2018 asian games, day 4: one gold and four bronze medals on the day

by:ShunDing     2019-12-25
Hello, welcome to the sportstar live blog on the fourth day of the 18 th Asian Games.
Day 4: Rahi Sarnobat won India\'s fourth gold medal in the women\'s 25 m air pistol competition.
The Indian martial arts team won four bronze medals that day.
India ranked seventh in the women\'s gymnastics final.
Ankita Raina and Divij Sharan and Rohan Bopanna won two medals for India in tennis.
Here is a full list of Indians who are on action on Wednesday.
Highlights: Blog: 6: 53 pm: Volleyball: India lost directly to Qatar in the men\'s F pool. 15-25, 20-25, 20-25.
6: 45pm: Artistic gymnastics: ranked seventh in the final of Indian women\'s artistic gymnastics.
6: 37pm: Martial Arts: another bronze medal in India when narunde garriwal was 0-0 behind
Men\'s sanda 65 kg semi-final 2.
This is four bronze medals in Indian martial arts.
6: 31 pm: Martial Arts: in the men\'s 65 kg m semi-final, naronde garriwal played the Iranian player Faroud Zafari on the mat.
6: 30 p. m. volleyball: India goes to Qatar two sets behind in the men\'s F pool. 15-25, 20-25.
Twenty-two o\'clock P. M. : Martial Arts: Bhanu Pratap lame after losing 0
Iran\'s Efran ahgarian
This is another bronze medal in Indian martial arts.
Twenty o\'clock P. M. : Martial Arts: Suria Banu Plata played a role in the semi-finals of men\'s sanda 60 kg m.
Can he bring home more than one bronze?
Seventeen o\'clock P. M. : Martial Arts: Santosh Kumar 2-
Martial arts Men\'s sanda 56 kg m semi-final 0 points, but won the bronze medal in the project.
Two other Indian fighters made their debut in the semi-finals of their respective weught categories.
Roshibina Devi in the semi-final 0-
1. take the bronze medal.
Seventeen o\'clock P. M. : Tennis: Rohan Bopanna and Ankita Raina gained a place in the top eight mixed doubles after winning their roundof-16 match 6-4 6-4.
Sixteen o\'clock P. M. : Wrestling: Harpreet Singh 6-
In the men\'s Greece against the Azamat kustobayev of Kazakhstan
Rome 87 kg bronze playoffs.
So there are no wrestling medals in India today.
6: 13: Martial Arts: In the 56 kg m semi-finals of martial arts men\'s Sanda, Santosh Kumar played Truong Bui in Vietnam.
Eleven o\'clock P. M. : Volleyball: India is taking action against Qatar in the men\'s F pool.
India\'s first 15-
25 and 12 behind the second-15.
Nine o\'clock P. M. : Swimming: India starts 8 th and finish 8 th.
Japan won the gold medal at the record time of the 3: 12: 68 Asian Games.
Eight o\'clock P. M. : Swimming: India finds itself in the last position at the end of 300.
China followed, with only 100 of the market and Japan leading.
Zero o\'clock P. M. : Swimming: 4x100 m freestyle relay final, the Indian team lined up in lane 8.
Among the finalists, India has the slowest qualification examination time.
Anshul Kothari, Vikram Khade, Sajan Prakash and Aaron d souza.
05:25: Tennis: Mixed doubles by Rohan bopana and Ankita Ranaof-
The competition is in progress.
They won the first set-4.
Eighteen o\'clock P. M. : Sumit Nagal and Ramkumar ramangol won the match against the Uzbek in the top eight men\'s doubles.
3: 25 pm: Tennis Update: The days of Indian tennis are mixed and two medals have been guaranteed so far.
The men\'s doubles duo Rohan Bopanna and Divij Sharan won a spot in the semi-finals, beating Xie and Yang from Chinese Taipei.
After receiving a set at 6: 003 5-
7. The Indian won the game.
Ankita Raina also won a medal for himself when he entered the semi-finals after beating Hong Kong\'s Yudis King Chong 6. 4 6-1.
Prajnesh Gunneswaran entered the top eight men\'s singles.
