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about new york  -  brass name plates
1984 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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The quick thinking of a customer at Hershey restaurant has recently freed Herman arrowowitz from an afternoon of embarrassment. Mr.
Arronovitz unfortunately spilled some lunch on the tie and shouted to the waiter for them to remove the place.
Hearing the distress signal, Alex Vinig from a nearby restaurant took out a pair of scissors and cut the gentleman.
Arronovitz's draw was half played and the scene was immediately removed.
There is no need to thank.
This is the kind of place in Hershey, the kind where you can order Norwegian sardines sandwiches, and only get some cheese blintzes because the waiter thinks they are better.
The menu is usually attached.
Hershey department store, 167 West 29 Street, is an old store.
The old-fashioned Jewish dairy is one of the few surviving restaurants.
Restaurants with gefilte fish and fried kreplach-
"Like your grandmother's, but better"
It is also the heart and soul of fur district, one of the city's many characteristic business districts.
It is located in the heart of the world of fur manufacturing and marketing, close to Seventh Avenue, complete with a fur Center Synagogue, a fur district USA Legion Post, 20-
Story building full of large fur companies and store stores selling fur hats, fur tails and lustrous lotions.
Delivery guy, some of them are wearing headphones and T-shirts
Wearing a shirt with the name of a rock band and a bunch of mink coats in a hurry on the sidewalk, it gives the impression that young America is turning to trapping.
Advertising on bagels and bialys every morning, lunch time on chopped green fish and kasha varnishkes, people in the fur business come to Hershey department store, discuss the price of Russian mink and the birth of future generations.
"It's really more like a club," says Sol Goldstein, one of the regular advertisers . ".
Now, with Labor Day's past, these customers are flocking back to the point where they are sunburned, waistcoat and bald.
They greet each other with a strong handshake, hugs and aggressive insults that only the worst enemy or best friend can allow.
Laughter echoed on the wooden Fumika wall;
Friendship is as strong as apple pie.
"I haven't been poisoned for a month," said a returning regular greeting owner Roy hesenfeld . ". Mr.
Wiig, who has high fur manufacturing concerns
Standing up from the corner, from the clouds of coyotes, mink, Fitch, stone Martin, Fox and other fur, sitting in the same seat twice a day, the same is true of most regulars in 128. Seating restaurant. The white-haired Mr.
Weinig, who has the same name as "alex Weinig special" blintz, has spoken out the latest jokes and ridicule, angering Harry kislowski so much that
Kisselofsky often comes out of this place and swears never to come back again.
Waiters and waitresses were also belittled in the hail of entertainment.
A waiter, Jack winblatt, waved his thumb in the pea soup while serving, countered.
Customers also set aside time to solve world problems and provide free mental and legal advice and successful diagnosis for health problems that have plagued medicine for a long time.
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For 35 years, Murray Lenkowski has been complaining about food and raising the price of the check to a "more reasonable" level.
"I'm here," he said, "just because . . . . . .
Weinblatt will argue with you about anything and he will let my blood flow in the morning.
After breakfast and lunch, the poker game broke out, not playing with cards, but with the serial number on the dollar bill. Mr.
Weinig received funding from the winner of Hershey Breakfast Club, which has more than 300 members listed on the wall.
The club is careful to give money to members who may be in trouble.
"We know each other very well," he said . "Weinig.
"When someone is in trouble, his kisses are everywhere.
"The advertising Club also buys flowers for club members of the hospital and wedding gifts for members or their children.
When the fur Center synagogue is in desperate need of money, the club sells Hershey seats to regular customers for $50 with brass nameplates on the back. Champagne-and-scrambled-
Egg parties are sometimes held to celebrate the birth of a grandson, or to celebrate a Friday or other blessing event.
Occasionally a wedding anniversary party will be held, inviting the man's family to visit Hershey, to meet with their husband and father for most of the time with their characters.
"We know each other very well," he said . "
Like a brother.
Better than brothers.
In fact, we may spend more time here in a week than with our family.
"Once in a while, one of the lads will die or retire, and after years together, these are moments of sadness and sadness.
Those who retire
Even far away.
Seems to come back often. Mr.
Aronowitz recently retired to Florida but came back to visit this week.
He stressed the need to settle near several people he knew from the fur business.
There they get together and talk about their desire for gefilte fish in Hershey and the years they spend on these tables.
A version of this article appears on page 1001023 of the National edition in September 8, 1984, with the title: about New York.
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