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cnn sunday morning  -  stainless steel name plates online
The apec summit ended in Vietnam on Sunday morning and aired on November 19, 2006.
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Betty NGUYEN, CNN anchor, on Sunday morning: "In the news now": look at this.
A cnn video showed a suicide car bomb attack in southern Baghdad this morning, killing 17 people.
The bomber was apparently targeting temporary workers who were crowded around the car before it exploded.
We will take you to Baghdad in a minute.
World leaders-their gowns.
President Bush and Pacific Rim leaders ended an economic summit in Vietnam, where they took photos in traditional Vietnamese dresses. Right now, Mr.
Bush is in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon.
This morning, a special worker recovered in a hospital after being shot dead at the Annapolis mall in Maryland.
He was shot dead in a fight between two teenagers.
He shot back and wounded the armed teenager. We will take you to the scene later this hour. T. J.
CNN anchor Holmes, CNN Sunday morning: Police are trying to control some of the overactive Ohio fans.
They set off dozens of fires at the Columbus campus to celebrate the team's victory over Michigan.
Police say they have arrested more than 40 people.
This is what we have been telling you and what you have been waiting. There it is.
Oh, look at that.
HOLMES: Tom-Kat!
The official wedding portraits of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise show Armani
They can only be photographed by their official photographer.
Just in case, I don't know, you 've been living in a place where there's no TV reception-
A hole?
The couple got married in Italy yesterday and there were no other people around.
Who can forget?
We're looking for Bonnie Schneider from Armani.
I also wore clothes this morning. (WEATHER REPORT)
Holmes: We put together the best stories for you every 15 minutes on CNN Sunday morning. We have in-
Provide you with in-depth coverage throughout the morning.
Your next headline survey is at 9: 15 Eastern time.
A major shake-up.
Earthquakes can be an amazing example of what a house like you does.
NGUYEN: It's scary.
This is not true.
Everyone is fine.
CNN News Center, Atlanta--
Yes, it's just a test.
This is CNN on Sunday morning.
It's November 19. m.
At 5 in Atlanta. m. in Baghdad. I am T. J. Holmes.
Good Morning, everyone.
I'm Betty Nguyen.
We would like to thank you for starting a new day from us.
Let's get started. In Iraq, we already know the identity of another security contractor who was kidnapped.
Jonathan Scott is from gaizville, New York.
This photo was provided to CNN by his family, which showed him serving in the Army.
His family did not make any statement other than saying they wanted him to be released.
Scott and Paul Reuben were two of the five Western contractors kidnapped Thursday by men posing as Iraqi police in southern Iraq.
Holmes: Also, a suicide bomber attacked Iraqi civilians in Iraq this morning.
Sheila, about 60 miles south of Baghdad;
At least 17 people were killed in the attack.
CNN reporter Arwa Damon reported the details for us.
Ah, hello again.
CNN correspondent arwa damon, CNN Sunday morningJ.
The target of the attack was temporary workers.
They gather in a place where day workers usually gather for a day's work as the attacker drives to find them.
Drive his car to their location and attract them by saying that he was able to provide them with work.
When they gathered around him, he detonated explosives, in which at least 17 Iraqis were killed and at least 49 injured.
Now, there's been a fight in Baghdad--
The attack took place in a Shiite-dominated area southeast of Baghdad. Three car bombs exploded at a crowded bus stop, killing at least 10 Iraqis and injuring 75 others.
It was a very deadly day. J.
Holmes: Ava, in addition to Paul Reuben, we are still talking about the second contractor we have identified now.
What do we know now?
Is there any new update to the search for these kidnapped contractors?
All we can tell you is that the search continues.
The military is increasingly reluctant to give details.
They basically don't want to put any rescue operations at risk.
At this point, what they really confirm is the intense military action that is going on.
The two were kidnapped along with two other US contractors and an Austrian contractor when their convoy met a fake checkpoint.
The local militia was disguised as Iraqi police.
The five were kidnapped.
That's what America is. S.
The military is saying.
They said they thought it was a height.
Good coordination.
A well-planned attack.
The convoy consisted of 43 vehicles, and somehow the attackers were able to isolate 19 of them and kidnap five contractors, T. J.