Ramkumar Ramanathan was knocked out in a round and he gave up hope of winning the medalof-
Karimov, who lost to Uzbekistan.
Reina and prathana Ankita Thombare also lost theirof-
The women\'s doubles match.
Next is the men\'s doubles semi-finals of Sumit Nagal and Ramkumar ramanatta, as well as the mixed doubles of Rohan Bopanna and Ankita Raina --of-16 match.
Twenty-four o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25-meter pistol final: The third shot is subject to rahi sarnobat-off.
She did three right, and the Thai missed three.
This is gold for India!
Twenty-four o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25-meter pistol final: second shot-
Off also ends with a tie.
Both of them are right.
Twenty-two o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25 m Pistol final: Rahi Sarnobat shooting-off for gold. The shoot-
After Rahi got two goals, her opponent missed all her shots and the game ended in a draw.
This is India\'s biggest victory ever. year-
Old records!
India beat the United States 24
At 1932 Summer Olympic Games
Hockey: full time!
India completed 26-
This is an unstoppable performance for Hong Kong.
Twelve o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25 m Pistol final: Manu Barker, who broke the qualification with the Asian Games record, was eliminated.
She won sixth place in the final.
India\'s Rahi Sarnobat continues to lead.
Eleven o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25 m Pistol final: Rahi sanobart leads 20/25.
Manu Bhaker also has a bad series with a total of 14/25 games and only two goals.
Eight o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25 m Pistol final: After 20 shots, Rahi Sarnobat took the lead with 16 hits.
Manu Bhaker is currently in fifth place with 12 goals.
Hockey: score!
The Indians added a few more polite words to hamampret and sinlandje Singh.
Four o\'clock P. M. : Shooting: Women\'s 25 m Pistol final: Rahi sanobart leads the charts after the first series of shots.
She got 5/5 points, while qualifying topper Manu Bhaker showed signs of nervousness, and she missed two of her first five shots.
Hockey: score!
This is 21 for India.
Harman Preet scored in the penalty shoot.
Hockey at 2: 00 pm: score!
India is the 20 th.
Singh Chinglensana Kangujam easily converts a penalty.
Hockey: score!
Earlier in the quarter, Dilpreet Singh\'s other target was to fight for £ 19 for India.
Hockey: score!
This is the end of the first quarter.
The situation in Hong Kong is better than the first one.
Half, but India is still 18-0.
Rupinder has reached its final target for the quarter;
Beautiful drag
Flick from the penalty corner. 1.
37pm: Wrestling: Harpreet Singh lost in 87 kg Greek semi-final to Rustam asakarov of UzbekRoman.
Hockey: score!
Indians dominate the circle of Hong Kong.
Another Akashdeep faucet makes it 17-0.
1: 31 p. m. hockey: goals!
India\'s 16 goals came from a series of penalties, Lalit clicked in the drag of the Rupinderflick.
1: 30 pm: Wrestling: Harpreet Singh lost in the 87 kg Greece semi-final
Hockey: goals! Rome wrestling 1: 25 p. m.
The Indians continued where they left in the first half.
Akashdeep shot the goal from inside the circle.
Hockey: The second half is in progress.
Hockey: score!
In the penalty shootout, Valen Kumar scored 14 goals for India and scored the fifth goal in the game.
The Indians were ruthless in the first stage. half so far. India leads 14-0.
Hockey: score!
India converted hamampreet Singh\'s fourth penalty spot to 13 points ahead0.
Nine o\'clock P. M. : Wrestling: Gurpreet Singh 8-
Mohammad Ali Gerai in Man Greece against Iran-
Rome top 77 kg
Hockey: score!
When Amit rosidas successfully converted the penalty, he was 12 years old.
It was India\'s third goal in a penalty shoot.
Hockey: score!
Mandeep knocked on another beautiful pass in the Hong Kong box, counting 11 tickets.
Hockey: score!
It\'s getting funny here.
Mandy has just scored India\'s tenth goal. Phew!
Hockey: score!
And ninth because Lalith just played with the bad Hong Kong defender and wanted to play a game at another home.
Hockey: score!
