational ranking.
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