Holmes: we are Ava Damon in Baghdad.
Thank you very much.
The situation in Iraq is the focus of "wolf coming" this morning.
Among Wolf's guests, Senator Kay Bailey harchison and incoming chairman of the Senate Military Committee, Carl Levin.
It's at 11 today. m. Eastern.
So stay here with CNN.
Also today, CNN reporters discussed with host John Roberts about Iraq's military options and military level, with the theme "this week's war ". m. Eastern.
NGUYEN: North Korea is the main topic of the five countries.
The economic summit just ended in Hanoi on the same day, but did not mention North Korea in a written communiqué at the end of the summit.
This surprised many observers.
President Bush is now on a short stop in Ho Chi Minh City before heading to Indonesia.
Elaine quigano, CNN correspondent.
Elaine, I ask you, is the president disappointed with this written statement?
Elaine quigano, cnn white house correspondent: Well, it's interesting, you know.
Betty, we heard from officials at the White House yesterday that, in fact, it is not clear what form this statement will take.
Therefore, we understand today that, as you have pointed out, this written communiqué does not, in the end, refer to North Korea.
Interestingly, what we have heard is an oral speech from the chairman of APEC, who is president of Vietnam this year.
We were told that during his closed-door talks with other APEC leaders, and at his press conference earlier today, he verbally expressed that concern, calling on North Korea to return to the negotiating table. (
Start Video Editing)
Vietnamese President MINH mintrite (
By translation)
: The leaders agreed to require all parties concerned to strictly implement US resolution 1718th. N.
Security Council
They also called on all parties concerned to return-
We will reach a satisfactory solution to the Korean nuclear issue as soon as possible and promote regional and world peace and stability. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, President Bush is sitting with Chinese President Hu Jintao.
Of course, China is a key ally in these talks. Those six-
National talks aimed at letting North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons program. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Bush: China is a very important country. The United States firmly believes that by working together, we can help solve problems such as North Korea and Iran.
Our bilateral relationship is very good and we are committed to maintaining it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, President Bush also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and, as expected, the two leaders announced after the meeting that the United States actually supports Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization.
Meanwhile, dinner time is up in Ho Chi Minh City.
In fact, President Bush spent an evening in town.
He had dinner with a determined American at this time. S.
Australian Prime Minister Howard is an ally in the war on terror.
The President, first lady, Prime Minister and his wife all had dinner in Ho Chi Minh City.
Tomorrow, then, for President Bush, this is a series of events, including a stay at the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange and a round table with business leaders.
President Bush Betty is clearly trying to highlight what he sees as a new face in Vietnam.
NGUYEN: in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, there is a lot of history there because they look to the future and we will see how it develops.
Elaine kihano lives with us.
Thank you, Elaine.
Holmes: As you can see here, President Bush's planned visit to Indonesia tomorrow has sparked anger and protests.
Thousands of demonstrators marched in the Indonesian capital Jakarta today.
They condemned President Bush's visit as a war criminal and a terrorist.
Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world.
NGUYEN: I see. One day in the mall, the violence really happened. One of the injured was a special staff member.
We live in Maryland and the details are as follows.
We want you to see this.
This is a fake earthquake.
It can help engineers design buildings that can withstand real trading.
NGUYEN: Also, we all committed this crime.
It can be difficult if you want to lose a few pounds this holiday.
Whether you believe it or not, it may actually be a bit simple to master the idea of this matter.
Let's explain. (
Business break)
NGUYEN: news now: Violence in Iraq this morning.
Look at these photos.
A suicide bomber has killed at least 17 people in southern Baghdad.
As many as 49 people were injured in the blast, which apparently targeted temporary workers looking for jobs.
Another contractor was identified.
Jonathan Scott's family provided this photo of him on CNN.
This shows how he looked when he was in the Army.
Scott is one of the five security contractors that remain missing in Iraq and a second contractor that has been identified.
Former police officer Paul Reuben was among the missing.
Elsewhere in the Middle East, after hundreds of Palestinians made human shields, the Israeli military canceled air strikes.
Protesters gathered outside his home after Israel warned a militant leader about an attack.
A military spokesman said the strike was canceled to avoid harming innocent people.
