6 real serial killers more terrifying than any horror movie - name tag plate

by:ShunDing     2019-11-26
6 real serial killers more terrifying than any horror movie  -  name tag plate
Movies and TV shows like this are constantly trying to surpass themselves. the-
Serial killer (
The episode tells the story of a killer turning the victim into an instrument. -no, really).
But the real killer is just a boring asshole with a serious mental illness and no scary gimmicks. Right? Yeah, no.
As we have seen several times, there are occasionally so crazy murderers in the real world, and if we see them in horror films, we immediately write them off as completely ridiculousmovie cheese.
The people below and their bones
The chilling holes are completely true, with at least three
Several of them are still alive.
Catherine Knight cooked her husband and tried to feed him a well for his child
Recorded the clown's crazy history, starting with her attempt to choke her first husband on her wedding night, as she dared to fuck her only three times before falling asleep.
When he finally left her, Knight took their young daughter and put her on a nearby train track.
The baby was rescued by a tramp.
Then threaten random strangers with an axe.
Later, she thundered, chopped a woman's face and forced her to drive to the service station, where the Knight took a little boy as a hostage until the police arrived, it's obviously funny to use brooms because of Australian law enforcement.
All of this is not the crazy part of her story.
Warning: Please read it yourself--
This is where the article goes straight into hell.
Knight eventually met three fathers named John Price who moved in together, although price was well aware of her burst into crazy music with inexplicable drooling.
Price eventually kicked her out and put a restraining order on her to tell his colleagues
She might have killed him if he didn't show up at work.
He then bravely allowed Knight to return to his house to have sex and fell asleep by her side, suggesting that price might not fully understand how the restraining order should work.
Knight highlighted the mistake 37 times with a bargain.
When Price didn't come to work the next day, his colleague
The workers called the police and the police showed up at Price's house to find out.
The Knight put his skin completely in one piece and put it on an S-hook at the door, just like the dresser of the leshavers family.
Price's head is boiling in a pot on the stove, and in an environment in two places, there are name tags indicating that they are prepared for Price's adult children (
Although the children did not expect it, she should probably cover the plate with tin paper).
Knight pleaded guilty, sentenced to life imprisonment, no possibility of parole-
She does have the words "never be released" in her file, just like the super villain in the underground vault.
Russell Williams stole a woman's underpants and photographed his murder. I like to break into friends and neighbors homes with underage daughters, and then try to make the most of his jailbreak spree before all PCP injections catch up like a lab monkey to melt his brain
He's even in a 12-year-
The old girl's computer, thank her for tonight's bang-
Her bedroom provided him with whip flo.
In general, Williams has committed more than 80 cases of underwear theft, and when the uninformed owner is at home, he often breaks in (
On one occasion, he rushed naked into a woman's house, and while she was in the shower, he ransacked her unmentioned drawers)
, He kept a carefully organized library with thousands of photos like this hidden in the basement of his house: that was Williams who decided to open his crazy throttle, when he graduated --
Kidnapping and murder.
He broke into the house of two different women.
Williams then broke in, beat her with a flashlight, brutally killed her, took every terrible moment of his crime, and took enough photos to fill up an album.
He also stole a lot of her clothes and underwear because, as we have confirmed, underwear is his crazy cat puff.
Finally, Williams kidnapped a woman and took her to a cabin he owned, where he intimidated her all day and ended up killing her with the same flashlight, because it was clear, he believes that "Flashlight" means "blgeon that helps you see in the dark occasionally ".
"He recorded four hours of criminal video and collected more photos and items of stolen clothing, reinforcing his bid for the title of" the most terrible Canadian in history (
Although he is facing fierce competition in this article).
Just before she went missing, police arrested him after matching his tire and boot prints with those found at the scene of the kidnapping.
He confessed to the murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment and recently tried to commit suicide by swallowing toilet paper.
The Canadian Army and every medal he won during his 23 years in service because he fell in love with the man.
A millionaire raised pig killed, fed to his pig, a British Columbia millionaire raised pig, was killed in 6 to 50 prostitutes in the Vancouver area, cut and feed his pig. . .
Again, this sentence is actually the least crazy part of his story.
Picton will cruise around Vancouver's most bustling area, attracting prostitutes back to his vast pig farm (
Any invitation that contains the phrase "go back to me, where I am" should be rejected immediately)
Under the promise of money and drugs, he brutally killed them and dismember their bodies in order to dispose of them creatively.
However, Picton is not just feeding his pig the body.
He tied the heads, hands and feet of some of the victims to the fridge around the farm.
He used a wood crusher to heat some of the victims.
Almost 100% of the investigators determined that he had put human remains together with the unusable pig parts (
Like intestines, blood and bones)
And taking them to a rendering factory in Vancouver and processing them into things like lipstick, shampoo and soap reveals two terrible facts about the cosmetics industry.
The point is, Picton doesn't believe in simply handling the body. -
He likes to spread his evil everywhere like the murderous Johnny appelwest.
Meanwhile, the Vancouver Police Department did not comment at all on the missing women.
They reasoned that all women were drug addicts, either wandering to other cities or dying anonymously due to overdoses. .
One of Picton's victims actually managed to escape from the pig farm, and prosecutors dismissed the subsequent attempted murder charge against him, as Robert Picton's most important description at this time was "millionaire ".
"Picton was finally brought to justice when an employee came forward to testify, resulting in a comprehensive
He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
At the same time, Canadian officials have done their part to appease a community repelled by the idea of slaughter and their possible consumption of fat meat on human remains, "so, eliminated the chance of contracting any disease from the murdered prostitute and confirmed that the authorities in BC were very bad at crisis counseling.
