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Winter's Watch;
Mosul investigation;
Online games broadcast on December 23, 2004
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Lin Kagan, cnn anchor: Let's take a look at "what's happening now" in the news ".
"The middle section of the country was hit by the winter.
On Interstate 64 in South Indiana, Snow ran aground the driver.
Snow, ice and cold temperatures extend from the Midwest to the depths of the South.
We will get an update.
There are some pictures for you.
We will get the latest news on the eve of the storm, which has given holiday travelers a headache.
The military says most of the wounded in the German-treated Mosul attack are on track to recover.
Nearly half of them are now in intensive care.
A total of 35 soldiers and civilians were treated at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
The Hungarian defense ministry said all 300 soldiers deployed in Iraq returned home this morning.
A contingent came last night;
The second one after midnight
Hungary's prime minister announced a withdrawal plan last month against the war.
A Hungarian soldier was killed during the deployment.
Former President Bill Clinton is going to the hospital this hour, but the reason is more pleasant.
He is visiting doctors and nurses who have diagnosed his heart disease as a result of bypass surgery.
Clinton also helped open a new heart facility at Valhalla Hospital in New York.
CNN is the most trusted name in the news and keep you posted.
Now at 11: 00 A. M. m.
On the east coast, just a little past, just past 8: 00. m.
This Christmas Eve is on the west coast.
Good morning again.
I'm Darling Kagan.
Randi kaye, cnn anchor: I'm Randi Kaye from Rick Sanchez.
Our headline this hour is bad cold weather.
The ice on the streets of Albuquerque just hints at what will happen when the storm begins to cross China and the United States.
In Texas, the winter blast caused Three to 6 inch thick snow.
This is enough to make records in some cities.
Further east, cold weather swept Nashville like a snowstorm.
The street becomes a skating rink, and the result is predictable for those who dare to drive.
The snow drop closer to the Great Lakes is huge.
Indiana has actually closed today, with snow emergencies in more than 30 counties.
When the storm hit Ohio, it had covered hundreds of miles of ice, snow and cold temperatures that could continue throughout the holiday season.
Kagan: Evansville, Indiana, is one of the Midwest cities covered by snow today.
Our meteorologist, Jacqui Jeras, squatted there. -Jacqui.
Jacqui jeras, cnn meteorologist: Hey Daryn.
Yes, it's cold here.
Now the wind is 9 degrees below zero.
I think we had a few flustered attempts to kick.
We have a little bit of water on the back of the low point.
So we can see some light snow showers, but no additional build-up is expected.
The amount of snow is falling, just where I stand, and we talk about it on average, 12 to 18 inch.
But just south of the river, the total snowfall is 2 feet.
Now you can see all the half tones piled up behind me.
They are waiting for the storm.
They can't go anywhere now.
We were right next to Interstate 64 and it was closed.
The worst situation on the 64 th is obviously between Illinois.
The Indiana line extends east of Evansville.
About 50-
Because the National Guard is trying to rescue people, a mile has now been closed.
They still don't know how many people out there need help.
They tried to get some helicopters to lift off and tried to better assess the situation.
Apparently, Hummers trying to rescue people also encountered some difficulties in the snow.
When there was 15 inch snowfall and roads and one of the National Guard units in 96, I returned to Evensville.
They had a problem in 15 inch.
Now they have to deal with up to 24 inch issues in several places.
They hope the interstate will open later this afternoon.
The biggest problem is not cleaning up the roads, but cleaning up the cars to keep these people safe.
In the case of minus 10 degrees, these are dangerous situations.
You really don't want to expose the skin, which is why we tell you to make sure you carry the winter safety kit with you if you are traveling.
In addition to the cold, another problem is that the reason the wind is so low is because the wind speed is about 20, 30 miles per hour.
This also brings some problems to snow blowing and snow drifting.
You can see that everything looks good and smooth.
In fact, I have been making these dents in the snow with my footprints.
They don't need to be covered up in a long time.
But whether you believe it or not, everyone is taking it easy.
The workers at this truck stop can no longer go home.
Some people have been here for almost 48 hours now.
Other workers who are trying to help them can't come here either.
As a result, trapped truck drivers are making the most of the situation.
Everyone has their own coffee, and several people in Florida have helped with the water and cleaned up the dishes.
So even though they are having trouble with the holidays here, people are still trying to make the most of the holidays and try to have a good time.
They just hope to go home before the holiday. -Daryn, Randi.
