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by:ShunDing     2019-06-02
In America alone.So as a business owner, it means one thing for you: competition.So you need to stand out as best you can!However, it is easier said than done.But start with your logo first.A strong logo will help keep you in mind for your target market.
Not sure where to start?Don’t worry!We have sorted out 8 ways to avoid bad marks.Take a look below.1.The first thing you need to do when creating a logo is to draw it.I'm not on the computer yet.Instead, write things on paper.Think about 20 or 25 different ideas or sketches you can try.
It's time to brainstorm and you can come up with every idea.Then, start narrowing down and find the best.Basically, if you start designing your first idea directly, you'll miss all the other potential ideas you can get through the sketch.
Don't worry if it takes a while!That means it's working.The honest truth is that the best graphic designers spend more time on this first step than any other step in the entire design process.2.All you have to do next is choose your font.
If your logo will contain text in the actual logo or slogan then this is for you.Keep in mind that this is a trial and error process.Online logo design is an art as well as science, so that means you should test it out.
Try many different font types.
Everyone has different feelings and emotions.Test fonts for all different font families including serif, sans-Serif, script, and handwriting styles.Also, make sure your font is readable at any size.
The cursive font is particularly difficult to read when it is small.3.It's no secret that the color theory is very complicated, but the good news is that there are some simple fundamentals.Following these will help you avoid bad logo designs.
It is also true that certain colors are shown to paint certain emotions.Red, for example, usually conveys passion, love, or power.Yellow can describe energy and optimism.Think about what you want your logo to paint and then decide the color based on these themes.
There's nothing worse than hard.
to-read logo.
Your logo may look great in full size, but what about when it's scaled down to an envelope, pen, or hat?What happens when it's used on larger materials like billboards, posters, or big screens?Regardless of the media, make sure your logo is valid.The fact is that when the logo doesn't look good on all sizes, they don't work at all.So how do you know if your job works?Test it out!The smallest size is usually the most difficult to correct.
So print your logo on the envelope and start there.5.There are several reasons why you should stay away from stock art when you make your logo.First of all, it's always better to make things original.
You want to make your logo unique and stand out, and the art of stock is not unique at all.Another reason is related to the law.While it is OK to download stock images from online sites, using them in your logo can cause you trouble.It is best to design your own images and illustrations.
This can be daunting if you're not a no time.6.Another common flag error is too complicated.On the contrary, keep it simple.Think about the most iconic signs like Apple, Nike and McDonald's, for example.
They are very simple, but they are also very effective.From the sketch, apply this principle to every step of the logo design process.It's common to start with complex design ideas.
But when you go, trim things to achieve the essence of design.In other words, start doing the most important thing.This will help you achieve the goal of making your logo stronger and easier to remember.
Using too many fonts in your logo will make it look messy, unorganized and will eventually make your company look less reputable.A clean and clear logo is the best way.For valid logo designs, it is recommended to use both fonts to the maximum extent.Many logos need only one font.This will help make your logo clearer and increase your brand awareness with your target audience.
Also pay attention to spacing, word distance and size.In other words, don't put your letter too close together.This also makes reading difficult.8.In any field of graphic design, it is common to be inspired by other designs.
However, you will never want to copy over the line.Sadly, this often happens in today's digital world.Designers will see the logo they like and re-Create it, change the color or wording, and then call it your own.
This is completely immoral and illegal and should never be done.It's also a stupid idea because your logo is now very similar to the logo of another company.Instead, brainstorm 20 to 25 different logos through the sketch process, and then find your best logo from these ideas.
Now that you 've read these ways to avoid bad signs, it's time to implement these tricks!Choose your favorite and start.Want to know more about digital marketing?
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