3 Magdalena Solis dug out the hearts of the people for a well-planned scam, Magdalena Solis is part of a well-planned scam involving two scammers, they live on a small farm in yebabuena, Mexico.
It sounds mild compared to other things on this list, but let's say that at some point things are a bit moving. . . out of hand.
They have the rich Inca gold that God wants to share with the village, but the only way to appease God is to provide money on a regular basis and wash their demon bodies.
The only way to wash their demon bodies is to have sex with the herndez brothers.
Like, all the time.
The villagers are not particularly smart (for instance, )
But after a while, they did get tired of having sex with the herndez brothers, with no sign at all of the gold rewards they promised.
So the brothers recruited a prostitute named Magdalena to pose the reincarnation of the Inca goddess in 20th-century Spanish, inexplicably fluent.
They showed the villagers magdalena in a cave ceremony, and magdalena immediately became very personal, asking everyone to have sex with others and drink from chicken blood glasses coated with hemp leaves.
When villagers inevitably get bored with Magdalena and still want to know exactly where their gold is, her response is to order her two "doubters" to be in the ritual cave
At this point, it changed from a cheap "Sex and Money promise Gold" scam to another completely different one.
The blood of the victim was gathered in ganja goblets at the ceremony and consumed.
So the Solis and the herndez brothers found a way to make their scam permanent ---
As a blood sacrifice, killing a villager every once or twice, others will be very scared and dare not say any questions.
Who knows how long this scam could last, a random teenage boy who did not walk through the cave on his way to school, found Solis and her absurd desperate followers.
The boy ran desperately to the nearest police station. A patrol followed him back to the village to check, because he apparently hasn't seen enough horror movies to know what happens when the police themselves go to investigate strange murder caves.
When the police did not return, the police decided to gather up and roll into the village and find his body cut into pieces and his heart removed.
The boy was also killed in the same terrible way.
They trapped Magdalena's cult group in the ceremonial cave and arrested most of them, although the herndez brothers were killed in a subsequent shootout.
Solis and her surviving followers have been in state jail for 30 years.
The Incas have been staying in Peru and they have been there.
Giggling grandma poisoned her family. Before submitting an amiable and giggling confession to the police, she had a nickname "giggling grandma ".
By the time she was finally caught, she had killed her mother, two sisters, two daughters, a nephew, a grandson, and four husbands. The best description of motivation is "there is no damn reason.
"What's really chilling about this story is how long her murder frenzy lasted before someone found out, even though her first husband, Charlie, did become suspicious after their two middle daughters mysteriously died of "food poisoning" because it used to be easy to kill people.
Charlie ran away with their older daughter, but left the youngest daughter to Doss because apparently he didn't like the child.
She has been married to her second husband, Frank, for 16 years and during this time, she may use her hat to pierce the skull of her newborn grandson and kill her older grandson with plenty of poison.
Frank, as far as he is concerned, is an abusive alcoholic, and DOS ends up getting tired of him and throwing rat poison into his whiskey, a recognized but often disapproving treatment for asshole
Doss got married three more times, and each husband died mysteriously.
She even killed the mother of her third husband, right after she poisoned him and burned their house to the ground to stop it from entering his family.
In her fourth and fifth marriage, she had cancer.
She poisoned her too. Why not?
"Before I do that, she might think," it's better to kill my own mother while I do . ".
At this point, the authorities certainly believe that Nani dos is shrouded in the curse of some ancient mummies, because the only other explanation is that they are terrible at work.
When Doss poisoned her fifth husband and sent him to the hospital for three weeks, but not enough to kill him, she was finally caught.
The day he was sent home
A doctor suspected Doss and ordered an autopsy confirming her husband was poisoned.
The police confronted Doss and she confessed immediately.
Doss kept smiling as she boarded the bus to prison to serve her sentence, commenting to a reporter when she left that she was not at all sad about the results.
Because they apparently forgot that she murdered the child in addition to her drunken husband.
Adolfo de Jesus konstanzo, who had been an apprentice to the pastor of Haiti and later became a master, killed by black magic
Crazy Mage with legal beliefs, he has the ability to see the future and cast powerful spells, provided he keeps his black magic pot --
There are sacrificed human parts.
He has a group of loyal followers who have done the task by kidnapping (mostly)
Random people torture them to appease the demon kadiembe.
Just like the figure and the gift of his amazing talent.
We consider this demon to be the reason for the most beautiful Emilio estweiz mullet in history.
Yeah, that's not how you imagine him, is it?
Konstanzo is a hired Warlock in Mexico.
He stews the human brain, blood, bones and internal organs in his big pot with scorpions, spiders and other witchcraft totems to create spells for his clients to discover the police
Even drug dealers are afraid of Constantine--
When a cartel refuses to make him a full partner after so much success in his spell, seven of their members mysteriously disappeared, A few days later came out of a thorn with the fingers, ears, heart, brain and removed, as if they were attacked by a damn predator.
Contanzo had several other rival drug dealers feed him the cauldron, and even had his own cult members invade the dark wizard porridge, setting an example for the rest of the team (
For example, "we should probably find other jobs ").
It wasn't until the konstanzo team kidnapped and dismembered an American college student that really had an impact on himS.
The government has put tremendous pressure on Mexican officials to address the crime.
After the man blew up an checkpoint, police followed a member of the konstanzo cult who found the remains of 15 people buried next to the property.
The brain of the missing student was found floating in a potion in the cauldron of Constantine, presumably waiting for Professor Snape's rating.
The gang of konstanzo was hunted down and arrested, and konstanzo himself was eventually surrounded in an apartment because magic might not be real, but we didn't take any chances.
Instead of letting himself be captured, konstanzo directed one of his followers to shoot him.
The police found the body of the evil wizard, which was full of bullets, because it was clear that hunchman had no Adventures.
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