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by:ShunDing     2019-06-02

In addition to identifying motor vehicles, the number plate can be used for other things.Strong and durable, wind and rain, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.License plates can be fun!However, these are purely interesting number plates and cannot be used as license plates on motor vehicles.They can be decorated with your favorite cartoon characters, football teams or many other things and used as a nameplate or other decoration for bedroom, study or even shed doors.With a lot of color schemes and designs, you can really invent your own door panels to reflect your personality.

The door of your child's bedroom can be labeled with interesting number plates.Include the child's name and favorite animal, cartoon or football club.The color scheme will complement the theme and you can have one or two borders around it.Slogans like "Henry's Room" don't show up!\ 'Can also feature a unique personalized door panel for your child.Fun number cards can be a fun gift for someone, especially useful for someone you don't know what to get for them.Then you can personalize it with their name and/or slogan based on one of many interesting themes.Imagine how interesting it would be for Jerry's cabin door or your boss's office door to have their own personalized door panel?All major manufacturers have badges for car enthusiasts.Even if you will never have a Ferrari or Maserati, you can still have one of the famous badges.You may just decide to own the badge of your current car, and in any case, your door panel can reflect your passion for the brand.Football fans can add to their souvenirs with a custom number plate with the color and badge of the team and a slogan or your name.This can then be displayed on the "football corner" or on your door.Of course, there is no reason why these fancy plates cannot be used on the inner doors of bars, clubs or any other suitable public place.They can be used as identification signs for cloakrooms, playrooms, toilets, etc.The number plate can be easily fixed on the door by screwing in place or using a sticky pad, although it is clear that it will be safer to screw in place.They are easy to care for and just need a little dust or wipe with a damp cloth.Design your today!Fun number plate for everyone with themes related to hobbies, sports, animals, cartoons, movies, etc.Go ahead and design your door panel today!                                

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