President Bush is now in Ho Chi Minh City.
About two hours ago, he came to the city known as Saigon during the Vietnam War.
Earlier, the president and Pacific Rim leaders ended an economic summit in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital.
This is a celebration at Ohio State University School Park, which is not beautiful at all after fans excitedly celebrated a major victory over Michigan yesterday.
There were dozens of fires around the campus.
Police now say nearly 40 people have been arrested for disrupting order, assault and arson.
Ohio won the game 42-39, remained unbeaten, and competed in the national championship.
We put together the best stories for you every 15 minutes on CNN Sunday morning. We have in-
Provide you with in-depth coverage throughout the morning.
Your next check will appear at the bottom of the hour.
NGUYEN: now come and see another big thing that we're looking at this morning. An off-
Service agents shot at a shopping mall in Annapolis, Maryland.
He was injured while trying to stop teenagers from fighting.
Gary Nuremberg joins us live from Annapolis.
Gary, how did all this begin?
CNN correspondent Gary Nurberg, CNN Sunday morning: Betty, put himself in the position of hundreds of shoppers last night.
A week before Thanksgiving, go shopping at the mall and end up in a shootout.
This is a large shopping center, located outside Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, with about 270 stores.
At around 7: 15 last night, a group of teenagers fought with hundreds of witnesses in the food court, including an off-site witness.
Agent and his family.
He tried to break the battle.
Captain Tim Bowman of the local police told us what happened next. (
Start Video Editing)CAPT.
Tim Bowman from Anne Arundel
Police: One of them pulled out the pistol and started shooting at the second person.
At that time, a person in a nearby area, we knew it was
The federal agent on duty pulled out his weapon and began a firefight with the first attacker. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Nunenberg: that
The duty agent was hit by a bullet.
He hit the gunman with a bullet and he hit back.
In the crossfire, witnesses said at least 10 shots were hit and at least one more was hit.
Two victims of the shooting were taken to the Baltimore impact trauma center, the emergency room at the premiere in Maryland.
At least one other person was taken to the local hospital.
None of this is reportedlife-
The injuries were reported to be serious and stable.
It was reported this morning that at least one teenage victim had been discharged from hospital.
At the time of the shooting, the food court was in chaos and hundreds of people rushed out of the way.
A witness told us the story of a man rushing to his family to protect them from shooting.
Tell us a 15-year-old story. year-
A little girl got on an escalator and saw eight people left unattended. year-
The old boy grabbed him and rushed him into the bathroom to get rid of the damage. Panic ensued.
The police arrived soon.
The shopping center was closed briefly.
But as you can see, as we approach 9: 30 this morning, there are already a line of people ready to go back.
Yes, I can see them behind you.
But, Gary, let me ask you, do we have any additional safety measures today, especially during the holidays?
Many people go out and walk around.
Nurberg: there is no doubt that this is a very busy weekend for the shopping center, there is no doubt that there is a lot of security here.
Whether it's an expert or not, I can't tell you, but we can report that from at least 5: 30 this morning, the security officer was already clear when we arrived.
Hey: Okay.
CNN reporter Gary nunenberg
Thank you, Gary Holmes: other news that "all over America" is making headlines.
In Aurora, Illinois, a hospital standoff has ended and an armed patient has been shot dead.
Police say they still don't know if the man was killed by the police or himself. inflicted.
The results of the autopsy will be announced today.
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, two containers are low.
The radioactive material will be handed over to state investigators tomorrow.
They were found yesterday under a parked car at the state playground, prompting them to evacuate.
It was later determined that no serious threat was posed by cobalt and caesium.
Investigators will try to find out where the jars came from.
The audience shouted: Wii! Wii! Wii! Wii!
We all want the Wii.
You can get what they want.
The new Nintendo console, called Fun, went on sale at midnight.
I don't know if he got his, if he wakes up in time.
Some people camped out for a week and got the Wii, it's spelled W-I-I.
NGUYEN: Why? We don't know.
Holmes: We have no answer to this question.
Small and smart gadgets are cheaper than other consoles, like the PS3, which you may have heard.
It offers interactive games like tennis, which anyone can play even the simplest beginner, novice.
Are you referring to me?
No, I don't.