Kagan: We hope you get the same thing with the lovely kids who are waiting for you in Atlanta.
JERAS: I know.
Thank you, Yaki.
JERAS: OK. Thanks.
Kay: that snowy shore is beautiful, but it may put some of your travel plans into trouble.
So, if you want to know where this storm is going, let's go to Orelon Sidney and find out what might happen in the next few hours ---Orelon. (WEATHER REPORT)
Thank you, Orelon.
Ellen Sidney, cnn meteorologist: You're welcome.
Kagan: we want to go back to Indiana now, close to the Evensville area.
Sherman Greer, head of emergency management at Vandenberg county, was on the phone with us. Mr.
Greer, thank you for being with us.
Sherman Greer from the emergency management department at Vandenberg County: Thank you.
Kagan: I understand one of the issues we 've heard, and the driver has been on the interstate since yesterday.
Yes, we do.
We have drivers outside from 4: 30. -
4: 00 yesterday, 4: 30
Kagan: now, is the snow falling so fast that you can't get through the highway?
We have--
We had a lot of snow in a short time.
Our Highway Department, State Highway Department, local County Highway Department have already worked 24/7 because we have predicted the upcoming snow.
Kagan: do people give up the car to go to a warm place or stay in the car?
This will be very worrying.
GREER: people drive all the time.
It was suggested that they stay in the car and not go out, especially last night.
Indiana State Police have released information that they can, you know, drive about every 10 minutes and then--
Save fuel and then keep yourself warm.
Yes, that's what I think. And how --
If you can't help them get the car out right away, what can you do to help them?
GREER: Well, we 've now got the National Guard in the Hummer trying to get them into the shelter.
We have opened shelters for people.
But it's just a time.
Go find them and bring them into the shelter.
Do people seem to be following your advice?
Do we need to know any harm at this point?
I went there--
Yes, I have been talking to people all the time.
I think their families are more worried than those who are waiting for these people to arrive at Christmas.
KAGAN: Sure.
Grier: But I 've been talking to some people and talking to a gentleman.
While I was talking to him, the National Guard took him away.
Have been talking to some other people and they are in good spirits now.
But I know that if I had been outside for a long time, I would have been a little anxious to get out of there right now.
Kagan: it was an understatement of the time.
Soon, for those who need to cross a part of the country to get to where they want to go for Christmas, what would you recommend at this time?
GREER: I suggest you call the Indiana State Police Department for details of the road-
What is the current road condition, not just blindly going out, thinking they will go all the way through the state.
Kagan: good tips.
Sherman Greer-
Director of Emergency Management, Vandenberg County.
Sir, we wish you a clear sky for the rest of the holidayGreer.
Greer: Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Kagan: Thank you.
We have this story.
We also received these photos from Richmond, Virginia. Mud --of all things --
Mud is holding back air traffic in Richmond.
No one was injured, but when the American Airlines plane took off from the edge of the runway, it fell into a soft and humid ground.
The pilot clearly does not understand the turning radius of the aircraft.
The crew and passengers are being evacuated, but as far as we know, most of the traffic in and out of Richmond is blocked.
The plane is en route to Fort Worth, Dallas.
If not mud or snow. . .
Kagan: it's mud.
Kay: That's right.
If it's not snow, it must be mud.
One or the other.
By the way, we tell you about the storm and if you are interested in following it, you can get the latest weather conditions in thousands of cities in the United StatesS.
All over the world on CNN. com/weather.
Kagan: some of the wounded who were sent from Mosul to Germany for treatment are returning to the United StatesS. Thirty-
The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is treating five soldiers and civilians.
About half of them are in intensive care units.
But hospital commanders say they are on track to recover. (
Start Video Editing)COL.
Hospital commander Ronda konam: I would like to express my absolute heartfelt condolences to all family members and units that have lost their members.
For those injured, I want to make sure that they understand that the medical department in all services is doing everything possible to bring their loved ones back to them. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kagan: Some patients have been sent back to the United States, Colonel konumm said. S.
For further treatment, more people are planning to leave today.
Kai: The military now says the deadly attack on the Mosul base could have been carried out by a suicide bomber.
This raises more questions about the security of the United States. S. forces in Iraq.
CNN reporter Catherine Koch tracked the incident at the Pentagon this morning.
Catherine, is there any change in engineering to make the army there safer?
Catherine Koch, cnn correspondent: Randy, it's likely to be, but obviously, it's hard to get details from the military right now.
