We’re looking for a few good Fiesta medals — make and send yours today

by:ShunDing     2019-12-29
Hope your shirt and belt will handle the extra jewelry as it\'s time to show us the best carnival medals --namely, yours. The Express-News and mySA.
Com will host two carnival awards again
One hand-made by readers, oneof-a-
All kinds of carnival medals, and one for mass.
Carnival medals are produced and manufactured by official and unofficial carnival groups and individuals.
We will present the best hand made medals of April 14 in the mySA section and present slides of all entries online in mySA. com.
Medals will be judged based on design, creativity and quality of production.
That means sending us a real medal. no photographs.
The rules for each medal competition are as follows: Carnival medals professionally produced may come from anyone --
Carnival events and member organizations, elected officials, schools, non-profit organizations, churches, businesses and even individuals.
Whether you sell a medal or give it away, but if you sell a medal, please let us know the price of it and where you can buy it.
Include your name, the name of your organization or business if necessary, the phone number during the day, email and any other information you would like the judges to know about your entry.
Send your manufacturing Medal entry to: San Antonio Express manufacturing Carnival Medalsc/o-NewsP. O.
Box 2171San Antonio, TX 78297-
Question 2171, email eayala @ express-news. Network or call 210-250-3402.
The deadline for submission of medals is March 31.
Your handmade carnival medal can be made with almost anything to celebrate any theme you want.
Cheer for all Carnival or your favorite event. Make a shout-
Go where you have to go
Carnival food.
Or create your own crazy pitch for your favorite pet, the Alamo City NBA team or whatever you like.
Just make it colorful and creative and you can put it on.
The handmade carnival medal competition is open to all ages, and the category of children aged 10 and under is particularly open.
Limit one medal per person.
Include your name, age, medal name and phone number and email during the day.
Please email rguzman @ express for questions-news. Network or call 210-250-3449.
Send your handmade medal to: San Antonio Express handmade carnival Medalsc/o-NewsP. O.
Box 2171San Antonio, TX 78297-
2171 the deadline for submission of self-made medals is April 4.
You can also give up the medal submission of any competition during the normal working hours of the courier company --
News hall at 301 E Avenue
Medals will not be returned. The Express-
The news will be held.
The auction of their houses will benefit News reports.
Related non-profit organizations
Thank you for sharing your carnival spirit and good luck!
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