Yes, you are.
Because I played the game yesterday. -
Holmes: You look like a professional.
NGUYEN: I took a shot.
But hey, I was really killing the court when we weren't alive. I was.
This is how she is.
We can guarantee her.
NGUYEN: look at this and survive the crumbling land.
Now these photosCheck that out.
What about your house in the earthquake?
Can it hold on?
Do you know what to do?
The fake earthquake may provide some answers.
Holmes: look at this picture again.
Can you recognize your President in there?
World leaders wear some unique clothes.
He is behind, and President Bush may take a photo break because of the fashion challenge. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Well, we have a house here for you to have a look.
There it doesn't look quite like it, but scientists are shaking things with the house to see how it is supported in an earthquake.
CNN's Rob Marciano has more content in this groundbreaking study. (Start Video)
CNN meteorologist rob marciano, CNN Sunday morning (voice over)
Three bedrooms, a comfortable study with even dinner on the table.
But the location may not be ideal.
Professor Andre Filat, UB Engineering IG: this is a completescale, two-story, 1800-
There is a foot townhouse attached to the garage, which is installed on the rocking table we have here, and we will submit it in a great earthquake.
MARCIANO: Andre Ferraro is a professor of engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
Last spring, his team spent a month building the house in a huge lab.
Now they plan to smash it with a simulated earthquake.
FILIATRAULT: In another corner over there, we have a set of instruments to measure how much this foundation has moved.
MARCIANO: The house is equipped with 250 sensors to monitor every corner and gap;
Eight cameras will shoot what's going on inside, but the most important thing is to say, what's going on in the basement. (On camera)
: Now we are actually under the restaurant and the House is sitting on this huge rocking bed. This is it.
That's what we're going to do, isn't it, Andre?
This is a rocking table.
There are two.
There are eight executive agencies in this swing table.
Like a big piston.
You can see a piston here.
You can see the stainless steel piston, here, the shaft of the stainless steel piston.
Basically, this will move up and down during the shaking, and in 15 seconds you will see very high speed displacement, etc to reproduce the movement.
MARCIANO (voice over)
: One of the eight cameras died in a few seconds.
In a room, computers, TVs and lights fly around.
In the garage, a wagon was bumpy.
In a room where all the furniture is supported and bolted, the bookcase and TV are still intact.
The plates were slippery and slippery, but like a magic trick, left on the table in the kitchen.
But the house was badly damaged and there was a big crack on the wall.
Studying these will help engineers to design better wooden buildings.
One day, this fake earthquake will save your life. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Well, hopefully this won't happen anywhere in the country anytime soon, but just in case, let's check with Bonnie Schneider to see if there's any activity we should know about. (WEATHER REPORT)
Holmes: Well, I had a few meals with you, and I think I need to say that to you after watching you eat.
Oh, no!
Holmes: put the fork down!
Walk away from the table.
I'll let you know because I can shovel it in.
The girl can eat.
This girl can eat.
But what you may not know is that your mind may make you fat.
Not suggesting Betty.
Yes, I see! I got it!
Holmes: we will tell you how to avoid eating blindly during the holidays, plus this one. (
Start Video Editing)(People laugh)
NGUYEN: It sounds true and false, doesn't it?
But laugh out loud anyway, as it may heal your troubles.
Let's explain. (
Business break)
NGUYEN: "Now there's news," a deadly suicide car bomb attack in southern Baghdad this morning killed 17 people as they gathered around the vehicle.
Look at that car now.
They thought it was the driver who provided the job.
CNN learned about the identity of the second American kidnapped in Iraq.
Jonathan Scott was one of five security contractors kidnapped last Thursday.
His family provided the photo to CNN showing how he looked during his military service.
The contractors were taken away by men posing as Iraqi police in southern Iraq.
It's not very warm there, no.
President Bush's planned visit to Indonesia tomorrow sparked protests.
Thousands of demonstrators marched in the Indonesian capital Jakarta today.
They condemned President Bush's visit as "war criminals" and "terrorists ".
"Holmes: This morning, an agent recovered in a hospital after being shot dead at the Annapolis mall in Maryland. The off-
The duty officer was shot and killed in a fight between two teenagers.
