20 things you didn't know about oscar - engraved name plates for trophies

by:ShunDing     2019-12-02
20 things you didn\'t know about oscar  -  engraved name plates for trophies
Brief: only a few days away from Oscar, all the topics turned to who will win the prize.
So, look at the betting odds of Las Vegas to ask for help with your vote, when you're watching the party, if you want to impress your friends with Oscar trivia, here are some interesting facts to spit out.
The real Oscar is 5'11 ".
Actor Emilio Fernandez 1928who was 5'11" --
As a nude model created by the statue.
MGM art director Cedric Gibbons, one of the original Academy award members, supervised the design of the award trophy by printing the design on the reels.
Gibbons needs to model his statue, and his future wife, Dolores del Rio, introduced the Mexican film director Emilio "El Indio" Fernandez
Fernández was reluctant at first, but was eventually persuaded to create what was known today as the "Oscar" in a nude manner.
Quick List: 2 titles: Official name of Oscar is "Oscar ".
"But the nickname of the statue is more famous.
As the story progressed, Margaret Herrick, the college librarian, said the statue was much like her uncle Oscar, but it was not until 1939 that the college officially adopted the nickname --
Ten years after the first Academy Award
Quick List: 3 titles: height text for the Oscar figurine: in Hollywood, the Oscar figurine is 13 inch tall and weighs 8 lbs. -
It's probably the size of Barbie.
Oscar is actually unbreakable because he is made of solid metal.
You may hurt him, but you will not hurt him.
Title: Oscar crusade: Oscar is a knight, standing on the scroll of the film, holding the sword of the crusader in his hand.
The five spokes of the film scroll represent the five original branches of the college ---
Actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers.
Title: The first Oscar metal show: the statue presented at the original ceremony was Golden
Solid Bronze plated.
Within a few years, the bronze statue was abandoned and replaced by Britannia metal.
Like the alloy that is then plated in copper, nickel and silver, and finally 24-karat gold.
During World War II, Oscar was painted with plaster for three years due to a shortage of metal.
After the war, the college invited the grantee to exchange the plaster model for gold.
Metal plating
Quicklist: 8 Title: 2000 Oscar Heisttext: on 2000, just weeks before the Academy Awards ceremony, 55 Oscar shipments were stolen from the loading dock of the onshore carrier that year.
They recovered a week later, but not before some nerves --
The bad days have passed.
Since then, the college has delivered the statues in a special flight by United Airlines and has retained a ceremony --
Small statue of value on hand
Title: Oscar graphic: RS.
Owens made the Oscar statue at the Chicago factory a year earlier.
They make 50 to 60 statues to cover any tie.
Every February, the Academy Awards are delivered to Los Angeles by security guards and stored in a secret college vault.
Title: Oscar engraving: R. S.
Owens carved the plates for all the nominees, so no one knew the winner, and even before the vote began, the plates were carved.
The winner then installed his/her plating after the Oscar ceremony.
So 2014 Academy Awards have been hidden in Los Angeles since February 2013.
Quicklist: 12 Title: Oscar in Daytext: from start to finish, it takes about a day to make each statue, although the process can be accelerated if needed.
Title: Oscar for Lovetext: Oscar is probably the most loved kissing man in Hollywood.
Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Anne Hathaway, Grace Kelly, Penelope Cruz and Catherine Zeta Jones all kissed him.
Title: Oscartext, dressing room: many ladies--
Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, and Susan Goodden-
Locked Oscar in the bathroom.
Title: about the Oscars: some winners refuse to accept the Oscars.
Among them, Malone Brando of The Godfather.
In 1999, Michael Jackson bought an Oscar for $1 million.
After that, the college asked the winners to sign a contract saying that the trophy was the property of the college and that the winners had to sell the trophy to the Academy for $1 before selling it to others.
Title: Shhh Oscartext: the cost of making an Oscar is top secret.
There are rumors that the freight alone is about $20,000.
Title: armored Oscar: Oscar was escorted into an armored vehicle.
Quick List: 19 titles: the Oscar must text: The presenter is not allowed to say when the Oscar is given to the lucky winner, "the winner is. . .
"They have to say," Oscar said. . .
Title: Magic Oscartext: Walt Disney won (or received)
Oscar: 26.
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