admiral duncan pub nail bombing memorial 'goes missing' - metal plaque

by:ShunDing     2019-11-05
admiral duncan pub nail bombing memorial \'goes missing\'  -  metal plaque
In a bar in central London, a metal plaque commemorating the victims of the nail explosion is missing.
The memorial is located in a church cemetery near General Duncan on Old Compton Street. The explosion occurred on April 30, 1999.
The names of victims Andrea Dykes, John Wright and Nick Moore are listed above. Anti-
Charity for hate crimes24-
30 people were reported missing two weeks ago.
Westminster Council held another meeting on the eve of the 14 th anniversary.
The St. Anne's garden where the monument is located is managed by the Council.
Mark Healey, 17. 24-
30 said he found the brass plaque missing while visiting the site and reminded the council to prepare for the ceremony to mark the anniversary.
But Healy believes that this measure may have been taken before that time.
"If someone took the plaque, I hope they will return it.
"It was a shame when we approached the 14 th anniversary of these horrific attacks that it had gone missing," he added . ".
The cost of replacing the plaque is 260, which is shared by the charity and the Council.
Two on Tuesday.
A minute of silence will be held at 18: 37 at the Memorial Hall as part of a commemoration of the anniversary of the attack.
Mr. Healy said the rainbow flag will also be hung on a replacement plaque, which will be unveiled during service.
The ceremony will pay tribute to the three killed.
Mrs. Dykes, 27, is four months pregnant.
The best man at her wedding, John Wright, 32;
Their friends. year-old Nick Moore.
About 70 people were injured in the explosion.
One of David Copeland's three missions in London in the same month.
He was sentenced to six life sentences and at least 50 years in prison for three counts of murder and three counts of life-threatening explosions.
Council city management Cabinet member Ed Argal said: "It is shocking that someone will steal the commemorative plaque to commemorate those who died and were injured in the terrible Soho explosion on 1999.
"We moved quickly to deliver and install an alternative Memorial Hall before the 14 th anniversary of the Soho bombing.
"The Metropolitan Police said the incident was not reported as a crime, but the police had inspected the site.
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