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The advantage of die-casting electroplating zinc alloy label

The advantage of die-casting electroplating zinc alloy label


The Advantages Of Die-casting Zinc Alloys

1.The production speed is faster.

The die casting productivity of zinc is much faster than aluminum or iron.

2.Less processing operations.

Because zinc alloys have excellent shape casting capabilities, processing can be omitted or significantly reduced.

3.It can be selected according to the low, medium and high output.

There are various casting processes that can be used to economically manufacture castings of the required size and number.

The Advantage Of Electroplating Zinc Alloy

1.Lower cost

Zinc alloy plating is an ideal choice for companies seeking cost-effective metal surface treatment to protect their metal parts.

2. Customize Color

Can be customized according to customer's color requirements.

3.Environmentally friendly

Zinc alloy electroplating is an environmentally friendly choice for metal plating. This is because it has the ability to recycle and reuse.

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