you’re going where? cheyenne - small brass name plates

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you’re going where? cheyenne  -  small brass name plates
Xia Yan is one of the least concentrated state capitals in the country.
In the southeast corner of Wyoming, 430 miles from my home in the northwest corner of the state.
There is an airport in Cheyenne, but few commercial flights have landed there.
Flying to Denver, traveling north on Interstate 25 for two hours is the easiest.
Except from interstate. both I-25 and I-
80 pass Xia Yan-
This city looks like any town in the United States. S. A.
When you take 75 or 80 miles an hour (
Depending on the direction you came from)
Billboards at hotel and restaurant chains, gas stations and truck stops.
There is no motivation to stop.
I have been driving here for 10 years.
When I finally left the interstate and went to the city center, there was a 23-
The commercial core of the block is history, two
I found a rough building.
I fell in love with a kind of people on the edge.
Pawnshops, indoor archery grounds and tattoo shops exist with bed and bed mattress shops, Guyz and Dollz styling salons.
Handmade cocktails came out a few years ago, but many bars still have no windows.
In Cheyenne, the Wild West was not completely tamed.
This is especially true during the annual Cheyenne border Day (July 19-28 this year)
It was founded in 1897 and today is one of the largest rodeos in the world.
On a plateau of just over 6,000 feet above sea level, the natural beauty of the summer extension is almost as subtle as the weather is unpredictable.
In the last four days, I was welcomed there five times.
All these storms are local.
I swear a parking lot that was restricted to NCAR.
Super computer center Wyoming
None lasted more than five minutes.
Within 15 minutes of the end of each day, the sky above the head is blue.
Although the population of Cheyenne has expanded to about 300,000 during the Border period, its usual population is about 63,000-
If you include a nearby F or 67,000E.
Warren Air Force Base.
It is the largest city in Wyoming.
Every time I go, I think it has the potential to be the fastest --
Growing cities in this country
The high-speed train connects it to Colorado's increasingly crowded and expensive front lines. (
An hour later in Denver? ! )
But I don't know.
Yes, every time I go there is something novel, but the city doesn't seem to be working hard for rapid change. This is just another reason why it stands out in other western towns.
Visit the state's only rainforest at Lion Park's Cheyenne Botanical Garden.
50 in the garden-foot-
A large greenhouse with a large dome, 34-foot-
Tall palm trees live happily in dozens of plants and flowers that love the heat and humidity, living with orange coronary palms, torch ginger trees, coffee plants and strawberry guava.
There is a "fairy garden" in a corner of the greenhouse, where children often surround themselves.
Outside is a tree from a place similar to Cheyenne's climate (
Sweden and Tibet, for example)
Maze, explore ponds and wetlands. Sixth-
Grade students from seven schools have produced commentary signs for wetlands and fish discovery pools in the Wyoming games and fish sector.
Leave the botanical garden to explore the rest of lion park where you can rent a paddle boat and hike in Lake Sloan
There are miles of trails around the lake or 37 trees on the tree trail in Lion Park. The tree walk —
Map provided by Park Forestry Office-
If you see this sign in the greenhouse, indicating that there are only 12 trees in the summer extension of 1876, it is particularly impressive. (
That's 12 trees, not 12 trees. )
At the Flippers family Arcade, it's hard to hear six 50-
There are some electro-mechanical pinball machines near the front window, with the chatter of the bar hanging on it, as well as the beeps, buzz and soundtracks of about 75 modern arcade games.
Nevertheless, these big ladies
When these systems are made in 1960 s-, there is no computing system or microchip in the game
Worth a look;
When was the last time the score reel was rotated to track your progress?
The modern pinball includes the best Adams family-
It has been selling pinball games, as well as rare Volta Cirqus Voltaire, which is only 2,704 made. Pac-
The man is four.
There are dozens of hockey players in the game air hockey.
