vanderbilt university removes ‘confederate’ from inscription at front of dorm - etched name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-10-25
vanderbilt university removes ‘confederate’ from inscription at front of dorm  -  etched name plates
Van der Bildt University announced on Monday that it will remove the word "Southern Union" from the stone tablet at the entrance to the student dormitory, become the latest school in a wave of schools to change the way the campus displays words and images related to the cause of the South in the civil war.
In order to make a change, under the terms of the 2005 court ruling, the private university in Nashville will need to pay $1.
The Southern Union daughter Tennessee division is 2 million kilometers away.
The money is the present value of $50,000 the organization donated in 1933 for the building and naming rights of the building.
Van der Bildt officials say gifts from anonymous donors will pay for the return of donations. Nicholas S.
Zeppos, president of Van der Bildt University, said he and others had been trying to remove the "Memorial Hall of the South" engraved with the "joint cylindrical porch 80-
Bed in a dormitory
School officials believe the stoneetched name —
Commemorating the 19th-century rebels who fought in support of the separatist movement of slavery
It is inconsistent with the inclusive image that van der Bildt wants to show the world in the 21 st century.
"For decades, this has been the source of controversy, debate and disagreement, and various debates," Zeppos said . ".
"The question will always come back, how can we be an inclusive, diverse environment that makes everyone feel included and everyone understands the importance of diversity, and this hall is so named?
"In recent years, many other schools have been working hard to deal with the image of the Southern Union, which adorns the campus's racial division.
In June 2015, a deadly shooting of African-American parishioners at a historic black church in Charleston became even more urgent. C.
A white man linked to the racist declaration.
For example, the University of Texas moved a statue of Southern Union President Jefferson Davis from a famous outdoor shopping center on Austin campus to an indoor historical exhibition.
The University of Mississippi lowered the flag on campus because there was a federation emblem on the prominent position of the flag.
The College of William and Mary demolished a plaque in its iconic Rennes building to commemorate the rebel soldiers.
Yale continues to argue over the name of Calhoun College, a residential unit on campus named after enthusiastic supporters
Slavery politician John C from the pre-war South
Calhoun, he is an American. S.
Senator and Vice President of South Carolina
In April, Yale President Peter Salovey said that as part of an effort to encourage the campus community to face the history of slavery, Calhoun's name will remain in the institution.
But the decision was severely criticized. On Aug.
Salovey announced the establishment of a committee to establish the principle of renaming.
He suggested that the university could revisit the issue of Calhoun College's name after the commission had carried out its work.
Founded in 1873 with about 12,500 students, the university is one of the most prestigious private universities in the United States.
Zeppos said the university plans to temporarily cover up the word "alliance" and then install a new Gable later to name the building a memorial.
He said temporary fixes will be in place before the freshmen move in on Saturday.
Zeppos, who has been in Van der Bildt since 1987, said the word "Southern Union" evokes slavery, Jim Crowe law, apartheid and civil war.
"This is not a symbol of inclusion that we really want Van der Bildt to have," he said . ".
But he admits the matter remains the focus of controversy both inside and outside the campus.
"As long as there is a debate about this, there will be disagreement over the name change," he said . ".
"Some people think it is wrong to accept [word]off.
From some points of view, some people think it should be left there to remind us of the history and the history of slavery.
I heard all the possible views and arguments.
Very enthusiastic views.
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