He shot back and wounded the armed teenager.
Also, it's understandable that the police are trying to control some excited Ohio fans, but some of them are out of control.
They lit dozens of fires on Columbus campus to celebrate the football team's victory over No. 2 Michigan.
Police say they have arrested nearly 40 people now.
As you know, we're covering the best stories for you every 15 minutes on CNN Sunday morning.
Provide you with in-depth coverage throughout the morning.
Next time you check the headlines at 9: 45 eastern time.
Okay, I know it's early, but are you happy?
Are you really happy? Because this weekend
Sanjay Gupta is exploring the amazing connection between happiness and health, as well as the fact that laughter is the best medicine, although it sometimes sounds a little funny.
Here is a preview of Dr.
Gupta broadcast the "happiness and health" series at 10: 00 tonight. (
Start Video Editing)
Man: OK. Take a deep breath. DR.
Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondent: every morning at Laguna Beach, California, you will find a group of people gathered on the beach to laugh.
No jokes, no punch lines.
They have no reason to laugh at all.
Before you take this as anotherthe-
You should know that laughing yoga is the idea of Dr India. Madan Kataria.
When he had the idea, he was doing research for an article called "laughter, the best medicine. DR.
Maidan Katariya, founder of laughter club: I am a very serious doctor in India.
I have never laughed so much because I don't have a strong sense of humor.
It just got up in the morning and suddenly at 4: 00 I had the idea, "Why not start a laughter club ? ".
Gupta: from five people in Mumbai Park in 1985, laughter has spread to more than 5,000 clubs in 50 countries.
Catalia: you don't need a sense of humor to laugh, you don't need to be happy to laugh.
In fact, when you laugh, you develop your sense of humor and you develop your own inner happiness.
GUPTA: More importantly, Kataria says breathing and laughing at yoga can improve your health even if you have to pretend to laugh.
This is Lee Burke's claim at Linda University in Rome.
Burke found that laughter reduces stress hormones, improves our immune system, and promotes endorph.
These are brain chemicals associated with the height of the runner. (END VIDEO CLIP)Dr.
Katariya has launched a "laugh" campaign, saying that people who laugh like the Dalai Lama live in the present.
KATARIA: happiness makes you feel good at once.
This is the case now, and this is what the children do.
I want everything. -
Everyone in this world now lives like a child. Just now.
CNN. Jay Gupta in Atlanta. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Would you like to give it a try?
Nicole Lapin from CNN
Yes, I know. I saw it.
Holmes: let a good one come out.
Lapin: I'm not going to do that.
Holmes: Go ahead and let a good one come out.
Nicole, come on.
Let's laugh.
Rabin: I'm going to put my tongue on you. You try.
Holmes: Facing the camera.
Just laugh. It feels good.
Rabin: It's hard. It's almost uncomfortable. All right.
Holmes: Well, you can't keep playing.
Okay, but CNN reports.
If we don't mention this, ccom Nicole Lapin.
There is not much happiness. . .
Are you happy?
I asked Betty before. Betty's happy.
NGUYEN: I'm very happy.
Holmes: I'm fine.
Are you healthy?
Holmes: I'm fine.
Laping: Well, happiness may have something to do with your health, experts say, we have a special report for you, T. J.
Just in case you don't know on CNN. com.
Yes, look.
We are all trying to do this and we are all very happy these days.
Americans actually spend more than $0. 75 billion in these areas. called self-
Help books, you know, take a look at this map because it's actually a bit fun.
It tracks happiness levels in different countries.
So from zero to 10, you can find that people in Denmark are actually the happiest, with an average score of 8. 2. The U. S. Not coming in.
5 points, an average of 7 points. 4.
You can also read some special reports instead of laughing reports.
These are different.
These implicit psychologists will check the smiles of these people to see if they are real or fake.
They can actually figure it out.
Are you happy with your work?
Don't answer this question. Of course the answer is yes.
You can take this online quiz
This is a link on our website.
We only have a few questions and it determines if you are really happy with your work.
Are you really happy?
Are you thinking about this?
Maybe with your family, maybe when you watched the game yesterday.
You can adjust the camera and take a photo of yourself. J.
Just took a picture.
I did a good job at the time.