The second quarter was no different because Indians continued to score at the same intensity and the seventh goal was scored through Lalit Upadhyay within 16 minutes.
Before you hold your breath, mampreet Singh ranks eighth in India. India leads 8-0.
Hockey at 12: 49 p. m. : end of the first quarter, India leads 6-0.
Hockey: score!
The goal here is to rain.
Vivek Sagar Prasad cleverly placed the ball at home, providing some good passing and mediocre Hong Kong Defense.
12: 45 points: Archery: Jyothi Surekha Vennam ranked second in the composite women\'s personal project ranking.
Muskan Kirar is another Indian in the top 10. 9.
The other Indians in the battle, Madhumita Kumari and Trisha Deb, ended on the 11 th and 19 th, respectively.
As two Indians entered the top 10, India ranked second in the compound team event.
Hockey: GOAL!
At the same time, the fifth goal was scored in the seventh minute of the game, which is another easy break for S to break through defense. V. Sunil.
Hong Kong is in serious trouble here.
Hockey at 12: 39 p. m. : Indians continue to play with the ball at the Hong Kong half, and so far the ball has barely entered the Indian half.
Hockey: score!
Lapingdel Pal Singh scored twice in the penalty shootout, bringing India\'s penalty score to 4.
Hockey: GOAL!
The second goal was also completed in just two minutes, as experienced Mandy Singh reignited another goal through a sloppy Hong Kong Defense.
Hockey: GOAL!
India began to attack and the opening target was already here. Akashdeep Singh drove it home from outside the restricted area.
12: 30 points: Tennis: Ramanathan at the end-16 stage.
Indian lost to Uzbek Karimov3, 4-6, 3-6.
Wrestling at 12: 10 p. m. : Navin lost to Chinese Mengling Zhe 4-
Greece 1-men 130 kg-
Former Rome categoryquarterfinals.
Five o\'clock P. M. : Wrestling: 9-highlighted by Gurpreet Singh-
0 victory over Thailand\'s appicartal in men\'s 77 kg Greece-Roman category.
It took him only two minutes to finish the victory.
11: 50 morning: Wrestling: 4-
1 Heageun in the men\'s 87 kg Greece win over South Korea-
Rome Classification 11: zero o\'clock A. M. : Taekwondo: men\'s 80 kg classification: navjet Ma \'an lost to China Linglong Chen 6-20 in a Round-of-16 match.
10: 40 am: Rhythmic gymnastics: in order to prevent further injury to the knee, Dipa kalakal withdrew from the final of the rhythmic gymnastics group.
However, she will be in the balance beam final later in the day.
On Tuesday, Dipa Karmakar failed to qualify for the vault final because of a flash
On her troubled knee.
Fifteen o\'clock A. M. : Shooting: Anjum Moudgil and Gaayathri Nithyanandam failed to reach the final of the women\'s 50 m rifle 3-place match.
In fact, Moudgil came in the top 2 at the end of the kneeling and prone positions.
She was lackluster in her stance, leaving her behind in the final.
Of the possible 1159 points, she scored a total of 1200 points to complete the ninth point.
Gaayathri is completed in position 17.
Striker Anjum Moudgil (L)
3 positions in women\'s 50 m Rifle (3x40)
The event during 2018 Asian Games on Wednesday. -
Zero o\'clock A. M. : Tennis: ANKITA Raina advanced to the semi-finals by 6-14, 6-
1 victory over Hong Kong\'s Yudis Huang Chong to ensure that India\'s tennis match won at least a bronze medal.
After a rather slow start (she was down 1-4)
The Indians took the lead and took control of her opponent and entered the semi-finals.
Sania Mirza is the only Indian to win a medal in the women\'s singles (
Silver, 2006, copper, 2010).
MANU BHAKER9: 45am: Asian Games record for shooting: manu Bhaker entered the final with a 593/600 Asian Games qualification record in the women\'s 25 m pistol precise and quick game.
Rahi Sarnobat was awarded seventh place with 580 points and also qualified for the final.
9: 30 in the morning: Tennis: After being dropped by 0-
3. Ankita Raina is determined to break the three innings of Huang Chong in Hong Kong and participate in the first 6-
Ranked fourth among the top eight women\'s singles.