Because it's set at a high
The traffic area of the Flippers main playroom, it is reasonable to consider traveling to the bar before playing: The house features flip fusion, blue raspberry, cherry or Coke --
Add a little vodka, whiskey, or rum to season ICEE.
Travel guide MustsMicrosoft has a cloud data storage facility in Cheyenne that you can't get close.
Across the street from NCAR-
Super Computing Center WyomingNWSC)
This is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, offering free guided tours.
This computer is named "Xia Yan" and can perform more than 3 billion calculations per second.
In 2018 of the most recent year, Xia Yan is No. 36.
The world's fastest supercomputer, determined by the Top500, ranks them.
The NWSC visitor center is interactive and includes exhibitions of some models for the Study of the summer atmosphere. (
The NWSC provides computing services for scientists studying Earth systems. )
Book One in advance-
150,000-hour tour of NWSC
Square feet, LEED Gold
Certification facilities.
You must be 14 years old to be a tour guide, including a look at it on the 5 th. 34-
Petaflop supercomputers and factories that monitor electrical, plumbing and cooling systems that keep them running.
Members of Parliament and citizens complain that the price tag of $0. 3 billion is restored by 131year-
Old Wyoming Capitol until the final product was disclosed earlier this month (
July 10 state day, Wyoming.
Now, Wyoming is probably the most gorgeous State Capitol in the country, with all the congrats and celebrations.
Each piece of wood is removed, stripped, polished, re-dyed and re-installed.
Thousands of carved shapes and linear feet of the long art are re-created
Use the same color and pattern creation as the craftsman did in 1888. (
The original tromp l'oeil work was completed in 1932. )
Stained glass windows and sunroof are opened with a replica of more than 400 lighting fixtures installed.
Considering that 2019 is the 150 anniversary of Wyoming's voting rights for women, this is probably the most important part of the three years --
The year of recovery is the beginning of the sophomore year-
Story, debate the balcony room of the Constitution of Wyoming.
In this room, lawmakers decided that Wyoming would not accept the founding of the state without retaining the right to vote.
Most popular local guesthouse
Run the Terry Bison ranch and let you feed the Bison with your hands.
Their black tongue is surprisingly clever.
Or ride a horse, ATV or train near a group of fluffy animals.
Senator's Steakhouse offers fresh buffalo burgers and ribs. (
If you 've recently met some bison that you can't eat, there's beef, chicken, pork, seafood, pasta and salad on the menu. )
The ground is full of turkey and peacocks.
A converted school bus comes and goes, and the ranch's trading station sells fresh eggs.
Rare animals such as ostrich, camel, camel and camel are in the fenced pasture and corral.
On the fence where goats, mini horses and pigs live, there is an aerial stroll.
Cheyenne native Sam garrotos did not win the race for governor of Wyoming in 2018, but his new restaurant, metropolitan city, won the race.
Galeotos's family started running the city's Bluebird Cafe in 1928 until it closed in 1978.
Vacant buildings on the register of National Historic Places create decorative art
The inspiration space for decoration and chandeliers is brass, and the walls are either painted matte black or original red brick.
To make the new interior design as authentic and retro as possible, Sam's wife, Stacey, who took the time to study the period photos at the Wyoming Archives, did most of the interior design, a short walk from Met.
Chef Juan Coronado is a veteran of some of Denver's top restaurants and his menu will be familiar with any gourmet city, but for Cheyenne, this is the first time.
In order to keep it in the image of a little cowboy, in addition to grilled big carrots, goat cheese eggplant agnolotti and yuzu kabaki (
Flat Top fish)
Three kinds of steak (filet, bone-
In the rib eye and the main rib)
And Angus beef burger.
Founded in 1904, Paramount ballroom was formerly a hotel, theater, another theater, a mill and a cinema.
Today, it and the nearby Paramount cafe are the first real hipsters in Cheyenne.
There's a press in the ballroom.
Tin ceiling, serving small plates such as devil eggs made of Chilean Calabria oil and small green vegetables, and three
Cheese mac and cheese.