Lapin: Yes, I'm sure you are.
From ear to ear
You can send these photos to us on CNN. com/happiness.
Holmes: I will.
Lapin: an extra bonus for CNN employees.
Really? OK, thank you.
I appreciate it.
We don't want to miss the doctor.
Hours of Sanjay Gupta
"Happiness and your health.
"Obviously, I need to pay attention to these things.
Let's take a look at this amazing idea. Body connection.
Tonight is 10: 00 eastern time. CNN reports.
NGUYEN: Well, when it comes to things that make you happy.
You like popcorn, right?
The movie popcorn.
Love this movie-love it.
A: is this movie?
Food popcorn.
Movie popcorn, you can buy it at the cinema.
I'm talking about popcorn.
Oh, I thought you were talking about a movie.
I have never seen that movie before.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, but here's a question for you.
If someone gives you a free box of movie popcornRight?
Will you eat more because you get a bigger bucket? Would you? Answer it.
I can't talk anymore. I can't talk.
OK, we will have an answer after that.
Obviously, we're happy here. (
Business break)
Holmes: break the line and run to the end.
Danica Patrick is the fourth woman to compete in Indianapolis 500.
Now, she has some tips from the top. (Start Video)
Racing driver Danica Patrick: There are a lot of people who are good at something, but they don't have the determination and then they are off the road.
I think determination is a great quality for many successful people.
Unidentified woman: Danica Patrick is a successful driver.
At the age of 10, she fell in love with driving after a cart class, and since then she has not stopped racing.
In 2005, Patrick became the fourth woman to drive in Indianapolis 500.
She took fourth place and was the highest position for a female driver.
Patrick can persevere in a man.
Think of yourself as just another driver and dominate sports.
PATRICK: You have to be confident in what you're doing, embrace it and use it if you're any different. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
NGUYEN: it's worth thinking if someone gives you a bucket of free popcorn, movie popcorn. J.
I like to call it, but if it's been five days and it tastes like foam, would you eat more because the bucket is big?
The answer is yes.
Yes, you would.
According to a Cornell University study, just because the popcorn is in a big bucket, the average person eats 35% more fresh popcorn.
Did your brain make you fat? Could be.
Brainless diet: why do we eat more than we thought, author Brian Wansink joins us from Ithaca, New York.
Thank you for being with us.
Brian Wansink, author of brainless eating: It's great to be with you.
NGUYEN: Well, I ask you, how many food choices do we have a day and how many times do we eat casually?
I mean, is that more than we thought?
Well, it's incredible.
If you ask typical people how many times they think about food, they say about 15 times.
It's actually over 200.
Most people are doing it. -
Oh, that's incredible.
NGUYEN: I don't eat 200 meals a day.
No, you don't think about food 200 times a day.
You make decisions 200 times a day that you don't know.
For example, you decide what cereal to eat this morning, but you decide whether to eat a half bowl or a whole bowl or a second bowl.
You decide whether to put skim milk or whole milk. Do you want to put sugar on it.
You have done about 20 dec times before you eat.
NGUYEN: OK, so when making a decision, let's talk about something we did right and did wrong.
In fact, we have some food to illustrate this.
Because you know, the buffet is there for those festive dinners and you get a huge spread. I do this. I load it up.
I mean, I put as much as I can on that plate, but actually, should you try to make half a plate or make less small parts?
I mean, obviously that's what you need to do, but it's too hard.
How do you know?
WANSINK: Well, in the book "diet of the unconscious", we have a lot of ideas about how people reduce distribution.
We did a study and we gave people simple big plates and medium plates. sized plates.
We found that people with large plates eat 30% more food during the meal.
So one of the things you can do at the buffet is use a small plate.
Another idea you can do. . .
NGUYEN: Well, look, these plates look the same as ours, but actually a little bit deeper.
So a lot of these things your eyes won't catch it right away.
I think it's part of the unconscious diet and you keep filling it up because there's a lot of space on the plate.
Well, of course, you're still thinking about 20 other things.
You're talking to relatives.
You're talking about interesting things that happen later in the day.
You didn't notice it, so you just used these plates to suggest how much you would wear.
