the latest in crime fighting - metal plaque

by:ShunDing     2019-11-04
the latest in crime fighting  -  metal plaque
Nigel osprey sat in front of his TV, holding a can of beer in his hand, slowly lifting it, drinking a sip of luxurious wine, and his wet lips made a sound. . this is life!
He is enjoying sports on TV, holding his favorite beer in his hand as a symbol of freedom, while stabilizing a family-sized pizza just delivered, now balanced on his knees
He noticed that its steam rose gently, drifting through the air, filling the room with his favorite scent: food!
He listened cheerfully to the roar of his favorite football manager.
Yes, he reminded himself with glowing eyes: the manager is a real man, strong and has a thick
The body and mouth seem to keep making outrageous statements!
It is true that the cursing voice of beeping be, a sissy program editor, seems to flow effortlessly from the thick and self-centered mouth.
Nigel smiled at himself.
He enjoyed the outbreak.
They are funny insults because of their Earth content and their words are broadcast because they are too earthy!
But people can always talk
Read instead of missing, thus increasing the fun!
When he drew another strong smell from the beer can, a wonderful thought came to his mind: the wife left, this time forever!
Divorce is very disturbing and a real turmoil.
She now seems to live with her aunt Gerti in Muckalot, another state.
No matter where that is. Her dim-
Winston's cousin is here. Pick-
Put all her stuff together.
He spent a lot of money and piled it up on the truck, but it was amazing to see her last garbage!
From now on, he keeps reminding himself that no one is yelling at him anymore, no one is accusing him anymore, and the family is quiet now, because only he and his cat Benny, someone who is exactly the same as him.
He looked around and noticed that the furniture in the room now looked scarce. His wife, ex-
To be exact, the wife left him with bare necessities!
However, through the pure curtains, there is a quiet light, all the dust can be seen, but it brings a quiet atmosphere to the room.
This is a paradise for a big horse, he thought.
There was his scattered newspaper, the sports edition opened, and soon there were a few magazines around the room where he usually did not dare to buy it.
Freedom was great, he thought it was a wonderful feeling, he realized that a drunken impulse rippled in his body and made him sigh in happiness.
Suddenly, the door was uploaded with a knock on the door, which was quite firm and determined. What's on Earth? .
He doesn't like unforeseen visitors, especially when they interrupt his favorite TV show!
Before he shouts!
It exploded again and this time added a little bit of impatience and a very annoying feeling!
He felt his anger was rising.
To avoid further noise, he opened the door and realized that two people were apparently detectives and could be identified by their tight suits and hats. x92 he observes.
Behind them, a fat policeman and a television news team, as well as camera and sound technicians.
The detective worried him.
From the first time he saw them, he had this intuition and felt that they would be in trouble with spelling.
The faces of the two men are so tough, beaten by the weather, the eyes are flying so fast that when making eye contact, it seems that one may want to tell any secret that one may want to hide.
They were with the third person, a type of professor, wearing thick glasses and holding the clipboard in his hand.
The news team apparently withdrew and began to move closer to Nigel.
They are delicate, colorful, very three-color wolves-
Nigel observed.
They hold their various devices as if they were doing a good thing for the public and for the whole human being!
But what the hell is this?
His thoughts kept popping up in his mind.
Before he thought about it and absorbed all of this gathering, a detective, with a face like a constipation Bulldog, had big and bloody eyes and was everywhere. A shiny metal plaque stretched out. x91Homicide!
Are you Nigel Osprey?
He did not wait for a reply, and he was so sure of his case.
You were arrested for murdering a wife.
Amelia Prattlelot, your wife! x92x91W. . w. . w. whaaaat?
Nigel can only breathe incredibly. x91Thatx92s right! x92 You heard!
This bellow is from Africa. existent lips.
Come with me now.
Come on, come on. .
Hold out a huge fat hand to catch him.
What are you talking about?
Nigel instinctively tried to close the door in an attempt to shut out the hostile crowd.
Unfortunately, this Robert. Mitchum-look-
They all have big feet and they reach the gap in the door, thus preventing the door from closing.
The third man, a man who looks like a lark, but the same person
Describe clothes, have white hair, and possibly a big bald top covered with old clothesfashioned hat.
His distinctive feature is that the glasses are thick.
They were so obvious that in order to get close to him, they seemed to stand out, and there were two small black spots trying to hypnotize him, either his students or the flies left on his glasses.
We know his harsh lips are gone.
His nut Apple moved up and down as the collar was too big, giving the impression that it shrank on duty!
Police in uniform tried to control his overweight by severely compressing his weight.
But it only moves his whale fat down, showing it with legs like a concrete crusher, and the feet are quite large and wide.
Now he's also trying to get involved: come out soon!
It escaped from his thick lips.
Nigel felt it was time to say something: Look, I didn't do anything to anyone, I just wanted to be alone.
He pressed his weight hard on the door, as hard as he could, and stuffed giante's feet as hard as he could, without any effect.
He observed that he had to have a prosthetic limb because the man's character was not sold out at all.