They don't want to disclose any new sources or methods to any insurgents trying to attack the United States. S.
But now there are a lot of questions about whether enough precautions have been taken. How about the Iraqi presence in the United States? S.
Military facilities?
But first, let's talk about the answer.
As you mentioned, General Richard Myers announced yesterday that they did believe that suicide bombers were responsible for the attack, and that the Bombers tied the explosives to their bodies.
Investigators came to this conclusion because they did not find any evidence at all, that is, evidence of mortars and rockets.
Instead, they found evidence of what they call improvised explosive devices, and we talked a lot about ball bearings or BBs in some stainless steel kitchen equipment yesterday.
We were told that they did also find the torso wreckage of the body, the body of the suicide bomber.
You will remember that there was a victim who was re-classified as a non-victim yesterday-
As an unidentified nonU. S.
People, even though they--U. S.
The army is not sure whether it is another matter.
In a briefing yesterday, Defense Secretary Donald rensfeld said that precautions have been taken and are being taken, but it is a daunting task to stop such suicide bombers.
KAYE: Kathleen, I know. . . (
Start Video Editing)
Defense Secretary Donald Ramsey: people who are attacking can use any technology to attack anywhere, at any time. And it's --it's --
The provision of Force Protection is a huge challenge, and it is a matter of concern to our troops and requires constant efforts.
100% of the time they have to be right.
The attacker only needs to be right once in a while. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, throughout Iraq, the United StatesS.
The military is working on something, just who conducts a search at the base entrance, who reviews any Iraqis who enter the base, how the review is carried out, and again, what is the type of search.
Is it a physical search, or is it just a visual search for people at the base?
Take a look at some of the various rules that already exist in the installation.
Obviously, a facility in Iraq does not have backpack regulations in the dining facilities.
So perhaps this is the approach that can be adopted nationwide.
When it comes to the number of Iraqis working in the United StatesS.
At the military facility in Iraq, the Pentagon can't give us that number right now.
But they say they need to not only liberate soldiers to fight, but also provide much needed work for Iraqis.
Get back to you, Randy.
Kay: Okay.
Catherine Koch, CNN correspondentThank you.
Keep an eye on CNN for an exclusive interview with US commandersS.
Brigadier General Carter Hamm is based in Mosul.
The next hour is 12: 30 eastern time.
You can only see it on CNN.
Kagan: several stories happened this morning.
First, go to New Haven, Connecticut.
John Rowland, the former governor there, is now a convicted and serious criminal.
He acknowledged a federal corruption charge in a federal court today, conspiring to steal the service.
The scandal dates back to December 2003.
The ex-governor admitted to accepting the renovation of his lakeside cottage, including a hot tub and a new heating system.
This is provided by employees and state contractors.
Then he lied.
Other gifts and other favors are gradually revealed.
This is the latest news from the former governor of Connecticut.
It's former President Clinton.
He's on the scene now.
He is now at a hospital in Westchester, New York, where he initially diagnosed his heart disease.
He will officially open a new dynamic heart center at Westchester Medical Center.
Then he had four more bypass surgeries.
I think the former president still looks-
Strive to improve.
He is very thin and we are trying to make the color there better.
But we see President Clinton walking around and helping the hospital dedicate, and he may think the hospital saved his life by diagnosing his heart condition.
Kay: It's nice to see him go out and get around.
How did Iraqi troops return from the battlefield?
When we came back, when the soldiers walked from one medical station to the next, we traveled with them.
Fascinating insider of wartime treatment.
Kagan: Also, is it better to be in shape and fat or fit and decorate?
We will answer this question in today's "daily dose.
Kay: go get the gold.
During the week of the game, we participated in the online Olympic games with the US team.
An hour live on CNN today. (
Business break)(
Stock market report)(
Business break)
Kagan: Let's take a look at what news this morning's "World pack" has overseas.
"Russia's Yukos oil company is clearly closer to official state control.
According to The Associated Press.
A financial group bought the country at auction last Sunday for more than $9 billion.
Run an oil company.
Kay: In Northern Ireland, kidnapping is the key to the biggest bank robbery in history.
Police said the families of two senior bank staff members were taken hostage and threatened with death unless the vault was opened to the robbers later on Monday.
The thief ran away with about $40 million.
Kagan: It's an interesting twist.
A bowling alley in Manhattan is reportedly popular with Jewish teenagers.
According to Bloomberg Market Magazine, Arafat's holding company has invested in strike holding companies with bowling leagues in New York, Maryland and Florida.