NGUYEN: When you have cookies, you know, M & M and all that stuff, you just grab one, right, you just keep eating, but you said it would be better to put it in a bowl or measure it in some way?
Well, yes.
You don't have to measure something if we don't pre-measure it, you just have to put it on a plate or something like that.
What you have to do is keep eating because there will be no evidence, really, how much you eat;
You never really see how much you have.
This is the best thing to do with WANSINK: Yes, we have some chips here.
So you're going to say, don't take these potato chips out of your bag alone, but stuff them into your mouth, that's what we like to do, put them in a bowl first, so you can see how much you eat.
WANSINK: it helps a lot.
Another thing about you. .
NGUYEN: what about that half?
Your license plate rules?
What's going on with this?
If we can go back to your buffet area, one of the things we find in the book is that it's hard for people to figure out what kind of food they should eat, and the really easy thing to do is to say look, I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner on half the plate and I could put whatever I wanted but on the other half of the plate I had to keep it for vegetables, fruits, salads, etc.
At the very least, what you will do, although you will eat a lot, at least you can guarantee that you will eat about half a plate of good things.
NGUYEN: You know, this is well controlled, but I have to tell you the truth, all the food is on the table during the festival, and I personally feel, you know, if I don't eat, I won't see this again in the coming year.
So, let me continue to indulge.
So, if you have, you know, Grandma is there to make these delicious desserts, you know, these little chocolates --
You can't be disappointed Anyway, say no, I won't have these.
What are you doing?
What is the answer to this question?
WANSINK: Well, Grandma won't remember you eating 57 pretzels at a time, but she will remember if you went back and ate for a few seconds and thirty seconds.
So, someone thinks you can do it with your grandmother, and as the book says, you can use something called a "single bias.
"You can have one and go back and point it out to her when you have the second one, wow, these are great, I have a few seconds.
She won't remember you only have two, though, and she'll remember you went back for a second or two.
NGUYEN: it's too hard to have a pretzel.
I'll try it, but it's hard to do it.
But actually, it's just to really realize what you're eating, especially the portions.
That's the bottom line, right?
No, no, it's not noticed.
Essentially, it's about changing your environment so you don't have to use your brain.
We don't want to focus on the food, you just want to set things up with smaller plates and put things down from the sideboard with a candy tray 6 feet away.
All this is just to eat 20 to 30% less, and we don't have to think about it at all.
NGUYEN: Wow, this is the easiest way, right?
Just plug it in, but make sure you don't plug in too much.
Don't get too many parts.
Yeah--that's true.
We want to eat less unconsciously and enjoy more unconsciously.
Hey: Okay.
I mean, the last thing you want to do on Thanksgiving is go on a diet on Thanksgiving.
NGUYEN: It's really hard to do. All right.
I tell you, I'm not going on a diet this Thanksgiving.
I am going to attend, but I will try to be smart.
We thank you very much for your time today. Appreciate it.
WANSINK: It's great to be here.
Holmes: "Now there's news," a suicide car bomb attack in southern Baghdad this morning killed 17 people.
The bomber was apparently targeting temporary workers who were crowded around the car before it exploded.
Three car explosions occurred at a bus stop in Baghdad, killing at least 10 people.
President Bush arrived in Ho Chi Minh city about two hours ago, once known as Saigon.
Earlier, the president and Pacific Rim leaders attended an economic summit in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital.
After hundreds of Palestinians made human shields in Gaza, the Israeli military canceled air strikes.
Protesters gathered outside his home after Israel warned a militant leader about an attack.
A military spokesman said the strike was canceled to avoid harming innocent people.
At least half a million dollars, the official estimate of the damage caused by a tornado in southeast North Carolina on Thursday.
The storm killed eight people in the town of reglewood.
More than three dozen houses were damaged or destroyed, the panel said.
On Sunday morning, we broadcast the best stories on CNN every 15 minutes.
Provide you with in-depth coverage throughout the morning.
The headline at the top of your next check time.
But at this point in time, we should check out Howard Kurtz, who is in Washington, and see what is going on with CNN's Reliable Sources.
Good morning, Howard.
Howard Kurtz, reliable source: Good morning.
Next, what do Fox executives think? J.
Simpson, in particular, is other media also helping to promote it while condemning it?
