7 things you probably didn\'t know you can clean in your dishwasher

by:ShunDing     2020-01-11
Dishwasheris is arguably one of the best modern kitchen inventions ever made (
Seriously, anyone who has spent countless hours
Wash the dishes in the kitchen and sinker knows it\'s true).
Recently, it seems like a list of items that can be found in multiple projects
The dishwasher is used longer and longer every day.
Yes, this restaurant is more than just for dishes and kitchen utensils.
In fact, there are a lot of things around your house and you can easily run between the dishesneeded deep-cleaning—
And some items that make a \"dishwasher\"
The \"friendly\" list may surprise you.
Pick up your child\'s plastic baby toy, your grimytoothbrush holder, and even your oven knob, here are 7 unexpected items you can wash in your dishwasher.
Plastic baby toys can easily fill baby toys with bacteria, but the good news is that some items, including plastic blocks, bath toys and plastic chimes, can disinfect and disinfect the dishwasher.
Experts recommend cleaning the toy at least once a month, especially if the toy has touched the ground, has been exposed to food or body fluids, and other children have put it in their mouths, or in contact with sick children (
Your own or someone else\'s).
Check the labels to make sure they are dishwashers before placing the baby toy dishwasher-safe.
Place the toy on the top shelf and use regular detergent.
If your machine has a choice, you can choose the \"disinfect\" cycle, depending on the toy, you can use the heated dry cycle, or remove the toy and leave them ventilated --
Please dry if you are worried about the plastic melting or warping.
Small metal waste paper baskets, toothbrush holders, soap TraysIt make it easy for gunk and grime to pile up on certain bathroom items we use every day.
Toothpaste residue, soap residue and water stains will make you feel like a normal soap --and-
Water is not clean enough. For that next-levelclean (
This can also save you time)
Load the ceramic or hard plastic toothbrush holder and soap tray into the dishwasher and check if they have a dishwasher
Put a safety label first
The same is true for small metal or plastic waste paper baskets.
Wash these items together if possible to save water and energy.
Plastic hair brushes and combinations they can reduce when grease and product build-ups gather on your hair brushes and combsthan-
The fresh smell lost their firm control.
To clean them quickly, please rotate them in the dishwasher.
First of all, be sure to remove all the hair on these things so that it will not block the drainage system of the washing factory and cause unwanted problems.
Note: Avoid placing wood brushes or brushes with boars bristles in the dishwasher.
The vacuum cleaner has seven appliances installed to help us keep our home clean, including your vacuum cleaner accessories.
To get these things
Free and ready to take on the cleaning task again, clear any dishes of your dishwashing staff and load them into vacuum parts.
Just make sure to remove any hair or large pieces from the attachment first.
It\'s also a good idea to run a cycle after that.
Or try this vinegar dishwasher cleaning technique)
Wash it after doing this dirty little work.
Refrigerator shelves are probably one of your least favorite household chores: scrub those dirty fridge shelves.
Talk about a real back
A vandal of a chore!
The good news is that you may be able to postpone this housework until the end of each month and your dishwasher can help you with better news.
Many fridge shelves without LED lights are dishwashersafe (
Be sure to check the instructions).
To prevent cracking, heat the shelf to room temperature before putting it into the top shelf.
This powerful cleaner can easily clean the glass and remove any sticky food residue or stains.
The oven knob has probably been washed for a while-
We do not judge, it is difficult to make all the grease and dirt accumulated over time change.
Well, hard these. to-
Cleaning parts in the dishwasher pantry can do the job faster and make the tedious task painful --free.
We think you will be happy with their shine and cleanliness.
Make sure they are completely dry before replacing.
So you take the time to explore and identify the most authentic-
Plants and flowers are everywhere.
Although these artificial flower words occupy a space, they also pile up dust and lose sight.
Free plastic (not silk)
Place the flowers in dirt and dust on the top shelf of the dishwasher to prevent them from melting.
A quick rinse will make them look fresh and wonderful again.
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