How we picked 2018\'s best Fiesta medals

by:ShunDing     2019-12-27
Judge San Antonio
The news 2018 carnival medal contest has been challenged to assess the jingle trinkets of the season.
The medals bring their face to the game to show their color, creativity and purpose.
But the general rule of carnival medal review made the task easier: it was all about beauty and 2018 contestants were not disappointed.
Some have reached the top with their ingenuity, and the judges think manufacturing is professional.
Participants are divided into 21 categories from Carnival, Royal and non-profit organizations to sports, business and individuals. The latter —
Personal medals sold or traded-
But the biggest areas are business and law enforcement.
Received and presented as many medals as possible in this huge slide
The news only judges one faction of carnival medals in circulation.
So many people just didn\'t get to our extended deadline in time.
This brings us another golden rule about the world of carnival medals.
People, order your medals in the fall.
But some people will break this rule and will order 2019 Carnival medals once Carnival 2018 wins in the last match.
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