Roller-coaster futsal day for Trojans ends with bronze medal

by:ShunDing     2019-12-25
Les Bridge in Alta—It was an up-and-
The days of the SAIT Troy women\'s five-man football team are here.
The Troy started the game for the day, allowing a goal with only one second left to lose their University of Alberta sports conference semi-final 3-
It was 2 for the King\'s College Eagles, but beat the Kitano University husky team 5-
At the event held by Lethbridge College.
\"Our first gameSunday)
But things slipped away from us.
We are a young team and hope we can learn from it.
\"That is to say, we recovered from the game and the way we played the bronze was great.
\"The Troy did not get much chance to lick the wound after a disappointing semi-final defeat because of the bronze medal
The medal match is scheduled in 45 minutes an hour.
Talerico says a quick transition is a good thing.
\"Our advantage is that we have to play again so quickly,\" Talerico said . \".
\"We didn\'t sit there thinking about it.
We were able to hang out like the whole weekend. ”In the bronze-
The gold medal, SAIT took 1-
Leading the midfield 0 due to the goal of villelle LaBranche.
After that, they stepped on the accelerator and added four more polite Mataya blakni, Taylor Zimmer, Jaime McPherson and a lucky man --
Bounce goals from goalkeeper Amy auvredi.
\"We stay calm and it gives us more opportunities,\" Talerico said . \".
\"We felt very good when we got the third picture.
\"Although five-player football has been part of the ACAC program since 2011, it was the first season for the Troy men and women.
Talerico is happy with his team\'s first year, but hoping for better results is just a shortcut.
\"It was a great experience, especially for those who came back.
It\'s a great atmosphere, \"said Talerico.
\"This is very different from playing in the women\'s league in Calgary.
There are a lot of games in a short time-
We played six games in three days this weekend.
But we had a great time and look forward to the coming years.
\"Offredi is named all-
First game
At the same time as Blakney won second place, the team\'s choiceteam honours. EDMONTON —
The season of the SAIT Troy men\'s hockey team suddenly stopped on Sunday night.
In the decisive third game of the ACAC semi-final series with host NAIT Ooks, the Troy was handed over to an unbalanced 7-
2 Series lost 2-
1 and close their 2018-19 campaign.
\"The way we came out was very disappointing,\" said Troy head coach Brent Sainst . \".
\"They were quick to lead us and we couldn\'t bury them when we had a chance.
They continue to play like No.
Like a seed, it slips away from us.
Nuyt in the first game of series 2
1 Friday night in Edmonton when SAIT tidied up a 5-
3 wins at home on Saturday night to extend their season.
On Sunday, however, the first stage was Ooks, because the host flew out and controlled the game for most of the first 20 minutes of the game.
Their speed gave them a lot of strange things.
The people they scored rushed-
Two of them came from Jack Mykytiuk, followed by the third time Tanna dunker was behind on power play, and SAIT did not score in the four-shot raceminute man-
Its own advantages.
The second stage is not better than this because Ooks scored three times in their four matches
In the restricted area with Trojan players during the goal.
Jordan Davis scored twice in the second season, while his teammates Brandon Ralph and Brendan Harris also counted.
\"The Battle of the special team is crucial and we can\'t finish the battle like they do,\" added astrst . \".
Sait finally got a game in one of his power games, with five minutes left, and Colton McCarthy scored in the game.
The Troy started the third game with Estian Coetzee\'s goal, and he completed a wonderful passing game from Matt Houston, reducing the lead to 7-2.
That\'s why the first season at the Troy bench is over.
\"I\'m proud of the way these people won the first place --
\"The round series against Augusta and are proud of them expanding the game to game 3,\" Sainst added . \".
\"It\'s hard to accept our performance in this decisive game.
Maybe we ran out of gas.
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