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by:ShunDing     2019-05-22
Products launched in the market are available in retail stores, shopping malls and other stores.Nowadays, there are many similar products from different companies in the market.Each individual product is tagged and gives its own unique serial number with the help of identification.
In the mall, each product is marked with a unique code, which provides all the information related to the product when scanning, and attaches a specific code to the product.This coding is done in almost every way, not only for products on the market, but also for identifying books in the library, tracking shipments, postal codes, etc.Bar code is one of the most commonly used coding languages.
Barcodes can be called to use the representation of small lines and bar data with spaces between them that differently understand different sets of information.Every different product we use in our daily lives has specific unique certifications to prove its quality and to prevent counterfeiting or piracy of product names.The need for certification is to prevent other companies from stealing the name and reputation of similar products at reduced prices and inferior quality.
Like a barcode, a holographic label is a 3D label that contains the manufacturer's imprint or imprint of a retail product.Since each manufacturer has a unique point of detail, it is not possible to copy it easily.However, the barcode contains the information stored, such as the date of manufacture of the retail product and the batch code.
Barcode is an optical data form that is machine-readable and stores information about the product or object it marks.The bar code can be 1D or 2D.It contains a series of lines or bars that contain or do not contain a combination of numbers that are arbitrarily written below.The barcode can be hexagonal, dotted, or rectangular, and vary depending on the size of the space it connects.
The barcode was originally designed for the car and was only successful after scanning a series of checkout systems.The use of bar codes has spread for too many other purposes, such as AIDC or automatic identification and data capture, as well as systems such as UPC or generic product codes.The barcode reader is an optical scanner specially designed and prepared to read the data stored in it.
Bar code label manufacturers are widely distributed and are often used when preparing bar codes or holographic stickers.There are also individual manufacturers of private holographic labels designed only for holographic labels.Several barcode label manufacturers are widely discovered on the Internet, and they first use several security statements on the company through ISO 9000,9001 to understand the validity of the company's registration and the authenticity of the product quality, etc.
Companies like jollytech are examples.
com, lasersec.
in etc.
Different organizations such as national food chain Association and Audi automobile.Use the generic product code that these manufacturers also execute.However, holographic photography is made by using the company logo, but the same is true for most holographic label manufacturers.
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