All the services are 12-
Seating public table made of old tent sign and middle sign
Modern dining table and marbletopped bar.
Craft cocktails use spirits, juices and syrup from Wyoming wineries;
Some beers come from breweries in Wyoming, including Melvin brewery and Black Tooth Brewery.
The cafe has a local bakery and a carefully selected candy from the barista that knows the difference between pure white and cortado.
It is rumored that during the period from 1894 to 1912, a tram was driving the streets of the capital, and the luxury restaurant provided the city with the most delicious and sacred breakfast and lunch.
In 1926, the tram became a small restaurant for the first time in its current position;
It became a luxury restaurant in 1964.
The sausage gravy recipe has been the same for decades --
You can put a cup on the chicken chops, but it's better to put a cup on the homemade cookies in the cafe.
Linda's Flying Legend
Cinnamon rolls of the size covered with icing sugar require a steak knife cut.
Save space for four people
Carrot cake.
Local stock is available in Mid Mod and other places.
This is the largest exhibition hall in the state.
The modern style of the century is constantly changing.
Late last spring, its 5,500 square feet included a Adrian pearssal chayez wave rockerO-
Long Table, insulated Westinghouse gold set from Saginaw furnitureand-
Black wine glasses and mint
Condition 1959 Phillips stereo console.
Stock also offers clothing, hats and art for 50, 60 and 1970s
And a couple of 1980s gems.
I bought six Burger King "Return of the Jedi" and "Empire counterattack", the wine glass I remember in my childhood (
My mom threw it away a long time ago).
"Xia Yan is in the medium-term learning curve.
"It's a century of modernity," said Jerry byn . "
In 2015, when their personal collection surpassed their home, a showroom was set up with their wife Teresa Miller.
"Locals are starting to love it, but most of our customers are still from Northern Colorado.
Camellia El-said: "We show what we think should be seen in Cheyenne but otherwise it won't show
Regarding the clay Scissors gallery and studio, she created the gallery and studio together with Mark venich in 2009, who is a long-term art teacher in the county's public school system.
In 2014, after a major renovation of the demolition of lead paint and asbestos to show the original brick wall, the gallery entered its current space, once a salon, a radio station, a dry shop, A real estate office, a doctor's office.
The exhibition of the gallery is themed and changes almost every month, usually contemporary works of various media.
The garden show last spring is an annual exhibition that includes felt, clay, oil paintings, pastel colors and watercolors.
Artists are usually from Wyoming, but not the only one.
Travel guide for rotating tin cans
Horse logo and eightfoot-
Tall bright red roof letters spelling "Wrangler" may draw you into the Wrangler West store, which has provided local and visiting cowboy and cowboy girls with their needs since 1943
3,000 pairs of cowboy boots, 1,500 hats and jeans from more than 20 brands can keep you there for hours.
After an impressive row of boots, some made of exotic leather, such as Stingray, the belly of the Kaimen, the ostrich and the snake, can go to the hat room and have a look
Even if you have no plans to buy one).
As the Wrangler expands into buildings adjacent to its original storefront, it closes the alleys that separate the two buildings.
The alley is today's hat room.
If you want to buy a hat and want to fit into the life of the locals, consider one hand --
Woven double painted straw hat from American hat company.
The Wrangler staff will customize the edge shape according to your style.
One of the pleasures of most Wyoming-
The chores made at the Cowboy girls in the West Mall are the cowboy girls who know that anything you buy supports the West Museum, which is free and right next door.
The turquoise necklace, leather wallet and "cowboy girl in the kitchen" recipes published by the museum are good souvenirs, but the Pioneer Western women you know are better.
The photos and dense signs in the museum tell the story of the first female Bronke rider in Cheyenne (
Bertha capernick Blanchett);
Florence Hughes Randolph took part in the rodeo competition and was a fashion model in New York City at the age of 1920 and 30; Awbonnie (Tookanka)
Stuart, a shawnani woman, married a white man in the late 1800 s and planted land in Paradise Valley, Montana;
A yuan, the first Chinese woman to buy a property in Wyoming;
And pelhart, who carried out the last carriage robbery in the West (in 1899).
