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Surface treatment for metal name plate

Surface treatment for metal name plate


What is the name plate? 

When a product launched on the market, there always has a conspicuous sign plate  fixed on the product with the manufacturer’s trademark or products’ parameters, safety warning words, operating instructions etc to convey the important information to the users.This kind of sign plate, we usually called it as name plate. The name plate is commonly made of metal, wood, plastic and so on. Today, we in-depth explore the surface treatment of metal name plates.


How many kinds of surface treatment of the metal name plate are? 

Normally, there are five kinds of surface treatment being used to name plate, which is brushing, polishing(diamond cutting), anodizing, painting and electroplating.


1.    Brushing

   This kind of surface treatment refers to formed some regular hairlines on the products’ surface by grinding, which is shallow in horizontal or vertical direction to the products, having a  decorative effect, commonly used for aluminum name plate.


2.    Polishing(diamond cutting)

It is focused on getting a highlight effect for certain letters or perimeter, using refraction principle to improve the surface quality and mask the slight scratches on the surface, which can greatly enhance the rank of name plate on looking. 



3.    Anodizing

Anodizing is one of the most lasting treatment of the surface because its layer is the one of parts of the materials. After anodizing, the corresponding color will penetrate into the materials’ pores formed a part of the materials. On market, silver or black is popular for choose,  but any color can be anodized by your requirement. Commonly, after anodizing, its four sides will be the same color, and have some granules on looking. 

4.    Painting

Painting is an economic surface treatment cheaper than anodizing. It only requested the front side to be a same color as background. Usually, it was be sprayed by a painting gun matching to the pantone color.



5.    Electroplating(plating)

This surface treatment is widely used for zinc alloy. Silver chrome or gold color is a common color for application. There is a very thin layer coated on the materials’ surface by electroplated. It is effectively to anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, and personifying the appearance. 



All in all, how to choose the suitable surface treatment eventually depends on the details of your design requirement, and this needs the sophisticated man to check and make. Shunding hardware are go on in this fields for more 20years. If you have any questions about the surface treatment of metal name plate, just leave a message for us, our experts will take your questions in time.

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