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What Is Electroforming Nickel Sticker

What Is Electroforming Nickel Sticker


Electroforming nickel sticker, so called separate self-adhesive metal letter scutcheon, or extra-thin metal nickel label, commonly made of nickel, stainless steel or PE. This products are widely used to be a brand logo, a pattern decoration for various applications, such as laptop, TV set, computer, mobile phone etc.


It is a cost-efficient and flamboyant 3d sticker with the thin thickness in 0.04 to 0.12mm. For this sticker, it mostly includes seven types of finish like shiny, matte, brushing, hollowing, polishing, gridding, twilling and so on.


Many colors can be customized on electroforming nickel sticker, such as gold, chrome, silver, gun, black etc. depends on your preferred. Due to its self-adhesive property, it normally has three types of glue for sticking, which is transfer tape, organic adhesive and hot melt glue. Hot melt glue is the most expensive glue among those different glue. If no special requirement, it will be made of transfer tape.


Electroforming nickel sticker also can be made in a sheet or individual, and there is a limit to size, which 160x290mm. Shunding hardware is devoted to manufacture this stickers, if you are interested in our electroforming nickel sticker, contact us to know more details.



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