Plains Hotel opened as the first luxury hotel in Cheyenne-
The first person in the world to have a phone in every room. in 1911.
Glorious Days have passed, but local people and history
Loved guests still love it.
Its current popularity among guests has a lot to do with materialover-
Style investment, such as new heating, plumbing and mattresses, owner Astrid has been investing since buying Plains at auction in 2015.
Everyone appreciated it.
Marble front desk, mahogany detail design, complex black-and-
White mosaic tile floors and colorful glass ceilings are all original.
Several pieces of "cowboy high style" furniture
Think of the wood that burps, the rich leather, the bright Chimayo textile
There are reproductions in the lobby, but most of them were made by Thomas molsworth, Cody, and Woyou.
Promote this style of craftsman in 1930 and 1940s.
Yes, you can sit inside.
At the beginning of the 20 th century, Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft lived in the Nagar Warren Building, when it was a private residence in Sen. Francis E. Warren (R-Wyo. ).
In 1888, Erasmus Nagel, a Cheyenne businessman, built a Victorian-style building.
The sandstone blocks used were rejected from the construction of the same capitol building.
This mansion is already 12-suite bed-and-
Start Breakfast in 1997
The furniture and accessories of today are rarely original to the House;
The exception is an amazing 10-foot-
Mirror at the second dock
The corridor of the hall and two paintings by Charles Christian Essel.
Still, the original finish existscut-
Crystal door handle, cast brass fireplace, stained glass window, bronze medal, ground-
Public space on the ground, carved leather ceiling and parquet floor.
The most popular local state of Wyoming did not attract millions of visitors to the National Park in the northwest corner of the state --
Yellowstone and great Teton-
But there are Curt Gowdy State Park and the Vedauwoo entertainment area.
The former is equal to Xia Yan and Lala mi, with three reservoirs storing fish and one or twomile, 28-
The target archery course and a network of nearly 40 miles consisting of the International Mountain Biking Association's recognized "epic" trail. (
Four trails, especially.
The Mile Stone Temple Pilot loop also makes a nice hike. )
The latter, pronounced VEE-da-
Voo is a few miles from Curt Gowdy, and through the scenic Happy Jack Road, previously visited by Arapahoe on a visual mission.
Today, climbers from all over the country test themselves on more than 800 technical climbing routes in the region. 4-million-year-
Old Sherman granite
Do you want to be down to earth? The three-
The mile Turtle Rock ring revolves entirely around its rock of the same name.
Between Xia 'an and Vidou
The Ames Monument is worth 20. minute detour. This 60-
The pyramid of the foot, completed in 1882, to commemorate the United Pacific railway financier (and brothers)
Oliver and Oaks Ames are the only works of famous architect Henry Hobson Richardson west of Mississippi.
The monument marks the highest point of the United Pacific Ocean.
Since changing its course in 1901, it stands alone and is surrounded by an open plain.
If you're lucky, you'll find Dewey Martin on Route 90 as your guide
Before heading to the border Park and the Old West Museum, take a minute tram tour through Rensford, the city center, the north of the Capitol and the historic district of Lake View.
Martin has two guns.
"They are real, but they are not uninstalled," he said . "
There are more stories about the gunmen, criminals, corporate executives, robbers and thieves on the leather covers around his waist, who call Xia Yan home, more than this trip
Greek Revival, muwa and Romanesque residences, and the former governor of Wyoming's mansion in reennsford, are interesting, but not as interesting as Tom Horne's story, the last man legally hanged in the state. in 1904)
Or Steve McQueen's 1973 wedding with Ali McLean at the City Holborn Park.
Mishev is a writer based in Jackson Hole.
Her website is dinamisev. com.
Follow her on Instagram: @ dinamisev.
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