Road To The Olympic Games 1988 Calgary Olympics were the start of something big

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This year marks the 30 th anniversary of 1988 Calgary Olympic Games.
The first Winter Games were held in Canada.
The shipping of medals in Canada is not overwhelming.
The host won two silver medals and three bronze medals on the 13 th.
But more importantly, it laid the foundation for Canada\'s subsequent Olympic success.
For several athletes, regardless of the outcome, the experience of millions of Canadian fans supporting them performing at the highest level will take them to a bigger, better place.
Few Olympians can claim to be driving their own cars for the Olympics, but Kurt Browning can.
In 1988, the 21-year-old Albertan took part in his first Olympic Games.
In his own words, he is a \"wide-eyed wonder\" —
Everything the Calgary Games offer is a sponge.
He won the eighth place in the men\'s figure skating competition, but 30 years later, his highlight was his almost four-jump landing.
But a month later, at the World Championships in Budapest, Browning became the first skater to nail four strokes in the competition.
For Browning, the Calgary Olympics provided him with the experience to learn and sympathize with his Olympic compatriots --
In particular, figure skaters who are outstanding among Canadian medal winners.
Battle of TheBrians: in the epic 88-year skating duelCBCDigital Archive: The Calgary Olympics \"I don\'t know what it takes to go to the Olympics --
\"I didn\'t notice it,\" Browning said . \"
But I saw it.
Silver medalist for womenElizabeth [Manley]
Convince yourself that she will slide well.
I learned from it. I watched [
Dance on the ice bronzemedalistacy]Wilson and [Rob]
I learned this from it. And I watched [
Silver medalist for men
BrianOrsertake his loss is so incredible that I promise myself that I will never do this to myself if I lose.
\"But the reality that dreams have not turned into reality is what I have learned, and unfortunately I have to achieve --
Not once but twice at the other two Olympic Games.
So, I definitely didn\'t learn something from one, but from these three medal winners. \"Kerrin Lee-
Gartner also learned a lot from her teammates fighting in Calgary.
Like Browning, she is only 21 years old. C. kid and an up-and-
The rising star of the Alpine team
Since she was a neighbor of Canada\'s Olympic idol, Nancy Green, she has held her Olympic dream in her heart and competed in Green\'s trophies and medals. An eighth-
Getting a place in a combined event is her best result in Calgary, but there is a reason why her career took off like a rocket after the game: she met Karen Percy, Canada (
Who she worked with to develop the system through the Canadian Alps)
Many people were surprised to win a bronze medal (
In the downhill and superG)
Ended as Canada\'s closing flagbearer. KerrinLee-
Gartner realized in her life-changing deaths that success was in her hands --
The desire of her life can be realized, not just a grand conceptcatapulted Lee-
Gartner reached a new height after the Calgary Olympics.
Four years later, in Albertville, France, she won the Olympic gold medal in the downhill, and until today, she is still the only Canadian to get on the podium in the program.
\"Seeing my roommate, someone my age, even with the same name on that matter, won two bronze medals at the Olympics and became a Canadian lover, it really made a mark of recognition for my dream, \"Li-Gartner says.
\"It really gives me the confidence to move in a more determined direction.
Sean Burke\'s first Olympic Games are different from Browning and Li. Gartner\'s.
He\'s only 21, too, but Burke has a bigger profile in Canada, and he\'s the second --
In the NHL New Jersey draft, his performance led Canada to a silver medal in 1986 world youth team.
Windsor hotels Ontario
Still, locals and Devils felt that four years of junior hockey was inappropriate for him, so he joined the Canadian national team for 1986-87 and 1987-
88 seasons for Calgary.
When Burke joined the Canadian team, it was a patchwork of college students with no professional experience who would end up running really well (
Including the Brian Bradley Center and the late Zali zappski
Veterans who enjoy productive careers in Europe (
Gord Sherven of Wally Schreiber)
And a few real nhler (
Andy in Moog Jim in, flat Lynskey).
In any case, it\'s not a bad team, but it doesn\'t have the depth of skill that the terrible Soviet Union has.
In Slava ftisov and Alexei Casa toov as well as including Igor Larionov, Sergei makaliov, Vladimir crutov and
When Canadians beat them in Moscow to win the 1987-meter Izvestia tournament, they were shocked --
In the final preliminaries, play again at Saskatoon
Performance match between Olympic teams
Burke knows he and his teammates will be on a mountain mission in Calgary.
\"We poked the bear,\" said Burke, who is now the general manager of the Canadian men\'s team at this year\'s Olympic Games.
\"We all know how good they are.
\"One of the things I \'ve been trying not to do is to see the Russians practice and even watch them while warming up.
They\'re scary.
\"Burke\'s Canadian team has placed hope on Burke and Canada\'s veteran rosst, who Russia has dealt with relatively easily --to-
Win in Calgary
On the way to claim gold
Canada ranked fourth, so although Burke used the experience as a springboard in the NHL
He beat the devil in 1988 Stanley Cup Final-
He did not complete his task in international affairs.
He returned to Albertville to play for Canada.
In a team without the best nhler, there are now people including the time20-year-
Old Eric Linderos and Joe Juno)
And won the silver medal.
Just as it was a different Canadian hockey team that learned from 1988 Games in 1992 to get on the podium, Calgary was a different Burke four years later.
He wanted revenge-
Ice is disappointed and is also determined to drink deeper in the Olympic experience and participate in highs and lows with his larger Olympic team.
\"I am very focused in Calgary and I am not participating in the Olympics as I should be,\" Burke said . \".
\"When I went back in 1992, I didn\'t make that mistake.
I learned that if you want to be a real Olympian and enjoy it, you have to check out other events.
You have to cheer for skiers, figure skaters and everyone because it\'s really a friendship for the Olympics.
You are part of a larger team and this is the experience that few people have had.
\"Another element of the Calgary Olympics is the support from all over Canada, and the overwhelming sense of community and pride that has been brought to them at the opening ceremony and on other occasions. Lee-
Gartner, Burke and Browning all have their special memories.
There is no doubt that they are special.
Brown Ning drinks beer with the unlikely Olympic hero Eddie Edwards and provides a bus route to the Jamaican sled team;
Burke sat next to Edwards, and the world had no idea who the British ski jumper was, and he tried in vain to figure out what type of athlete he was looking; Lee-
Gartner and her skiers companion are tucked away in albertensen, far from the athletes\' village, to prepare for their game.
The three are still raving about the way Canadians embrace them and the fierce and determined support of their fans. Lee-
Gartner looked back at the opening ceremony, where 60,000 people played in the final match between McMahon Stadium and the Canadian team, and they were very surprised at the moment.
\"When I look back at 88 years, what surprised me was that it was not competition that resonated most --
This is the opening ceremony, \"Li-Gartner says.
\"I walk in the second row of athletes, as a form of body, the feeling of energy pouring out of the crowd --
We feel the energy from the crowd.
This is the memories and experiences I have never had.
It\'s goose bumps, tears, joy.
\"I can never find the words to express it, except that it is a real energy, and you can almost feel it pushing you, pushing you.
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