People wearing thick goggles explained: we are from the predictive crime company PCU-
I don't give you a picture of what you are, I didn't do anything, my meal is getting colder and colder
He didn't shout out the exact bad words out loud, but the writer was well educated and didn't know how to spell the exact bad words! )
Nigel kept bumping into the detective's shoes.
Useless practice
Heyhey, shouted the man with the microphone, can you come out a little and give us a smile? You will be on the news tonight!
Nigel opened the door in surprise and was outside the prairie. x91What news?
What are you talking about?
The reporter is very friendly;
Our government has installed a new supercomputer that records not only all crimes in the state, but also statistics on the frequency and type of crime. .
Scientists took over all the details and time of demographics.
Span, motivation and all other relevant personality traits of the offender, we are now able to predict where the crime will take place, by whom, by reason, etc, and so on, etc, let the Latin words on his tongue dissolve.
He looks really excited about this new era of crime fighting.
With a pen in his hand, he seemed to write something invisible in the air. x91What rubbish!
I don't do anything, that's it.
A little farther away from me, a little farther away from you!
His eyes covered everyone, and his chin pointed specifically to reporters and his team.
Blood flowed out of his face and suddenly he felt so lonely and helpless.
This is a nightmare!
How can I get rid of all this?
His thoughts have been running wild.
Now there are signs of sweating on his forehead.
Come with us, come on!
The big detective said these things like a busy landlord reminding his customers of the closing hours.
To show you how accurate we are, the scientist is eagerly trying to prove that you ordered a pizza for dinner, plus anchovies and mushrooms.
He stared at the clipboard folder in his hand and said those words in a panic.
Silence came down.
Yes,. .
Come on, come with us.
Don't give us any trouble. x92 The mountain-
The man started tuc with his arm again.
A symbol of his impatiencex91Leggo of me -
I did nothing!
It sounds more desperate now.
The scientist stared at his clip folder and eagerly continued: you ordered this from a shop called Pizza Paradise, didn't you?
Then you feed your cat, don't you?
Also, you called your friend Alfredo and invited him to come in the evening?
The last sentence was shouted in disgust.
In the background, the TV anchor began to speak to the microphone, explaining this great new technology to his unseen audience, facing an expert's eager face and restless stomach, because he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Standing in a natural zone, he noticed that it was not the only thing he was standing on.
Don't people believe in picking things up after their dogs?
Now the police are moving: you have a brother who lives in England called Arthur.
One of Townsville's cousins is Edward-right?
Your car number is raising his voice and he's finished with victory: Your Ex
The wife will come at any time now, trying to take over the dog and leave you with the cat.
Then it happens!
As the audience grew, he nodded.
This can be seen by everyone!
A new woman approached the crowd.
She wore a little shabby and a headscarf, showing a skillful way to push her into the crowd and through the crowd.
She almost approached Nigel and nodded to him. x91Stop!
Where do you think you're going?
Who the hell are you?
The police raised a meaty hand with a sausage finger.
Let me go, I have to see Nigel!
The detective tried to state a fact: So, you are Emilia Prattlelot, formerwife?
The crowd gathered outside the door hardened;
I told you they looked at each other and nodded!
Then they took a little step back and realized that they were facing a catastrophic moment.
No, I'm Sally the cleaner!
I came to get the salary for cleaning the house.
She held out a hand and looked at Nigel: "You promised you eighty.
Give me five dollars. .
Nigel panting: of course, Sally, 85
You said $? No problem!
He reached into the back pocket and took out his wallet, carefully pushing the money into the palm of her support.
Staring at the pile of money-
She had the information of these problems in her hand.
Yes, she comes often. It's her salary this afternoon. day.
The huge panic is spreading and the police suddenly look very hurt: it should be time for murder!
There was a crazy phone call to the police headquarters and the phone rang back and forth.
Thank you, Nigel. See you soon!
Sally disappeared with the same determination, but this time she won a little more.
For some reason, the police looked pale and dumbfounded.
The scientist who stared at the clipboard folder suddenly turned red.
In the face, the police were surrounded by him, and all of them tried to make known.
No one mentioned Sally!
The geek with thick glasses seems to have his eyes protruding like a terrier.
The wife was not there, but a cleaner came. .
First, there was a noise in the crowd, and then a rebellion began to spread.
The first is the disappointed mumble mum, then the voice of discontent with the police and the law.
The TV crew packed up quickly-
When their bus driver starts the engine, their various devices have a downward look.
Now they have no story to report!
People were cheated out of a real drama, disgusted and in all directions.
Legal people are still frantically calling their headquarters, especially their computer department. x91Goggle-
Staring at his cell phone as if he could not believe what he had just heard, the fat man tried to crush his cell phone with his meaty hand and the blood of the bulldog --
The eyes in the lens have been unable to believe the computer readings of scientists.
But after a while they also retreated and left with Nigel's last gaze: "We will be back," their expression seemed to be saying.
All of us withdraw new crimes.
Prediction, the computer made a mistake!
Nigel stood alone outside the door, scratching his head.
He shrugged his shoulders and whispered, "Who the hell is Sally?
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