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Zhuhai self-adhesive label manufacturer- Designing

More than 95% of the badges are made by stamping and die casting processes, which can make some badges with a very three-dimensional feeling, in particular, die-casting is suitable for ultra-stereoscopic or 3D badges. In addition to metal materials, non-metallic materials such as plastics and glass fibers are widely used. Hardware products have played an important role in the process of human survival and development. With the development of social economy and the refinement of social division of labor, hardware products are gradually enriched and improved, with more and more varieties. Modern hardware products can be divided into three categories according to their uses: Daily hardware for daily life, hand tools for production and living aids, building hardware as connectors, fasteners and supporting facilities in buildings and structures.

Zhuhai self-adhesive label manufacturer- Design

Zhuhai self-adhesive label manufacturer- Design, metal signs are widely used in daily life, not only for these purposes listed above, such as road instructions, campus education guidance and indication signs, etc, these are the common uses of metal signs in our daily life; So don't underestimate the role of small signs, it brings many convenient uses to our life.

what types of glue are commonly used in the use of metal signs? How is the glue correct and what type of sign or product is used? In the use of metal signs, we often use four kinds of glue: water glue, hot melt glue, back glue and four-dimensional glue. Water glue is a kind of liquid glue. The surface is colorless and transparent, and it is not easy to turn yellow. It is an environment-friendly chemical. It has good adhesive strength at normal temperature and is convenient to use. The release paper that tears the label can be directly attached to the product; Commonly used in electronic digital products, furniture, gift boxes, household appliances and other products.

powder metallurgy is suitable for producing products with the same shape and large quantity, especially products with high processing cost such as gears. The production cost can be greatly reduced by powder metallurgy. Disadvantages: the size of parts should be considered without batch. The cost of the mold is relatively higher than that of the casting mold. Powder Metallurgy (P/M) Technology is an important material preparation and forming technology, which is called the key to solve the problems of high technology and new materials . . . . High performance, high performance, net near forming has always been an important research topic for powder metallurgy workers. Powder metallurgy method can realize less cutting and no cutting of workpieces. It is a high-quality, precise, low-consumption and energy-saving technology for manufacturing parts.

Features of stainless steel: Making of stainless steel signs; Stainless steel signs are generally made of 201, 202 and 304 stainless steel, and the manufacturing process is corrosive (Also known as 'etching '), Engraving, laser, silk screen, etc. Under the conditions of exquisite modern surface style and extremely high precision requirements, etching process is often used in the manufacture of stainless steel signs, the etched surface has the characteristics of concave-convex stereoscopic impression, smooth surface and high precision. Stable chemical reaction structure; Stainless steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

comparison of advantages and disadvantages between the two: stainless steel plate has stable structure, firmness and durability, and is not easy to deform; Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, and is not easy to rust. Aluminum plate is light in weight, unstable in structure, easy to deform and rust, poor in oxidation resistance and easy to corrode. The stainless steel material has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the surface style looks more upscale and is often used for high value-added commodity decoration.

The manufacturing process of nickel sheet thin target is to use the cathode deposition phenomenon in the electrochemical process to carry out molding processing, I . e. the conductive original mold is used as the cathode, using Electroformed Metal as anode and metal salt solution of electroforming material as electroforming solution, under the action of direct current, the metal plate at anode will gradually dissolve into metal ions, it is continuously added to the electroforming solution to keep the concentration of the electroforming solution balanced.

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