obama awards medal of valor to 13 police officers

by:ShunDing     2019-12-30
On Monday, President Obama honored 13 police officers with the highest law enforcement honor in the country for those who put themselves in danger --one fatally—
Protect citizens.
The Valor Public Safety Medal honors the extraordinary courage of the police, firefighters and other first aid workers.
Obama said the 13-person action that was recognized on Monday saved countless lives.
\"For one person, everyone in these honors is acting against his own security,\" Obama said at a ceremony in the East Hall of the White House, the ceremony evokes the form of a Military Medal of Honor.
\"We appreciate their presence there --
Some people are off work, some are on duty, and all of them exceed the requirements of duty.
\"The ceremony at the National Police Week was held shortly after Obama signed two policemen into law --
Update the bullet proof grant program and allow the relevant act of the United States for freeS.
The flag of Congress of the families of the fallen first responders.
Obama called on Americans to support law enforcement in action and words and thanked their families for the burden they also faced.
\"We know you didn\'t get up very late and you were worried that you were counting down until your loved one walked through the door safely after a long shift.
\"We know it will never be easier, and we thank you for that,\" Obama said . \".
\"Of course, we also pay tribute to those who have not returned home, including a hero we are chasing today.
Philadelphia policeman Robert Wilson bought a gift for his son at a video game store last year because he got good grades. Two armed men —
Later, the police learned that they were brothers.
Enter the store and then the security video shows Wilson facing them, leaving the staff and customers and keeping them away from the crossfire.
After exchanging 50 bullets in a shootout, one of the robbers shot Wilson in the head and killed him.
His grandmother, Constance Wilson, received the Medal of Courage for Wilson.
In 2000, President Clinton set up the Val Public Safety Medal by executive order and officially won congressional approval in 2001.
The others who won the medal on Monday were: Officer Mario Gutierrez of MiamiDade, Fla.
For uniform knives-
The knife-wielding assailant tried to detonate a massive gas explosion that could have killed many people.
Johnson City patrolman, New York, Louis CiociY.
He killed a colleague in a crowded hospital, thus saving the lives of employees, patients and visitors.
Jason Saras and officer Robert Sparks of Santa Monica, California and Captain Raymond boatfield
In the campus shooting incident on Santa Monica College campus, in order to save the lives of students and staff and put themselves in danger.
Major David Harf of the Midwest city of orcas.
To solve the hostage problem.
Save two lives. year-
After the negotiations, a man kept the child at the knife, and the old girl deteriorated.
Officer Donald Thompson, Los Angeles, California
Through two highway separation zonesand second-
Before a car was swallowed up by a fire, the degree burned while pulling an unconscious person from the car to a safe place.
Officer, Coral Walker, Omaha, New York,forsingle-
A man killed and injured several victims in a shooting incident.
Officer Gregory Stevens, Garland, Tex.
The close-range exchange of fire, uniforms two heavily armed attackers, prevented mass shooting.
Officer Neil Johnson in North Miami, Florida
In the pursuit of a man who shot and killed a Miami police officer and two other innocent bystanders, he withstood the shooting of offensive weapons and expressed appreciation to the attackers.
FBI Agent Tyler called to help bring a woman from her front
Her husband is pointing a gun at her.
Deputy Mayor of Joey totorreira, Niagara County, New YorkY.
He faced a gunman who shot and wounded his parents in his own home and stopped him from threatening a nearby primary school.
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