O\'Ree on course toward Congressional Gold Medal

by:ShunDing     2019-12-24
Willie o\'ray will receive the highest civilian honor from the US Congress.
House lawmakers have come up with a bill to award congressional gold to the NHL\'s first black athlete, Oree.
The bill, sponsored by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, praised Auri for helping integrate the NHL when he debuted with the Boston brown bear in January.
1958. Oppose Montreal Canada at the forum.
The Congressional Gold Medal is awarded to individuals or groups for their outstanding achievements and contributions.
The winners include George Washington, the Wright brothers, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson, inventor Thomas Edison, and civil rights pioneer Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King
And Coretta Scott King. \"I think Mr.
Olei was one of the underrated athletes in the 20 th century.
Mike QuigleyIll. ), who co-
The chairman of the Congressional Hockey Caucus and co-sponsored the measure on Thursday.
\"The world has finally caught up with his achievements and quiet determination to be a player to do so with limited vision and to oppose the hatred and prejudice he has to face. \"Rep. John Katko (R-N. Y.
), United Congressional Hockey Caucus
The chairman said that Auri is \"a symbol of the equality and opportunity of aspiring colored athletes\" and deserves \"the highest civilian honor of our country \".
NHL Commissioner Gary Bateman also expressed their view that o\'re\'s was \"the trailblazer, the ambassador and the role model, and that he dedicated his life to the mission of inclusion and development of the hockey game.
\"No one deserves this great honor more than Willie o\'re\'s,\" said Commissioner Bateman.
O\'re\'s played 45 NHL games with Bruen during 1957-58 and 1960-61 seasons.
But he enjoyed a long career, mostly in the Western Hockey League, despite his blindness in his right eye, which was the result of injuries while playing junior hockey.
\"Every game I play has a racial remark against me: \'You should come back and pick cotton.
\"What do you do in white games,\" o\'re\'s said in the documentary Willie, which premiered on Monday at Canada\'s popular documents International Documentary Festival.
According to the act, 83-year-
New Brunswick\'s old fredrikton opened a new path when he became the first NHL diversity ambassador in 1998.
O\'re\'s work in League Hockey was for everyone, a move that helped him get an induction training in the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2018.
\"As a diversity ambassador for the NHL, Orre will develop the campaign by providing opportunities, opportunities and motivation for children of all races, ethnicities, origins and abilities, with the bill saying.
Through the \"Hockey is everyone\'s\" program, more than 120,000 boys and girls were positively affected.
Auri spent nearly 2,500 days on the spot with young participants, visiting more than 500 schools, community centers and ice rinks to talk about hockey\'s core values and beliefs; stay in school;
Set goals for yourself;
Maintain loyalty and discipline;
Always respect your teammates, coaches and parents.
\"The introduction of the bill is the first step to win gold medals. At least two-
Thirty of 435-
Members of the House or 290 members must co-sponsor this legislation for consideration.
At least 67 members of the United StatesS.
The Senate must jointly launch a supporting bill.
\"While Congress does not agree with everything, we all agree with Willie,\" said the representative . \".
Anna Presley. Ma. ), a co-
The sponsor of the act.
\"He is the embodiment of tenacity, grace and dignity.
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