waiters and waitresses reveal the worst things a customer can do - small name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-20
waiters and waitresses reveal the worst things a customer can do  -  small name plates
Have you ever wondered if you upset the waiter at the restaurant?
If you think of the idea, it may be safe to assume that the answer is yes.
Not always.
Sometimes you don't even mean it.
However, every once in a while, you make the mistake of making the work of the server more difficult.
Most of the time, they are too polite to say anything.
But when asked
A blank in the Reddit forum, they are more than happy to reveal some of their biggest worries.
Here you can do 10 things to make their work easier in honor of National server day: mouthbabies from Reddit user: "Please don't think it helps us, pile up your plates.
It doesn't, it actually makes things more difficult.
I might want to put three main courses on my arm and put the other small plates and silverware on it.
If everyone stacks, I can only take a car for two people, and I can get more if I fold.
Lanadeathrey, a Reddit user: "A lot of people do this and think it's helpful but not usually.
Even if you think you know the best way to stack them, just leave it.
However, it is very helpful to hand the plate to the waiter if it is difficult for you to find a seat.
From Reddit user roterghost: "Let your kids complain and scream when you pull them out. I hate it.
Everyone in the room hated it even more.
Reddit user wendylauren said: "a lot of the time families come in and have their kids sit on another table and look forward to me,)
Keep track of which children's orders belong to the bills that parents run around this place, B)
Look after their children because they had a good chat on the other table.
Reddit user Lucavious said: "The parents had their children handle all the food and then put all the food on the floor so I had to vacuum it up.
Look at your fucking kid.
Reddit user captain _ kuhl: "As a former dishwasher: Please do not put straw wrapping paper in a cup.
It will only cause greater confusion.
Reddit user alexkria said: "I have to take out pennies, crayons/crayons wrapping paper, straw wrapping paper, napkins from the cup and you can name it from the cup.
Do they think we will dump the rest of the drinks/ice in the trash? No!
It went down from the sink!
Jimtorious, a user from Reddit: "RIP the coasters into small pieces and mess up the little ones.
This is not an act of growing up and you can help it.
Synnnd from Reddit user: "as a hostess or server, I hate when you come in and expect me to decipher your gestures to where you are willing to sit, or if you are ready to order.
It's hard for me to interrupt your important call.
Reddit user Sunny _: "It makes me nervous to put your phone on the table and I might spill something on it.
Dracomamator, a Reddit user: "I grew up, and I don't interrupt their conversation whether it's between adults or on the phone.
I'm struggling with this.
If you sit down and you're on the phone, I'll walk to the table and leave some napkins and wait a moment and I'll walk away if you don't call.
From Reddit user datass630: "When we bring you to your table, please try not to point me to a seat on the way across the restaurant, then say no to a few tables over there until you find what you like. WTH?
This is not Burger King.
You can't always do that.
We will be as inclusive as possible, but it will disrupt the rotation and seating table, which is very annoying to be frank.
Reddit user indecentXpo5ure: when a host lets you sit on a particular table, it's usually because the server is next.
That server will probably give you the best service because he or she is (
Again, probably)
Not busy at present.
Sasuya from Reddit user: "Don't go to the restaurant if they are closing at 510 minutes.
We are ready to close at that time.
Everyone will be forced to stay in the restaurant before you leave.
If you come forward at the close and sit down after eating to chat with your friends, we hate you and everyone hates you.
We want to go home too.
From Reddit user crumb_buckets: "If you are looking for the person who comes in at the closing time, it will cost at least 5 more for someone who has to sit and wait for work.
Reddit user fishballin: "If for some reason your bill is discounted by a stupid coupon, Please tip accordingly.
Even if you get the free app, I still do the same amount of work.
"DrunkenZombie: when using group buying, something like that (
Discount included)
Please, Please tip on the original price.
Due to this, I can't stress enough how many servers hate Groupon today.
Reddit user saf1989t: "Ttip is deducted from the original total when you receive a promotion/discount.
Your bill goes from $30 to $10 and you leave $2 or $3, which is very frustrating, especially when the experience and the customer's relationship with the server is actually very good.
"Don't leave me religious literature, leave money," zerocoke, a Reddit user . ".
As long as you leave the money, you can leave the religious stuff.
I read the Bible.
Jesus explained, "give Caesar's things to Caesar, and give God's things to God ".
I think that means giving everyone what they deserve.
I can't afford your literary work.
"It would be great if you happen to be a religious person," said Reddit user GamerKitsune . ".
Good for you, I respect your decision to believe in anything you want.
But please do not leave us those brochures about how we will go straight to hell unless we find Jesus.
"If you leave a religious place, not a tip, you should cut off the tires and lock the windows," said Reddit user HDATZ . ".
I dare not let any brave Christian tell me why it is acceptable to do so.
From Reddit user ** mcfly: "If you have a serious dislike of certain foods, that's fine --
Let us know, we would recommend something that does not contain this ingredient, or we can even change the menu items for you.
But if you lie and say it's allergic, it's a huge deal for the kitchen.
"If you want to eat healthy or just don't like some ingredient, don't tell me you're allergic to it . "
I know you're lying and you'll let the chef waste time making sure your meal is completely gluten free.
* Mcfly from Reddit user: "We take allergies very seriously and we bend back to adapt to them.
If you take pains to mention your fatal allergy before you already order and eat the first bite, I will panic.
"Please don't treat the bathroom like you don't have to clean the bathroom because I did," said Reddit user Jackadope . ".
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