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by:ShunDing     2019-10-27
your name plate on the moon, for a price  -  name plate online
Indians have a chance to leave their names on the moon for a certain price. Space start-
Up TeamIndus will get the name of the public donor
Engraved on a small-
The size of the aluminum object, when its lander drops to the moon, it will be placed on the surface of the moon.
Bill: 500 per name.
The mission planned for December 28 on the PSLV rocket will be carried out on Rocket 3.
On January 26, 2018, lakh, 84 kilometers from Earth, landed on the moon.
Its robot rover will send back photos and videos.
The plaque plan is part of the crowd.
Jedi Master Sheelika Ravishankar said the effort to invest money
Marketing and promotion in Bengalurubased start-up.
The lunar spacecraft will land on a dusty plain under the sun.
Imbrium, Mare (
Latin for the Sea of showers. )
"In the future, when people start to travel to the moon, who knows? They may find the box and find the names of their ancestors . "
Ravishankar told Hindus
About 10,000 people were sent in their name.
Future astronauts may also find other artifacts. S.
Debris from Soviet, European and Japanese ships;
For example, the latest Chinese "Chang 'e"3.
Apollo astronauts, 1971
An unauthorized statue of "falling astronaut" was left behind. Apollo-
14-year-old moonwalker Alan Sheppard played a few golf balls.
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