Rio 2016: Polish discus thrower sells Olympic silver medal to raise money for three-year-old with cancer

by:ShunDing     2019-12-31
Polish discus athlete Peter marachinovsky has donated his Olympic silver medal to raise money for his three projects. year-
Old boy with rare cancer.
Major marvhoski is here 67.
Get silver for 55 metres and finish the drift in Germany Christoph Harting for 82 cm of gold. It was the 33-year-
In 2008, Chen won the second Olympic medal in Beijing.
His donation resulted in Olek Szymanski, a compatriot with rb (
Eye cancer affecting young children)
Fly to New York for treatment.
\"My silver medal is much more valuable than it was a week ago,\" malachinowski said . \".
\"The health of little ollake is worth it.
\"We showed together that we can do miracles,\" he added . \"
This is our great success together.
\"Winning an Olympic medal is one of the athletes\' dreams of life.
Of course, gold is the most precious.
\"I do what I can to get it.
Unfortunately, I did not succeed this time.
Malakovsky, who posted his initial appeal on Facebook, said: \"In Rio, I fought for the gold medal.
Today, I call on everyone-let\'s fight for something more precious: the health of this amazing boy.
\"If you help me, my silver will be more precious than gold. ”
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