The company said it would reject the investment if it knew Arafat was behind the scenes.
Kai: and in Sydney Harbour, this is a spectacular location for one of the largest luxury cruises ever built. The 18-
The Sapphire Princess can carry about 4,000 paying customers.
It's about 2.
Five times bigger than Titanic.
9 restaurants-
There are many choices. -
Two nightclubs and 13 bars.
The ship was put into use about six months ago.
Kagan: It's kind of like a floating hotel.
Bring the entire resort.
They trained for several months in the hope of winning a gold medal for their country.
We are not talking about Olympic athletes, but athletes who participate in the World Network Olympic Games.
Daniel Seberg is here. We'll explain. (
Business break)
So you think your kids have too much time playing video games?
Well, get this.
Maybe he or she is not playing enough.
Believe it or not, video games are becoming an audience sport that offers serious cash rewards and endorsement deals for top players.
To illustrate this, our Daniel Seberg followed the US team to San Francisco for World online games. (Start Video)
CNN Tech reporter Daniel Seberg: For those of you who don't know anything about competitive PC games, explain what you're going to do and what the competition looks like.
3D team DAVE "MOTO" GEFFON: We are preparing for the event all year round, 4 to 5 hours a day, sometimes even more, 5 days a week.
We try our best to do our best. SIEBERG (voice over)
: Dave and his teammates took our camera to their strategy meeting that night.
Unidentified male: The second time we do this, guys, the second time we do this, like the fire in the hole, then (UNINTELLIGIBLE)out.
Like, when we started smoking, we just started flashing the wall.
I think this is probably the best time.
Keep them blind so they don't start shooting at us.
Man: This is our little scout report about other teams and we may have to attend.
There are problems with their defensive setup and offensive strategy.
Unidentified male: It could be a big waste if we don't (UNINTELLIGIBLE)in our group.
Unidentified male: Kyle, thank you for your affirmation.
I just want to say. . .
Unidentified male: he will murder us for his Game Boy.
Whose are these pretzels?
Unidentified male: Ronald fell asleep soon.
SIEBERG: in the finals, the American 3D team played against the Swedish Titan, and dozens of cameras from all over the world watched their every move.
In another room, hundreds of people gathered to watch the drama.
Unidentified male: This is the case. Modem (ph), nice job.
He needs his back.
Beautiful shot through the window
Seberg: back in the hall, the teams went all out.
The game timed out.
Man: Good job.
Man: Good job.
Then double and triple overtime.
At the end of the day, two members of the 3D team played against four members from Titan.
I hope I can express it in words.
It was an amazing game and it was very intense at the end of the game.
When you do the right thing, you can hear the whole building screaming, which is a great feeling. SIEBERG (on camera)
Do you think this will become an audience sport?
I think so because I think people are starting to realize what you know?
Watching video games is actually exciting.
Are you going to take a break and relax?
Unidentified male: No, we have to go back, we play some league matches online and we have to play a lot of makeup matches.
Don't you rest at all?
Man: I went back to work. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Xiberg: I'm very happy to win for their country.
Before they won, the 3D team members also took $10,000 home each.
If you want to know, "3" represents desire, discipline, and dedication.
They usually have all three, but even the best teams have rest days.
In a recent tournament in Dallas, the team won eighth place.
So that's not always the case with gold medals, but they will move on.
They are determined.
That's right.
Kagan: add another D.
"Siegberg: Yes.
Kagan: Thank you, Daniel.
Seberg: Okay. Thank you.
Kagan: you won't want to miss the clip from Daniel tomorrow.
He will take us into another real world.
These are not just video games.
They are carefully crafted fantasy characters.
Thousands of people around the world interact in real-time gaming environments in the virtual world they create.
Kay: we want to take you to Cincinnati, Ohio.
These are some live antennas for you.
You're looking at a warehouse in the city.
We are not sure about the specific location of the airport in Cincinnati.
These pictures are in there.
This is the roof collapse.
Obviously the roof collapsed in two different places, as you can see from the Live Photos.
Apparently they had a lot of snow overnight.
It seems that most of the time there is no snow.
Once again, a roof collapsed warehouse in two different parts of Cincinnati, Ohio.
We're not sure if anyone is inside.
We will check it out.
When we get more information and more pictures, we go back to that story.
There was other news that left the wounded soldiers on the battlefield for medical treatment.
Kay: when we come back, when time is crucial, we observe from the inside how to treat the injured.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
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