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by:ShunDing     2019-07-30
badges and id badges  -  suppliers of name badges
Name Badges -
Here's a quick point for Menza-
Like an IQ test for you.
Remember the last stranger you met in business?
Well, what is his or her name and name in the company?
In fact, which company does he or she work?
If you are in a hurry to need that person to help you make a deal or solve the problem, can you remember who to contact immediately?
OK, of course, it's hard for us all to remember the name, name and company details, but you can at least try to make a name badge for all your employees and pretty overcome the problem.
Most of us will remember personal details once they see them write them down.
Yes, it will help if you use mnemonic or memory game system, but simple name badges do a good job of helping us take a mental photo that will be indefinite
It would be better if there were photos on the name badge, because that way the face matches the details and you're gone!
Try it yourself, free.
Now there are some Internet companies like ftpromotions who will design a unique sample name badge with your colors, logos, art background and identity details for free.
Distribute free samples among your staff or give them to guests and see for yourself how effective the whole concept is.
Most of the big industries have been making name badges for years, so it's good for you to be with British Airways, Esso, NHS, Marriott Hotels and BBC and others.
If you want to know who they trust when they're 48
After an hour, open the name badge, go online and type ftpromotions.
It's not easy anymore.
Since the British government's proposal to issue ID cards to all of us, the heated debate has been fierce on both sides, but the simple fact is, most of our business people wear personalized photo ID cards, badges or name tags every day.
It makes it easier to identify and more memorable, and is an instant introduction that serves the same purpose as the elegant business cards of Victoria and Edward's time.
Today's ID card, such as an example of Internet companies such as ftpromotions, is an elegant full-color arrangement of your company logo, a suitable background design, personal photos, names and names, and more importantly, all of this has been carefully designed to reflect your business acumen and the people who have achieved it for you.
You can choose a photo ID or actually a name tag for almost any design you can imagine right now.
So if you want to design something unique for a company promotion or welcoming guests to a meeting, you can have it for example.
This option is not even limited to the design of the company and the company, but you will find that companies like ftpromotions will create specific identity cards for specific occasions or marketing and promotional purposes, as you can see at a big car or product exhibition.
This is a simple fact, but if you are going to keep in touch with the public, you need an ID card that is instantly identified --
Even the police insist that people ask to see strangers when they open the door, so it's wise to equip your staff and management, no matter what the government says!
Whether you like it or not, ID cards can verify your greed instantly.
You will only object if you have something to hide!
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