bigg boss 12 , day 24: srishty rode and saba khan's shocking fight may upset order in the house - magnetic name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-11
bigg boss 12 , day 24: srishty rode and saba khan\'s shocking fight may upset order in the house  -  magnetic name plates
In the surprise of Sreesanth
This week's "expulsion" shocked roommates.
None of them knew, however, that sresasser was now watching them closely in the secret room, which had been occupied by anupp jalotas for three days alone.
After Sreesanth left the house, the contestants collapsed and thought he would not return to the show.
At the same time, in the secret room, shretham found out who all his real friends were.
But it's just part of tonight's episode.
A large part of this episode will be used for the final captain mission.
Srishty Khan ride will compete sisters
They were both first contenders for the captain's mission.
For tasks, Srishty and Saba (
On her behalf)
I have to collect the magnetic plates by convincing other roommates.
After collecting the plates, they will be asked to put them on the boards of the garden.
Srishty and Saba will then have to write their names on their respective plates, and the new captain will decide based on who has the largest plate and their name.
Srishty and Saba will also be allowed to remove the names of their opponents and write their own names on the plate.
The mission will be the responsibility of Deepika Kaka.
The competitive spirit of Srishty and Saba will make them better, and an ugly battle will follow.
Saba and Srishty will lose their calm, which will completely destroy the task.
Will Bigg Boss cancel the task? Please pay attention to this space for more updates.
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