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Sebastian O Kelly of The Sunday Post update: at 11: 20 on January 3, 2011, in the face of reality, Simon Robshaw played the real estate market perfectly.
He sold his inherited Devon family property, adding a value of £ 4 million by carefully converting each stable annex building into residential use, almost in the 2005 market
He then returned after spending some time in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean and put in 1 pound in 2008.
He bought a magnificent country house from a bankrupt Hawker, earning 9 million of his original home 15 miles.
It was then that banks were in the most tense state and confidence in any asset was losing.
When it comes to Pynes, he says the price is absolutely cheap. Pynes is a magnificent William and Mary country house overlooking the Exe River, three miles from downtown Exeter.
It was a golden period and I lowered the price from 2. 6million.
But he underestimated the scale of the task he undertook.
Pynes is a 21,000-square-foot country palace, just like Downton manor in 1939.
Since then, not much money has been spent, and ten years ago, count Iddesleigh was separated from his ancestors.
Above the main staircase, the water on the roof has penetrated into the glorious early Georgian plaster, and the endless corridors have led to a series of unmodernized, icy rooms.
In the attic, the room of the service staff is the same as before, except that the ceiling has collapsed, there are holes in the floor, and bat feces are carpeted.
In the basement, the huge Victorian-style mountains still stand in the old kitchen with a 30-foothigh ceiling.
Rows of rusty service clocks are arranged in the corridors, and brass nameplates say people who used to summon upstairs.
But the servant's army was long gone, and Simon, 36, and Kirstie, 29, and their children, six, Samuel and Sophie, chattered in the empty room of Pynes, four.
For Jane Austin's house as an inspiration for Barton Park, this is a tragic fate.
Since they bought the place, Simon has spent another £ 100,000 to add 36 acres of land around the house and £ 800,000 for renovations.
New lanes were laid, the garden was neat and trees were planted.
However, this sum hardly touches the surface of what needs to be done to semi-finished products. derelict house.
The most urgent task is to replace the roof, because everything is Level 2, so special consent is required.
According to Simon, the cost will reach an astonishing 400,000.
He was well aware that he could put all his possessions into the work of renovating the place and that he might be happy to do so if he was not knocked down by physical discomfort.
At the age of 30, he suffered a stroke, which seemed unscathed, except for the vague strange word.
But over time, it is clear that blood clots in the brain have left him with bipolar disorder, once called bipolar disorder.
Actor Stephen Fry helped him a lot, Simon said, and he made a television documentary to spread more about the situation.
"After I had a stroke, the doctor said I would never work again, but after three years I could read and write like I didn't have a job," he said . ".
I was about to redo the roof [
There are several stacks of Brazilian slabs outside the house.
When I was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and was told to stop working.
"I have to put my family first and that's why we decided to sell.
"It's Simon's passion to buy Pynes, and he wants to copy him here at the family property Court-
In the Land of Lympstone, overlooking the mouth of the Exe.
When Simon took over, the Georgian house was worth 500 acres and worth 2 million, but four years later, he developed 14 villas and apartments here and started his wedding and film shooting business. Kirstie, a former pediatric nurse, was brought in to manage.
The couple wanted to do the same thing in Pynes, but the challenge was different in size.
"Pynes makes the stadium look like a small house for a summer," Simon said . ".
But the location is better and the sea view is more satisfying.
It is not so obvious what the fate of Burns will be.
The price on the market is now 3. 25million.
Selling at this price means we will only come out with £ 250,000 for two years of work, says Simon.
"But we must let others bear it.
Richard adington of First Pacific Davis in Exeter valued the house and thought it would attract a buyer who wanted it.
He said it would be someone who appreciates the quality of the building of the house, or someone who wants to combine the house with some kind of business activity.
Pynes's former boss once had an office on site.
Interestingly, Addington does not think it will fall into the hands of the developer and be carved into an apartment, just like the fate of the neighboring Cowley house Place.
It doesn't have a good vertical department, says adington, so I suspect it will happen.
"As a family home, there is a buyer who has seriously considered it and only needs one.
For Kirstie, the buyer can't surface quickly.
Life in tax
While the couple did become friends with Dick Francis, a veteran crime writer who died earlier this year, she did not like the Cayman Islands.
She is eager to return to England to give her children the kind of rural upbringing in Western countries.
A house like Pynes
Can accommodate an average of about 20 peoplesize first-
The kind of time her friend might be living in to buy a property --
Maybe a little more than she thought.
"It's a great house and it feels good, but I have to think about Simon's health and family," she said . ".
Unfortunately, it's not worth it for us to just see this.
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