9: 25 am: Swimming: 4x100 m freestyle relay: India to get the eighth place in the final.
India has exceeded the high temperature in 3: 25. 17.
Aaron d. souza, Anshul Kothari, Sajan Prakash and Virdhawal Khade did enough to complete the cutting.
Twenty o\'clock A. M. : Martial Arts: Gyandash Singh missed the bronze medal.
01 points, won the fourth place in the men\'s Taiji health activities.
In sports where India has unexpectedly ensured that it has won at least four medals, it is a commendable performance. 9.
Two o\'clock A. M. : Rowing: Rohit Kumar and Bhagwan Singh race-
The final beat the men\'s lightweight double paddle in 7: 14. 23.
8: 45am: Tennis: for Ankita Raina, this is not an ideal start, she began to seek a place in the semi-final battle against Hong Kong Yudis Huang Chong.
She was broken in her first serve.
8: 40am: Swimming: Sandeep seadeal is on the eligibility list at 1: 02.
07, missed the direct qualification of the final.
8: 30 in the morning: Swimming: sandipe Sevar plays a role in the 100 m brastrocco preliminaries.
Twelve o\'clock A. M. : Shooting: Manu Bhaker is looking for a medal.
She was qualified for 297/300 points in the precise stage of the woman\'s 25-meter pistol.
Rahi Sarnobat ranks seventh.
We will have to wait for their scores in the quick phase (9:30 IST)
Understand their qualifications
8: zero o\'clock A. M. : Shooting: 3 positions qualification rounds of women\'s 50 m Rifle (
Anjum Moudgil and Gaayathri Nithyanandam)
Women\'s 25-meter pistol (
Manu Bhaker Rahi Sarnobat)
Is currently in progress.
7: 50 in the morning: Swimming: swimming is not a good start for India.
Sagan Prakash failed to qualify for the final because he was only playing as fast as 12 times.
The Olympic champion ranked 53 in qualifying. 31s, a good 1.
75 seconds better than Indians.
Avinash Mani is lower on a 26-point ladder.
7: 40 am: Swimming: Sajan Prakash and Avinash Mani are completed in their respective preliminaries in the 100 m butterfly category.
In terms of timing, Sajan (54. 06s)
Nearly three seconds faster than Mani (56. 98s).
The latter had only three in his driveway and one did not start.
Therefore, Mani may not cut in all possible cases.
We have to wait until all five preliminaries are over before we know where Sajan is on the eligibility list and if he has advanced.
7: 30 in the morning: Swimming: Avinash Mani and Sajan Prakash are currently in the 100 m butterfly warm-up.
Day 4: The Indian martial arts team will win several medals, and India will also be impressed in the women\'s rhythmic gymnastics final.
Here is a full list of Indians who are on action on Wednesday.
Martial Arts: India has at least four medals, four of which represent the semi-finals on the third day. [Report]
Tennis: number one seed Rohan Bopanna and Divij Sharan easily entered the top eight men\'s doubles, while Ankita Raina entered the last eight women\'s singles at Tuesday\'s Asian Games[Report]
KABBADI: India\'s kabaddi team won easily on the third day and entered the semi-finals. [Report]
Shooting: enjoy three pleasures at the Indian shooting range on the third day. [Report]
India assured itself that it won the first Asian Games medal in the semi-final victory over Iran the next day. [Report]
Since winning 18 gold medals in Gunda in 2012year-
Old rookie team-
With a haircut, Vinesh Phogat has gone a long way.
From darkness to glory
Read the story of Vinesh Poghat.
India won two medals in the shooting competition.
Deepak Kumar won the silver medal in the men\'s 10 m air rile race, while 20-year-
OldLakshay Sheoran silverin won the men\'s UFO multi-directional event. [Report]
In wrestling, Vinesh Phogat won the gold medal in the women\'s 50 kg m freestyle. [Report]
India added three more medals the next day.
On the first day, India won 2018 Asian gold medals through bajrang Punia. [Report]
India opened an account at 2018 Asian Games, where it won a bronze medal in the 10-meter mixed-air rifle competition on Sunday. [Report]
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