The media reported on Nancy Pelosi and investigated Jack Muta's moral issues, but where were the stories before the election?
In addition, special conversations were held with the CBS's Morley Safer, Byron Pitts and Bob Scheffer on Ed Bradley's legacy.
Lead more on reliable sources.
Okay, Howard.
We will see you here soon and we will see you again at 10. m.
Reliable sources in the east, followed by Wolf Blitzer and late edition at 11: 00, followed by a 1: 00 war this week, so keep an eye on CNN as we enter --
Learn more about the story of the day.
NGUYEN: It's an interesting tradition when it comes to stories.
Yes, but some world leaders don't laugh at it.
We will tell you who is comfortable and who is uncomfortable in this custom --
I think maybe I made a dress? (
Business break)
NGUYEN: this is CNN's report. On an emergency landing at a Japanese Airport outside Tokyo, Air Canada flight 38 from Shanghai, China to Vancouver had to land after a serious turbulence.
As far as we know, four passengers are now injured.
We are still verifying the story and will bring it to you once we get more information.
They call it class photos.
Look outside. -
President Bush is also inside.
Does anyone feel a little uncomfortable with this photo in your opinion?
The leaders at the economic summit smiled and faced the camera in a traditional Vietnamese dress, as CNN's Dan Rivers reported, a tradition that is not always well worn. (Start Video)
CNN reporter dan rivers (voice-over)
After a few days of serious diplomacy on trade, security and development, we will eventually remember the last photo of APEC this year.
It has become a ritual disgrace at the summit, and it seems that President Bush is barely able to stand, which is his discomfort.
Every region is the same, fancy costumes and awkward politicians, Happy Media.
This is China, 2001.
In Mexico the next year, they went to the seaside to eat snacks in their traditional guayabella shirt.
Jiang looks more willing to go anywhere but here.
In 2003, President Bush tried to hide in the back row.
We know you're here, sir.
Yes, we can see what you are wearing.
Chile will say enough next year.
This floor was in Korea last year-length number.
This is what they wear this year.
Traditional Vietnamese dress, don't adjust your TV.
Each has a separate embroidery, each with its own accessories and a matching hat with its own small bag.
The designer, Minh Hanh, showed me her work.
Minor changes to her very powerful client. (on camera)
Who traditionally wears these clothes?
Minh hanh, APEC shirt designer: Yes.
King and hero, Queen and first lady.
Rivers: What's fascinating about these costumes is that they tell us the leaders who are going to wear them.
For example, a lot of men choose this slightly sober blue color and they all want to look the same.
But these women are looking for more vibrant hues.
Some leaders don't want to wear hats that match their costumes because they are worried that they will look a little silly and, interestingly, President Bush is too busy to fit at all.
Did their personality show up when they tried it on?
Are some of them interesting?
Are some of them serious?
They are all serious.
Oh, really? (voice-over)
But, really, how can you be serious when you look like this?
Dan rivers, CNN correspondent. (END VIDEOTAPE)
NGUYEN: I don't know.
I mean, it's a traditional dress, it's part of the culture, celebrating the culture. It's fine.
They are very good.
You should buy me one.
NGUYEN: I'm sure I can help you with this.
Holmes: reliable sources will be released later in the next edition and in this week's war.
Don't go anywhere.
NGUYEN: No, don't go anywhere, we'll have your headlines after this short break.
Have a good Sunday. (Start Video)
CNN Technology Reporter Daniel Seberg: a group of scientists stumbled upon something completely unexpected when studying human brain tumors.
Scorpion poison may help cure cancer. DR.
Department of Radiation Oncology john fiveash: they realized that it would be combined with various tumor types, especially malignant brain tumors, and would not be combined with normal tissues, including normal brains.
After further testing, it was found that it can prevent the growth of brain tumors.
SIEBERG: So they started producing synthetic venom in the lab, targeting it with radioactive iodine, and injecting it directly into the space where the tumor was removed.
So, we looked at other methods. -
Other ways we can offer this drug, we also want to be able to treat different types of tumors, not just brain tumors, because it will be combined with the best cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer.
SIEBERG: The drug is still in clinical trials, but the trans-molecular company hopes to be available within five years. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
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