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by:ShunDing     2019-05-25
More than 35 million people wear fake teeth in the US, but most of them don't realize that wearing fake teeth actually harms their health!A recently released study showed a strong hyperlink between zinc present in the major dental adhesive manufacturers and permanent nerve damage.If you use it in a popular brand of false tooth cream, you may be exposed to zincMajor manufacturers like Super Poligrip and Fixodent are among the many brands that contain potentially hazardous range zinc.The adhesive holding the false teeth proved to be one of the first signs of danger is the sudden tingling and numbness of ft and fingers, an unexplained sense of weakness and imbalance.
The first factor you should do is contact the doctor to see what he or she can do to help you.The next thing you need to do is talk to the dentist about the possibility of using dental implants instead of dentures and dentures adhesive, which can put your health at risk.While doctors recommend that people eat a small amount of zinc as an integral part of their regular diet plan, promote more zinc (there are ten or more dietary allowances recommended per day) lead to zinc poisoning.
This condition may result in long-term nerve damage, or even death, if not handled quickly.The adhesive you use on your dentures is swallowed in small quantities each time you consume, or absorbed directly through the gums.Some symptoms and signs of zinc poisoning include unexplained weakness, reduced blood pressure, difficulty in urination, seizures, fever, poor balance, tingling and numbness of ft and fingers, and unexplained pain.
Regardless of the well-known problems caused by zinc poisoning, the FDA does not need a dental adhesive company to include safety warnings on product labels, which means that most customers are not aware that their well-being is threatened.In fact, there are other problems with dentures.Many people do not wear fake teeth because they are uncomfortable and must wear new ones.
Because of the natural decoration in your mouth, install it regularly.Having dentures also means that you should have completely unique cleaning procedures and buy items to care for them.In any case, most dentures don't look naturalWhether it's local or full mouth, the dentures just look like the dentures.
These days are the days for your dentist to talk about getting rid of dentures and replacing them with comfortable, beautiful, long-term dental implants.Dental implants are permanent alternatives to missing teeth.You never need to take them out, modify them, or buy special cleaners for them.
You will never let the food stick under your dental implant, and the people around you will never know that they are not your original teeth.Dental implants have become cheaper over the past few years, providing a perfect choice for those who do not want to deal with the hassle and health problems of dentures.Your dentist can provide you with more information on how dental implants can restore your healthy, long-lasting smile again by using adhesive or even problems that the dentures may cause.
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