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How to make the metal wine label?

How to make the metal wine label?


Do you know what the metal wire label is?


It is a kind of high-grade wine box and metal label accessories which are printed with various patterns on different aluminum surfaces and made by various processes.Its material is thin and easy to bend and press, and the three-dimensional effect of concave and convex is obvious. It can use the mold to shape various shapes.


Nowlet's take an example of metal wine label to understand its main craft as following

1.K gold color:Coat the surface of aluminium with gold.

2.PrintingBlack paint the surface according to the desired effect.

3.Punching:A method of pressure machining which is obtained by using punch or punch to press the blank placed in the die to produce plastic flow, so as to obtain the workpiece with the shape of die hole or concave convex die.

4.BendingBending according requirement.


At presentas a decorative or brand logowine metal label has been widely used in a variety of bottles.


Generally speaking, there are some other techniques for making metal wine label such as anodizing,embossed,etc. Shunding hardware is a metal label manufacturer with more 20 years experience. If you want to know more about the process of wine bottle label, please leave us a message. 

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