Electroforming Nickel sticker is good choice if you want to get an economic 3D sticker. It is belong to one of the metal stickers, and its handicraft is electroforming. After the shape was formed by electroforming, electroplating process will ensue to create the wanted color. The regular color is silver or gold for electroforming nickel sticker. Of course, custom color is available.   

 This kind sticker is also called electroforming nickel label, metal transfer sticker, electroforming sticker and so on. It has an extra thin thickness which is 0.08 to 0.12mm in normal, and to do this sticker, it does not request a mold to set up. Also, it has two finishes for the surface treatment, glossy or matte. 

The effects of electroforming nickel sticker looks more luxury than the hot stamping sticker because of its three-dimensional structure and metallic texture. It is popular used for jewelry box, gift box, home appliance, mobile phone etc.

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